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3 Web Conferencing Tips for Small Businesses

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Web conferencing is a great way for small businesses to expand their reach and cut down their costs.  The cost of web conferencing software and

Web conferencing: great way to get a bunch of ...
web conferencing

services has come down considerably making it very affordable for small businesses to take advantage of it’s use.  There are several web conferencing companies out there who offer a different set of features, benefits and price points.  Look at what you need and how web conferencing fits into your marketing and business growth strategy before you decide upon a service to use.  Read on for tips on how small businesses can use web conferencing and webinars.

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If you are a small business considering web conferencing, then you may be wondering how to best use it to benefit your business and help you move to the next level. Small businesses are using web conferencing a bit differently than large corporations.

If you would like to use web conferencing to help your small business, then consider these web conferencing tips.

First contact

Rather than thinking of web conferencing as a means to eliminate all travel permanently-which may not be an option for a small business that relies on its ability to make and maintain relationships-use it to eliminate needless trips.

How many times have you turned everything on its head and shelled out hundreds to fly across two times zones to conduct a sales trip, only to have people cancel at the last minute? How many times has an initial meeting been a complete waste of time because the person sent to meet with you has no authority to make purchasing decisions? Unfortunately, this happens a lot when you’re meeting with new customers. But everyone needs to pursue new customers because that is how we grow our business.

However, if you use web conferencing to vet new clients, you can save those useless flights out of state. You can get a read on a potential client’s seriousness and commitment to actually doing business prior to stepping on an aircraft, before you ever lay out money for a ticket.

That is time and money saved.

In fact, other small businesses just like you are cutting their travel costs while growing their new business.

Slash meeting costs

Gathering everyone in the same place to brainstorm is the old way of doing business. But that is not the most cost-effective way to do business in today’s market.

You can get all your employees together online and work through a problem without having to shell out to have them travel to your office. If you have salesmen spread out in a variety of territories, you want to minimize the amount of time you pull them off territory to be in a meeting. Web conferencing helps you accomplish that.

You can all view the same document. Anyone in the meeting can have the floor and show their desktop or a document on their computer. Everyone can see and hear the same thing-just as though you were in the same room.

Cut training expenses

Training is an important part of running your business. After all, you need to keep everyone abreast of any changes or new protocols and knowledge. How do you do that without incurring massive travel and accommodation expenses? With web conferencing, of course. Another benefit for training is that it limits the time your sales force is off their territory. That helps increase revenue and limit lost profits.

These web conferencing tips can help you take your business to the next level of efficiency and productivity. Start using the newest and most convenient technology to better run your business today.

Get more web conferencing tips and learn more ways your small business can start saving money with online meetings at

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The Multiple Benefits of Holding a Teleclass

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Teleclasses or teleseminars are a great way to create product and brand awareness.  There are a number of other benefits entrepreneurs and business owners receive when they create and produce their own teleseminars.   Everything from new product creation, to a host of other things such as list building.  For me, teleclasses are a great way to create content that can be re-purposed in a number of different ways. One teleseminar can be monetized in a number of different ways.  However, that is another article for another day.  IN the following article Titled: “Successful Teleclasses – The Benefits For Service Professionals of Running a Teleseminar Programme“, this totally British author discusses several other benefits as well.  Read on for more!

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Running a teleseminar or teleclass series has many benefits for the small service professional. The time-stretched coach or consultant can find growing their business a real challenge when they are continually exchanging time for money with single clients. Dedicating a proportion of their working hours to creating and producing teleseminars and teleclass programmes can benefit them greatly.

Teleclasses Leverage your Time – For small business owners, coaches and solopreneurs who often work one on one with a client, running a teleclass suddenly enables you to coach, mentor and teach greater numbers of your target market.

Teleclasses Make you More Accessible – Participants benefit from paying a lower fee to work with you in a group and so you become affordable to a wider range of people. You of course also benefit by being paid many times over for an hour or so of your time

Teleclasses Build Platform – Speaking positions you as an expert and thought leader. It gives you a public profile that you don’t get from working with individual clients. Running a teleclass gives you an opportunity to share your experience and niche knowledge with groups and so get your name out there in the public domain.

Teleclasses Become Products to Sell – You can create your teleclasses in such a way that they can be transformed into products you can sell over and over again. Recording a call with your listeners muted means you can share high quality content without breaching confidentiality; recordings can then be packaged up and sold as digital products at almost zero cost to you.

Teleclasses Become Free Bonus Products – As an alternative to paid products, you might also use teleclass recordings as bonus products whether for your own clients or to offer to other professionals. Allowing them to be used as bonuses for other professionals’ products gets your name and knowledge into a much larger pool and increases your client reservoir dramatically.

Running a successful teleseminar does of course require planning, preparation and presentation skills but invest some time in these areas and you will soon see your business expand and become more profitable.

Are you interested in creating digital products, running teleclasses and earning passive income? Would you like to build your business online and attract clients more easily? Would you like to read tips for your website or blog written by someone who doesn’t speak geek or assume you know more than you do?

Visit the OnlineBusinessGym now for information and short articles that will grow your understanding of doing business online.

Marion Ryan is a website / blog designer, writer and online business manager, helping consultants, solopreneurs and other small business owners boost their business online. Visit her blog at

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Webinar Replay – Create Residual Revenue from Your Webinars

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There is now technology that will allow you to create residual revenue with your webinars.  It follows the “do it once and get paid over and over again” strategy, which is really the only quick way to wealth. (Quick being a relative term).  I was looking online and ran across something called Webinar Replay, which takes a recording of your previous webinars and replays them like they are “live”.

You can set up a schedule to replay the webinar for specific days or every day at a specific time.  There are no replay links to send out to your list.  Instead, you send out a ‘live’ webinar link that they can register for, just like the real thing.  Why is this important?  Your conversions are higher when people think it’s a live webinar, even if the information is exactly the same.

This service allows you to upload unlimited webinars and replay them unlimited number of times, for a low monthly fee.  This service is for those that are serious about it and want to use webinars as another source of income.

Who is this service perfect for?

  • Information marketers
  • Network marketers
  • Coaches
  • Membership site owners

Try it out for 7 days for the cost of a Latte.  If you give webinars even bi-monthly, this could be worth it for you.

Webinar Replay

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