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How To Make a Prerecorded Webinar Event Look Live

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Webinars have been proven to have a great conversion rate for higher ticket items.  One of the reasons is the live

Videoblogging Webinar 5/20/10: Brightcove and ...

Videoblogging Webinar 5/20/10: Brightcove and Get Seen (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

aspect of the interaction with potential customers.  However, there are strategies that use pre-recorded webinars as a lead generating system.  The question is, how do you take advantage of this powerful marketing method while saving your precious time via a webinar replay solution?  Read on for more!

The question of how to make a prerecorded webinar event look live is one often asked by overworked online marketers. The reason they’re interested in getting the answer is because they’re tired of physically hosting the events themselves. Think about it for a moment. Let’s say that you have 3 webinars running each week for your email list. Assuming each webinar is approximately 2 hours long, and you’re already looking at at least 6 hours down the drain. That’s not even counting the prep time to set the webinars up.

Now imagine that you’ve prerecorded these events at your leisure, weeks prior to airing the events. There are a handful of benefits to this technique if you know how to make a prerecorded webinar event look live. An important element to a live presentation is that they’re often not perfect – since they’re done on the spot. Keep that in mind while you’re producing your prerecorded webinar. Keep it loose, and don’t edit the thing to death. A “perfect” presentation is usually a big give away that things are not happening live.

Another great method to make a prerecorded webinar event look live is by using time sequencing to run a call to action. This is a far more advanced technique to grasp, but well worth the effort once understood. It entails recording a segment in the webinar where you (the host) instruct your viewers to check their emails, because “you have just sent them something”. What is actually happening behind the scene is that an automated sequence has fired of the email on your behalf. You could be fast asleep, and your viewers are guaranteed to receive that email.

If you’re having a hard time with these, and some of these concepts appear to be going over your head, don’t worry about it. As with anything else that you’ve had to learn for your online marketing business, this is no different. A little research goes a long with this stuff, and there’s really no need to rush. The beauty about learning how to make a prerecorded webinar event look live is that you only need to do it once.

Again, while many of these concepts may appear to be well beyond your current comprehension of webinar presentations – they’re not. It’s actually really easy. With the right webinar replay provider, most of it has already been done for you.

Stealth Seminar is my favorite automated webinar tool – and it’s affordable to almost everyone.

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Instant Teleseminar – A Teleseminar Service That’s Come a Long Way

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I was on a call recently where the presenter was using Instant Teleseminar.  I was pleasantly surprised as to how far it has come over the years.  I always thought it was on the leading edge of teleseminar services since it came out with NConnects, but it has actually morphed into a semi teleseminar, semi webinar kind of functionality that gives the presenter more freedom in how they deliver the material.

What it has:

It has your standard teleconference features.  Everyone dials into a bridge line and can listen to the presenter and can also talk when in conference mode.  The presenter can also mute everyone and go into presentation mode as well. What has been added since the last time I have used the service (I admit it has been a few years), is the ability to show slides to everyone while they are listening to the presenter.  This is close to a webinar, however there are no features like polling,  being able to see the screen of the presenter, or marking up slides.  It does have a chat feature so participants can comment via chat, however the webinar i was on, the presenter asked for chat questions via Facebook.

The reason why it isn’t truly a webinar service is because it doesn’t have the big feature which is to be ability to share the presenter’s screen, or allow the participants to interact with the screen so they can click on active buttons to go to an order form right from the webinar presentation.

So what situations would it make sense to use Instant teleseminar over another solution?

When to use Instant Teleseminar:

If you are starting out, and wanting to make simple information products to sell or use as bonuses, then this is an ideal solution because you can record the session with the audio and the slideshow to create a video.  This works especially if you don’t need to go outside of the slides to a web browser or another program.  It works great when your knowledge can be shared via slides exclusively.  There is even a take action button at the end of the presentation that can guide participants to go to your sales page at the end of the webinar.  A lot of webinar programs don’t even have that functionality, although they can do it via chat to some extent.

If you have limited budget and are hosting a large number of people.  Instant teleseminar allows a large number of people to join the bridge line at a cost that is considerably lower than what most webinar service providers would charge.  For instance, the max price plan for Instantteleseminar is 197/month and that allows for 3000 web participants (listening through the website), and 500 phone participants (a total of 3500 participants).  A webinar service like Gotowebinar has their maximum plan at $499/mo for 1000 participants.  That is quite a difference in price if someone doesn’t require the features needed in a webinar service.

All in all, the ability to show slides during the presentation allows for much more flexibility for the presenter compared to a standard teleseminar service like

Find out more about Instant Teleseminar

Find out more about NConnects

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Teleseminar Versus Webinar? Which Is Your Most Profitable Teaching Format

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Teleseminars and webinars are both powerful methods of teaching or training.  Each one has their own benefits, or pluses and minuses.  When determining which feature to go for, you will need to ask yourself what are your main goals, what you want to achieve, and what information you need to get across, as well as your audience.  This article gives you the difference between working with a teleseminar and a webinar to do your training.

“Aren’t teleseminars being superseded by webinars?”

This is a reasonable question. A webinar, in case you’re not sure, is a seminar that people listen to and watch on the web, via their computer, while a teleseminar involves listening only, via the telephone or computer.

Webinars have numerous disadvantages in comparison to teleseminars:

* Increased preparation time. For a webinar, you need to prepare visuals as well as what you’ll say. Generally there is a Powerpoint-style accompaniment to the talking that must be organized, written and polished ahead of time. If you use photographs or other graphics instead of bulleted summaries of your points, those still must be prepared. The recommended guideline is about one slide per one minute of presentation. That means 60 slides are needed for a one-hour webinar, or a bit fewer if you’re planning a question-and-answer session at the end. For me, webinars take five to ten times as much preparation time as teleseminars.

* Added costs. Webinars require a reliable hosting service that you need to pay for. Some high-quality teleseminar vendors, however, are free.

* Technology barriers. People who have dialup service or Satellite Internet usually cannot participate in webinars. Some corporate folks can’t join a webinar because of their company firewall. And serious technical glitches are multiple times more common with webinars than teleseminars.

* Computer dependency. Participants must be at a computer to access a webinar. If you expect people to participate from the office, this is not a problem. If you target a consumer audience, webinars are less of a fit. Unless you convert a completed webinar to an audio-only presentation, a recorded webinar likewise can’t be accessed in the car or while running or walking as a teleseminar can.

* Bigger learning curve. The last two times I participated in webinar-based conferences, I was required to take part in a one-hour training session first, so I would understand how to operate the controls while presenting. For me, having to simultaneously think about moving the slides and giving my talk makes a webinar much more stressful than a teleseminar. I’m still tense giving a webinar, even after more than a dozen times. The interface is so much simpler for running a teleseminar that only a short run-through is needed, if that, for a first-timer to feel relaxed while presenting.

Webinars do have some advantages over teleseminars:

* Visuals. For teaching how to do something, or for keeping the audience engaged in more than one perceptual channel, webinars rule.

* Higher tech. As the question implied, webinars appear more “advanced” than teleseminars. In some markets this is a significant plus.

* Bells and whistles. One webinar I led last year incorporated real-time polling of the audience. It was very cool to be able to ask a question and get participants’ instant answers. That’s not available with most teleseminar systems.

To make the right decision between these two modes of presentation, think about the subject matter you are teaching, the expectations of your audience, their technology setup, whether it’s a work or non-work presentation, your budget and your own comfort level with the two types of technology.

Good luck with your teaching program!

Veteran teleseminar presenter Marcia Yudkin specializes in high-ticket, high-value teleteaching courses. To find out more about your teleseminar options, download a complimentary copy of “66 Ways to Use Teleseminars to Promote Your Business or Your Cause” at Discover how to plan, promote and deliver profitable teleseminars, whether you’re an entrepreneur, business or health professional, nonprofit organization or corporate marketer.

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Use Web Conferencing Services to Compliment Your Work From Home Business

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Your work from home business can expand in any direction, especially online.  Even thought you work from home, it is still important to be able to get leads for your business, especially if you depend on the Internet to spread the word about your business.  One way to do this is to use web conferencing services to get more leads and promote your product or service.  This article discusses why web conferencing services can compliment your home business.

Web Conferencing is one of the most powerful and practical uses of Internet technology ever created to optimize communications between employees, customers, prospects, suppliers and huge corporations. Web conferences are a daily occurrence online as there are hundreds of not thousands of live meetings being conducted on a daily basis; from prayer group meetings to the meeting of great minds that are adamant not to allow the distances between them to curtail their networking capabilities.

This vast technology is already being used by many organizations to get more work done and at the same time save thousands of dollars yearly on transportation and lodging per employee who has to traverse the globe to facilitate meetings on behalf of their employers. Web conferences allows decision makers the possibility to make decisions on the fly instead of having to board an airplane lets say at JFK Airport to heathrow by (executive) A to convene a meeting; when maybe within 1 hours in flight a competitor would have convened a web based meeting, discussed the issue and decisions made before executive A in flight was offered his first snack.

Web conferencing is more often than not sold as a service, hosted on a web servers controlled by the vendor, either on a usage basis (cost per user per minute) or for a fixed fee (cost per “seat”). There are many reputable web conferencing solutions online but if you have been reading my article for a while you will know I only introduce the best. The attractiveness of these rooms have evolved over time to include streaming video, white board technology and web casting technology.

The add ons that have been engineered in the last few years have made the web conferencing rooms more attractive for purposes such as live online classes, so I can be in my home here in Jamaica and attending a class streaming live via the internet in Sidney Australia. I have interacted with friends in over 5 continents in real time right here from my living room in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

What will web conferencing do for me in my work from home business you may ask? Well if you are an advocate of relationship marketing (and you should) and truly believe in effective customer care (if you are into direct sales) and or effective team building – (if your business is MLM oriented) then a web conference room is a must have. What better way to effectively communicate with 1 to 1000 clients than from your virtual office using your web based conference room. The Technology I use is top of the line and we even offer free rooms so one can test drive the Ferrari in VOIP technology before buying.

Melford Woolery is a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Ghost Writer, Lead Generation Expert and Work From Home Mentor living on the small caribbean Island of Jamaica. He enjoy reading and writing articles on topics including MLM and Network marketing Industry. He Also has a website where you will find Web Conferencing Services at its best.

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The Advantages That Web Conferencing Services Have Over Other Services

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This article really focuses on the advantages that web conferencing services have over other services.  When I speak of other services, I mean services like teleconferencing services, although some web conferencing services incorporate teleconferencing services as well.  I guess for me, the main point of this article is to discuss the benefits of web conferencing services.  It doesn’t really discuss the other types of services or makes any comparison of them either.  It does give you a good idea of what web conferencing services can do.  Read on for more, and then if you are into webinars, or web conferencing, this is a complimentary service that may be of interest to you.

Replay your Webinars!

In case you are still not aware of the benefits of web conferencing services, you should probably gather information about it. This service has turned very popular in the past few years since it has turned out to be a very popular means of transferring information through online seminars. These web-based seminars can be held on several topics in which you are either interested in or your work deals with. Several people today are selecting internet conference service over a telephone or mobile connection due to the several advantages offered. Here are a few merits of a conference service:

With web conferencing, it is pretty easy to set up a meeting with several people at a time. With just a simple click of a button, you can schedule a meeting and thus talk to many people, share files with them and make other attendees join the meeting. You can communicate with both your voice and text.

1) Features: With internet conferencing you can host an online conference, or a video conference through the internet. The web conference software enables you to easily organize a webinar by installing an easy software. Thus, you can now enjoy the accessibility of Internet web-based seminar and meetings. The advanced internet conferencing has gone several steps further offering a web conference software that can be easily installed.

Whether you want to be stay in touch with your partners, employees and clients, you can easily make it possible with internet conferencing. So, download the software, click on the install button and and log in to your PC to participate in a web-seminar. Moreover, internet conferencing operates on any operating system such as Linux, Mac and Windows.

2) Quality Audio: The flexible and full featured web conferencing generally contains features such as instant messaging tasks, voice chat and web video conference with multiple participants. The best part of the conference service is the top quality audio offered by the software. While organizing a web conference you can include unlimited number of attendees. You can use headsets and microphones for internet-based conferencing.

3) Deliver Presentation: You can even deliver presentations and share applications and other documents with your participants. A participant can control your computer, sitting in a remote place, in case you allow him access to your computer.

Now, while you are planning to select a service, make sure that the above mentioned services are included in the product features. With all the above features you can easily select the best online conferencing sofware in accordance with your needs and preferences. Besides, you can even check the price of the service and decide about the affordability. Generally, most of the web conferencing services today are of similar quality due to the fierce competition, however, the features vary. Thus, have a good look at the given features and the rates before you make the final selection. You can even take a test through the trail period to know more about their quality. So, get the best conference service at the most cost effective price.

Lauri Jones is associated with a renowned web conferencing service provider for quite sometime and thus has in-depth knowledge on various types of conferencing services available.

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