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How to Decide When to Hold Your Webinar

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This is key in determining how well attended your webinar will be.  Knowing something about your target market makes this task easier as the

Web conferencing: great way to get a bunch of ...
group webinar attendance

article will discuss.  The same goes for teleseminars as well.  Read on for more about what you need to know to determine when is the best time to hold your webinar.

Webinars and teleseminars are great tools for building your information or learning content product business. They’re also a great tool for creating learning content products. They are inexpensive to create. Easy to produce. And very well received. But they have one minor problem that stumps even the seasoned professional.

How do you decide when to hold your webinar or teleseminar?

After all, when you run your webinar will have a major effect on attendance. Get it right and you’ll be swamped. Get it wrong and no one will show up.

So how do you decide when to hold your webinar? Here are seven questions you need to answer in order to make the decision.

1. Where are your customers? There are many time zones around the world. Where your customers are will therefore affect what time they have compared to your time.

2. When are you at your best? We all work on a daily biological cycle. The good ol’ night person/day person dichotomy. A webinar needs you to be on the top of your cycle. So when are you at your best?

3. When do you have time? Just because we’re at our best at a particular time doesn’t necessarily mean we’re available at that time. Your current appointment list will affect when you schedule your webinars for.

4. When are your customers most available? Although you are important when picking your time, your customers are more important. That means you need to know when your customers will be listening.

5. How likely are your customers to be available on that day? Time means more than just the time of day. It also means the day of the week. After all you want the majority of your customers to be available when you run your webinar.

6. When will you send out the advance notices? While it’s theoretically possible to run a webinar without sending out notices, most people do need some form of warning that you are putting on a webinar. This typically involves a series of emails in order to ensure that people get the notice in time. It’s important though to schedule these emails so that they are read by the majority of your customers.

7. Historically, when has the best time been? Up to this point we’ve been trying to guess as to the best time. Which ultimately is the best we can do. But we need some idea of how good our guess will be. By testing and reviewing the attendance and signup for our previous webinars, we will provide an important level of feedback.

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Teleseminar Marketing – What’s the Ideal Time and Date to Host a Paid Teleseminar Training?

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Teleseminars are a great way to market your business, get more exposure to your product or service.  IF you are giving a paid for teleseminar, then you will want to pick a day and time that will give you the largest number of participants.  This short article discusses the best day and time for different types of teleseminars.  Give it a try and see what really begins to work for you and then go for it.

It’s been proven by thousands of marketers that the best time for a paid teleseminar is during the day on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, such as 10:00 am Pacific or at night on a Monday around 5:00 or 6:00 pm.

Why do a training that’s paid on a Monday?

Most marketers don’t promote on that day and your students have already paid for the call, so they’re going to make that call if they paid for it.

That uses up your Monday, which is a great day to give up for a teleseminar. Another great reason is because it gives the most amount of time between Monday and Friday. Friday is the best day to have the FAQ calls if it’s a teleseminar series.

If you do your teleseminar on Monday night, then by Wednesday you can have the replay available where people can listen to it. Then on Friday do the Q&A because they’ve had time to listen to the audio. We suggest Fridays at 10:00 am, because it gives people more time to sleep in.

Generally for teleseminars you can teach during the day, but save promotional calls for evening. Tuesday and Wednesday is good for paid teleseminars, because if you have a Thursday free promotional call you’ll have a very busy Thursday.

Q&A calls on Friday

Offering a separate Q&A call on Fridays is ideal because people can listen to the teaching call once or twice and gather their questions. You can even have them submit questions ahead of time and you can cover the most common questions that are coming up. Be sure to save time for spontaneous questions from your callers too.

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Why Teleseminars Are an Excellent Way to Market Your Business

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Teleseminars (and webinars for that matter), are a great way to market your business, and educate your target market on your product or service.  They allow another level of interaction that isn’t available to you through your web site.  In the article below, the author discusses his experience with how a teleseminar helped him determine if he wanted to purchase a product, as well as lists several other reasons why teleseminars are a way to go for businesses.  This is a good beginner article on why a business owner would want to market with teleseminars.  Read on for the rest of the article.

If you’re considering using free teleseminars to promote your business, product or service you might be wondering why and how they work.

Fair question.

Before we get into it let me tell you a little story. A few years ago I was looking for a coach for my business. I looked around and saw lots of websites with information on what the coaches who interested me had to offer. I even knew of some coaches that I had either worked with before or bought product from but I was carefully looking for the perfect coach who I thought would be a great match from me.

So I happened upon the website of a coach I thought would be a great fit. I signed up for her email list and immediately received an audio download that gave me a good idea of her skills, personality and ability to understand what I needed. But still I wasn’t quite sold yet. I stayed on her list for a while longer and signed up for a free teleseminar she was offering.

As I got on the call I found out she was a real person with the knowledge, skills and abilities to help me achieve what I was looking for. That teleseminar completely sold me on her services. I believe that just making herself available to ‘prove’ she was a real person made a huge difference. I didn’t have to buy from her before I got a chance to see what she was about and how she worked. It was all made available to me through that free call.

That’s why teleseminars are an excellent way to market your business.

Teleseminars let you get to know the person behind the words. Great copywriting is important but there are many types of services and sales that need that extra personal touch that you can only get through the medium of audio or video.

When you host your own teleseminars people get a chance to get more personal with you. While your call may be scripted a teleseminar usually gives your customers or potential customers to interact with you and allow for ‘unscripted’ and authentic conversation to happen.

This is where the internet and real human connection intersect.

So why do teleseminars work? Here’s my list:

* They connect you with highly interested prospects (they picked up the phone to be there and took the time!).
* They allow potential customers to ask you questions in real time thus moving them,more quickly along the sales process.
* They create trust.
* They indicate your dedication because of the extra effort they require to set up and pull off.

Now you might be wondering how you go about setting one up. Don’t make this so big in your head that you think you can’t do it OK?!

Setting up your own free teleseminar is a LOT easier than you think and you can actually do it for low cost or for free.

Now I’d like to invite you to come learn the ins and outs of setting up your own teleseminar. If you love to connect with people and talk with your potential customers then hosting teleseminars will be a perfect match for you.

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The Multiple Benefits of Holding a Teleclass

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Teleclasses or teleseminars are a great way to create product and brand awareness.  There are a number of other benefits entrepreneurs and business owners receive when they create and produce their own teleseminars.   Everything from new product creation, to a host of other things such as list building.  For me, teleclasses are a great way to create content that can be re-purposed in a number of different ways. One teleseminar can be monetized in a number of different ways.  However, that is another article for another day.  IN the following article Titled: “Successful Teleclasses – The Benefits For Service Professionals of Running a Teleseminar Programme“, this totally British author discusses several other benefits as well.  Read on for more!

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Running a teleseminar or teleclass series has many benefits for the small service professional. The time-stretched coach or consultant can find growing their business a real challenge when they are continually exchanging time for money with single clients. Dedicating a proportion of their working hours to creating and producing teleseminars and teleclass programmes can benefit them greatly.

Teleclasses Leverage your Time – For small business owners, coaches and solopreneurs who often work one on one with a client, running a teleclass suddenly enables you to coach, mentor and teach greater numbers of your target market.

Teleclasses Make you More Accessible – Participants benefit from paying a lower fee to work with you in a group and so you become affordable to a wider range of people. You of course also benefit by being paid many times over for an hour or so of your time

Teleclasses Build Platform – Speaking positions you as an expert and thought leader. It gives you a public profile that you don’t get from working with individual clients. Running a teleclass gives you an opportunity to share your experience and niche knowledge with groups and so get your name out there in the public domain.

Teleclasses Become Products to Sell – You can create your teleclasses in such a way that they can be transformed into products you can sell over and over again. Recording a call with your listeners muted means you can share high quality content without breaching confidentiality; recordings can then be packaged up and sold as digital products at almost zero cost to you.

Teleclasses Become Free Bonus Products – As an alternative to paid products, you might also use teleclass recordings as bonus products whether for your own clients or to offer to other professionals. Allowing them to be used as bonuses for other professionals’ products gets your name and knowledge into a much larger pool and increases your client reservoir dramatically.

Running a successful teleseminar does of course require planning, preparation and presentation skills but invest some time in these areas and you will soon see your business expand and become more profitable.

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