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5 Ways To Effectively Draw Attention To Your Webinar Listings

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Webinars are a great way to generate leads for your business as well as sell higher ticket items.  However they are only effective when you have attendees to your webinars.  The key is getting exposure and marketing your webinar.  So how is that done?  Read on to find 5 ways to get draw more attention to your webinars (and teleseminars as well).



Webinars are perfect for professionals who want to learn new skills or listen to a respected colleague share his or her knowledge. However, it is important that your webinar listings are well promoted if you want people to sign up for them. What are some good ways to gain a larger audience for your program?

1) Promote Heavily On Social Media

There are many social media outlets available for promoting your next event. You should be using as many of them as possible. If you build up a large and reliable following, there is no reason why you can’t get hundreds or thousands of extra people to sign up for your event.

2) Use Good SEO Tactics To Gain More Traffic To Your Listings

It is critical that you use relevant SEO tactics whenever you promote your webinars. When you create posts, use good keywords that people will search for when using a search engine. This is another easy way to get people to participate in your event without having to do any extra marketing work.

3) Tell Friends, Family Or Colleagues About This Event

Word of mouth promotion will never go out of style. Make sure that your friends, family members and colleagues know about your event. Additionally, you should seek out people who could benefit the most from what you have to offer. For example, if you know someone who wants to learn how to work from home, that person would most likely be eager to sign up for your webinar.

4) Update Your Blog When An Event Is Coming Up

Anyone who is looking to gain attention for themselves should have a blog. Each time you have an event coming up, you can post a link to the webinar in your blog. You can also use your blog to gain a readership that will then want to follow your social media accounts. Keep in mind that writing a blog doesn’t have to be labor intensive. Instead, you can write short posts or have someone else write your blog for you. This can save you time while also helping to draw more attention to yourself and your courses.

5) Mention Upcoming Events During Other Webinars

There is no reason why you can’t casually mention your other webinars while conducting a lecture or teaching an online class. If your audience enjoys what you have to say, they are most likely going to want to hear more. Therefore, you can almost guarantee yourself a larger audience for future events just by mentioning where you will be in the future.

There is no magic wand that you can wave to increase the number of people who want to enroll in the webinars that you offer. The good news is that you can increase your audience and your revenues just by putting in a little extra time hard work and promoting the events. Therefore, be sure to tell your friends, promote on social media and maintain a blog that is regularly updated. If you do, you will be rewarded nicely for your efforts.


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Why You Should Use Webinars In Your Business

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Webinars are a great tool to use in your business and can provide many benefits for your business.  They are great as lead generators, revenue generators and also great for pre-sales.  Webinars are easy to put on as well as easy to do on a repeated basis with all of the affordable tools out there.  If you are a consultant or coach, webinars are a great way to generate new revenue streams for your business.  This post is about why webinars are a good thing to implement in your business.

Here are some videos about using webinars in your business.

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Here is an article titled “Why Should You Offer Webinars in Your Business”

A “webinar” is a presentation delivered over the Web rather than face to face (i.e. Web + seminar). Webinars are the hot new way to deliver information, especially in this time of climate change awareness, corporate cost-cutting, emphasis on lifestyle and global access.

The two most obvious benefits of webinars are the savings in time and expenses – for both you and your participants. Everything is done from the comfort of your home or office; and the same applies for your audience.

But webinars offer more – much more. In fact, here are twenty-one other benefits of webinars.

  1. No geographical boundaries: You can reach the world, not just your own town, city or country.
  2. Build loyalty with existing clients: It’s an easy, low-cost leveraged way to add value and maintain your relationship.
  3. Invite prospects to attend: It’s a low-cost way to give them an experience of you before they “buy” you.
  4. Run it with small numbers: You don’t have to worry about getting minimum numbers to manage venues, handouts, catering and the like.
  5. Run it with large numbers: Again, you don’t have to worry about finding and booking a suitable venue, managing catering, allowing for parking, arranging the room, printing (or carrying!) enough handouts, and the like.
  6. Record it to create instant products: Many webinar services have a recording feature built in, so recording your webinar is a breeze. You can then turn that recording into a product – typically a DVD, video podcast or on-line video.
  7. Give people more access to you: A webinar is a low-cost way to interact with many people at the same time, while still offering great value.
  8. Point of difference: Few infopreneurs are using them; and even fewer are using them well. You can stand out by adding them to your service mix.
  9. Make a difference: Because of the global possibilities, you can reach people beyond your borders. And because of the low cost, you can reach people who wouldn’t be able to afford your other services.
  10. Do market research: Before each webinar, survey the attendees to discover their biggest questions, concerns, challenges and aspirations about your topic. This becomes invaluable market research for you, not just for the webinar itself but for your business in general.
  11. Test out new material: Because there’s less visual focus on you than in other presentation modes, you don’t have to spend as much time on stage presence. Instead, you can focus on the content, structure and flow. You can test new material and ask for feedback. You can even use copious notes, mind maps and other speaker aids, because you’re presenting from the privacy of your office.
  12. Live access for members-only site: If you run a membership site, it’s easy to lose the personal connection, which might have been the reason they signed up in the first place. One way to get back that personal connection, and still do it in a leveraged way, is through webinars.
  13. Provide product support: Use webinars to answer customer questions, explain how they can use the product more effectively, and get feedback for future enhancements.
  14. Supplement live events: Some webinars will replace live events, while others supplement them. For example, if you run a training program, it’s easy to offer a follow-up webinar for participants, say, 90 days later.
  15. Expose your database to guest experts: You don’t have to be the star of all your webinars. It’s the ideal format for you to bring in a guest presenter – somebody who serves the same market, but with a different area of expertise.
  16. Expose joint venture partners to your database: If you have a strong database and you know somebody else with a product ideally suited for that database, bring them in as a guest on a webinar. Because of the personal interaction, this is more effective than, say, just promoting their product in your newsletter or on your Web site.
  17. Easy to offer as a bonus / incentive: Offer webinar “seats” to anybody for any reason – for example, as a bonus for somebody who buys a product by a certain date; or an incentive for clients to make a booking before the end of the financial year.
  18. Short lead time: Because the logistics of webinars are so simple, you don’t have to plan them months in advance.
  19. Develop an on-line arm to your business: You become less committed to face-to-face presentations, giving you more opportunities for travel, leisure time and flexibility in your work flow.
  20. Replace high-cost face-to-face presentations in a tough economy: You can retain clients who would have otherwise cancelled bookings.
  21. Remain competitive: You manage the threat of other experts delivering your message to your clients over the Internet, which means you remain competitive in this “flat” world.

With all these benefits, why aren’t you adding webinars to your service offerings?

Gihan Perera is the author of “Webinar Smarts”, the smart way for professional speakers, trainers, thought leaders and business owners to deliver engaging and profitable webinars.

If you want to know how to reach the world with mic, screen and mouse, visit for your copy.

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Webinar and Teleseminar Resources
Create Residual Revenue From Your Webinars

How to attend a free workshop webinar

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Attending webinars is something that is becoming more common today as  the Internet is becoming more a part of people’s lives every day.  Webinars are one way that people can receive  training and keep up to date on topics that they have the most interest in.  Three are many kinds of webinars in almost any subject that you can think of.  Some of them are free, and some of them you have to pay for.  The main thing however, is to know when these webinars are occuring.

The best way to do this is to join a webinar notification service that keeps you up to date on webinars and teleseminars such as the one here which will email you  the webinars and teleseminars that are going on that day.  This is saves the subscriber the frustration of missing their favorite webinar as well as time in having to go out and search them all every day.

Another way is to find out about aggregator sites that list webinars as well.  These sites usually list paid webinars, but there are some other aggregator sites that list free webinars as well (besides this site).

Once you know the webinar that you want to attend and determine if it is free, you will need to register for the webinar (sign up) and then follow the rest of the instructions given by the webinar host for attending the webinar.  Depending upon the webinar platform it can be as simple as going to a specific web page, to having a program download to your computer and using that software to connect to the webinar.  Webinars are a bit more technical to attend than teleseminars because it requires the attendees being able to see the same thing on the Internet in real time behind a secure wall.

Another site that lists webinars free and paid is:

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Webinar and Teleseminar Resources
Create Residual Revenue From Your Webinars

Webinar Software – An Introduction

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In this article on webinar software, the author discusses what kind of features you should look for when you are deciding upon a webinar solution.  This article is good in giving you a basic overview of what web conferencing software can do for you.

Webinar is the short form for Web Seminar. Businesses are becoming more dynamic with the kind of latest technologies and software applications helping them to spread their wings across the globe. Webinars and web conferencing are today’s most effective multimedia business tools for global businesses for conducting business presentations, demonstrations or offering training to a worldwide audience.

Webinar software plays a vital role in the success of business meetings with the power of global reach. These systems work efficiently with unmodified the web browsers and servers as they are easily accessible to the millions of web and the intranet users. Created as a groupware in the initial stages the forum software focused mainly on group discussion, scheduling and for sharing documents.

Till recently online meetings and collaborations used to be expensive due to the expensive webinar tools and the bandwidth limitations and its complexities. Now the webinar software system has become versatile being able to integrate all the communication technologies and software that combine audio, video, text and other forms of live interaction.

What to look for in webinar software

1. The software must be able to support operating systems like Windows or Unix. Macintosh servers offer limited choices. The software should be compatible with other environments.

2. Browser support is also an essential aspect of webinar software as they rely on Java script and HTML frames and sometimes some more special browser add-ons enabling all the users to access the web conferencing system.

3. Integration of applications is essential for web conferencing and the webinar software should be able to integrate seamlessly with the related applications for communication.

4. The administration capability is also of much importance when designated users are to be given limited administrative capabilities.

5. The system should allow the host of the webinar to have control over who can access the webinar and the level of access that each participant is allowed.

6. The important factor in selecting the webinar software that suits the requirements of the business. They are available for free to thousands of dollars. You can decide according to your specific needs as freeware product is sometimes more powerful than the paid product and the one that costs the most may not fulfill the specific needs of the host.

7. The webinar software products should be customizable and flexible. This is for enhancing the functionality of the system.

The webinar software field is vast and the wide range of products has their own strengths and weaknesses. A careful analysis of the business needs and the features of the webinar software are necessary for making the right choice.

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