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Choosing a Webinar Provider

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Webinars are a great way to market your business, draw in more leads and customers as well as create an additional revenue stream for your business.  In order to take the most advantage of this method, you will need to use the right webinar service that will allow you to do things such as record your webinar and notifiy the webinar attendees of the webinar as well.  Read on for more about what other tings you should look for when you are choosing a webinar provider.

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One of the most common questions I get asked about webinars is which platform to use. In fact, some presenters spend too much time evaluating and assessing every webinar platform trying to find the “best”, when they would be far better off just choosing one that works and actually running webinars.

There are a bewildering number of tools available for conducting webinars and on-line meetings, and new services crop up every few weeks. This makes it a fiercely competitive space, which is good for us as customers. However, it also means it’s difficult to choose the right provider.

Most of them offer a core set of services – such as showing PowerPoint, hosting a chat room, a question box for participants to type questions, and a recording facility. Some also offer additional services – such as multiple choice polls, automatic e-mail reminders before the webinar, seeing the presenter on webcam, audience microphones, and post-event surveys.

If you’re getting started, here is my advice: Choose GoToWebinar (the service I’ve used for many years). It’s powerful, reliable, affordable if you’re doing a reasonable number of webinars, and has all the features you need for delivering high-quality webinars.

If you’re evaluating webinar platforms and providers, here are some things to consider:

  • Webinars vs on-line meetings: Many of the services are excellent for meetings (group discussions), but don’t have specific features to help you run webinars (presentations) – such as good registration pages, automatic e-mail reminders, polls and attendance reports.
  • Price: Of course, the price of the service is an important consideration, but it’s not always easy to compare different services because a number of factors affect the price – number of attendees, number of webinars, and so on.
  • Advertising: Some of the free services are supported by advertising. That’s the price you pay for the free service, but it doesn’t look professional if your webinar participants are seeing ads during your presentation.
  • Limits: Check what limits the service imposes – for example, number of attendees, number of webinars each month, length of a webinar, availability of the webinar line during busy times, and so on. Of course, some limits are to be expected; just be aware of them when evaluating a provider.
  • Geographical features: Webinars are, by definition, for participants to access remotely, so be sure the platform supports international participants. This can be as simple as allowing participants to register in their own time zone.
  • Screen sharing: Can you share anything on your screen, or do you have to upload your presentation to the webinar provider (that’s less flexible)?
  • Audience microphones: Can you allow audience members to speak during the webinar, or can you only take written feedback?
  • Audience engagement: In what other ways can you engage with your audience? Examples are polls, chat rooms, switching to their screen, and so on.
  • Social media integration: Some webinar providers make it easy for you to link your webinar to social media – for example: creating the webinar as an event on Facebook, using a Twitter back channel during the webinar, or uploading the recording to YouTube. This can be useful if you’re running a lot of free promotional webinars and you’re active on social media.
  • Recording: Is it easy to record your webinars and make them available for later playback? If the provider hosts the recordings, do they give you unlimited space?

This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, but it does cover some of the most important factors to consider.

Gihan Perera is the author of “Webinar Smarts”, the smart way for professional speakers, trainers, thought leaders and business owners to deliver engaging and profitable webinars. If you want to know how to reach the world with mic, screen and mouse, visit for your copy.

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GoToWebinar Service Review – Is It Truly All the Software You Need to Run a Webinar

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Even though GOTOwebinar recently changed its pricing packaging, it still offers a great solution to online meetings and a solution as webinar service.  As far as it being the only software that is needed….  I am not sure about that, especially for Mac users.  You see, GOTOwebinar has this annoying habit of not being able to record the webinar if you are a Mac user.  Most everything else works, but one of the most IMPORTANT functions for a webinar service is to be able to record the webinar.  I have been in touch with them over the last year, but they keep saying it is on their ‘to do’ list.  The more requests they get from Mac users, hopefully, the higher up it will be.  Needless to say, If you are a Mac user, I wouldn’t recommend this as a webinar software platform, for that major reason alone.  Anyway, here is the article that talks about this webinar service.

If you are preparing your first webinar you probably have questions about what kind of software that you need. GoToWebinar is stand-alone software technology that allows you to present your live, online presentations for promotional, teaching or other purposes.

It can be helpful to have a few tools to assist you with your presentation. A web browser, PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio are programs that can facilitate your presentation and make it more effective.

Your web browser can be a powerful tool for use in a webinar. You can show your web browser on your screen and use it as an aid to show people how to navigate around a site and use its features. You can show them how to send email or messages, fill out forms, place ads and perform many other tasks. During your presentation you can take people to a URL that you are promoting so that people can learn more about you and the products that you offer. This is a good way to highlight an item or service that you want to bring to their attention.

There are a variety of presentation tools available that can be used in a webinar. Some of the more popular include PowerPoint from Microsoft, Keynote for Mac and the free open source tool at OpenOffice. PowerPoint uses a simple bullet point format that lets you easily keep track of what’s on your screen. This allows you to concentrate on your presentation and not worry about what is showing on the screen.

The recording software at GoToWebinar is functional but not of the highest quality. If you are concerned about getting the best quality sound you might consider using software like Camtasia Studio. This high quality sound recording program is excellent and it also gives you the ability to edit your recording in many ways. You can transfer it to a CD or to your website or blog. It can be edited for use as a podcast or used for transcription.

In conclusion, GoToWebinar is a powerful, stand-alone technology for your presentations on the web. It is enhanced by the use of programs such as your web browser, PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio.

Simple, effective, video webinar training is yours simply by going to:

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Webinar Services – GoToWebinar Review

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This article discusses the features of GoToWebinar, a popular software platform that allows a user to conduct webinars with relative ease.  They apparently dramatically increased their pricing however, so other software solutions may be viable now as their $99 plan jumped up to $499 every month.  This leaves out the small business owner who is just getting started.  For the small business owner, new options will have to be created.  Stay tuned for future articles for other Webinar options that are out there.  Read on to find out more about GOTO webinar.

GoToWebinar allows you to conduct meetings and engage audiences across the nation, or even around the globe, without going anywhere and without the related high expenses of travel. GoToWebinar lets you “meet with” other people right from the convenience of your office or home. You can choose free VoIP or telephone conferencing, or both together. You can present anything that you need to straight from your own computer. Audiences can take part with ad-hoc polling, hand raising, and being given speaking turns. Every meaning you conduct can feature up to 1000 attendees–and all for the same flat fee.

GoToWebinar is powered by Citrix technology. Citrix Systems, Inc. founded in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in 1989, is known for its ICA protocol and thin client solutions. This company is the leader in access infrastructure solutions including network access, single sign-on, VPN capabilities, presentation services, remote control, and remote support applications. Thus the company is a perfect pairing for GoToWebinar.

GoToWebinar’s technology is easy to use. All you have to do is give a few details and GoToWebinar automatically generates a registration landing page and a conference or meeting invitation for you to send out. But you don’t even need to wait for all that if you don’t want to; you can call a virtual meeting anytime you want to. Just click Webinar Now to launch an instantaneous Webinar. And it’s so easy that you’ll be creating and hosting your own professional quality Webinars from day one. This is a very shallow learning curve.

GoToWebinar allows you to reach more people faster. The program sends reminder e-mails and lets attendees add your event to their calendars in just a simple click. Attendees can call in via telephone or listen in over VoIP. In this way you will increase your leads. You can get a much more accurately targeted audience by downloading an audience list ranked by interest level. What’s more, beforehand you can practice your presentations and invite other organizers and panelists to rehearse with you. Virtual presenting, selling, and training are all now possible with just pointing and clicking.

Also, you’ll never need to lose a meeting’s notes again, or fall prey to poor note-taking. Any GoToWebinar can be recorded and played back in full over and over again, with rewind and fast-forward features.

Your attendees don’t even need to be GoToWebinar clients, nor do they need to pre-install any software. All they have to do is accept your invitation at any time to be able to let you access their computer desktop and be able to access yours (to whatever degree or extent you desire).

GoToWebinar uses state of the art end-to-end 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for all Webinar data including screen images, files, keyboard, and mouse input and chat text, so that all meetings are totally secure.

If you want to set up a virtual office or you have been trying to find ways of conducting meetings and presentations in more cost-effective, more efficient, and more convenient ways, GoToWebinar is one possible solution to your needs and desires.

For more information on GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting visit

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