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Teleseminar Secrets – How to Hold Great Teleseminars Even If Everyone Bails

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The thing with holding teleseminars, is that you never really know until the day of the teleseminar,  just how many people will be there.  What if you don’t have any early signups on the day of the teleseminar, and then on the day of the teleseminar no one shows up?  What do you do?  How can you still have a powerful teleseminar and why would you want to continue with the show even if you are the only one there?  Read on for more as this article will tell you.

Teleseminars are a great way to connect with an audience. But what do you do if no one takes you up on your invitation? Read on for a sneaky solution.

Okay, so you think you need people on the other side of the line when you have a teleseminar. Sure, that would be great, but what do you do if no one shows up? Do you have to reschedule your teleseminar.

Absolutely not. You definitely don’t want to fess up and say no one was there and that’s why you want to reschedule.

Instead, relax!

First of all, not everyone actually opens the lines to let the other people on the line talk. All you have to do is pretend you’re simply not opening the lines, and talk away at your imaginary audience.

You can also make up questions… Imagine you have some specific regulars, and create questions for them. Then pretend they came in via the typed interface in Instant Teleseminar. “Ah, Sally from Newport News has a question about…”

Besides, you can set up teleseminars anytime you like, and just talk away. Those can be useful in a number of ways:

1) You can create podcast products

2) You can create audio ebooks by reading ebooks, yours or PLR ebooks

3) You can have your audios transcribed and turned into articles and ebooks

4) You can give them away

5) You can use them as bonuses and make your products more valuable.

4) And more…

Seriously, no one will care whether there was anyone on the other side if the information is great. In fact, some people I know actually re-record their teleseminar if they felt the original version didn’t sound good.

But here’s something you need to watch out for.

I’m using instant teleseminar, and it’s a piece of cake to record your own teleseminar anytime you want, with or without an audience.

But there are other teleseminar companies that actually play music until the second person comes on. So you really have to watch out.

If you’re on there talking and your listeners hang up on you, the music will start! This is to be avoided.

So what can you do? Dial in from a second phone and let it just sit there during your teleseminar.

You can do that as a precaution, to keep the music from starting in case everyone hangs up. That way, you won’t have to re-do the teleseminar.

At the same time, if you want to create an audio product, you also need to make the music stop. So just call in from that other line, and you’ll be good to go.

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Teleseminar Ebooks – a good place to get started in your teleseminar education

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If you are a newbie in the world teleseminars, or even webinars, you will want to get some education on what they are and what you need to have a chance of having your first teleseminar be successful.  One way to do this is to get some of the various ebooks that are out there that give you the basics for teleseminar and webinar strategies.

There aren’t very many ebooks out there that really focus on Teleseminars and Webinars.  I have found a couple and if anyone knows of any others, please post them here as well.

The first one that I have known about for a while now is Teleseminar Basics.  It is an ebook written by Dr. Jeanette Cates and is written for the total newbie.  If you have done teleseminars and are looking for some advanced strategies then this ebook is probably not for you… as the title states.  However, for the newbie, this is a good place to start.

You can check out the Teleseminar ebook here.

Another ebook I’ve found is called Teleseminar Profits by Gavin King that is currently free.  I haven’t had much experience with this ebook as I just got it today, but some of the topics it covers includes the following:

  • Do’s and /dont’s of teleseminars
  • Simple ways to generate an audience
  • Generating money through teleseminars
  • Recording the teleseminar
  • Selling other people’s products

A few other topics as well.  Like I said, it is currently free so check it out if you want to.

There is another ebook that I have the resell rights to called Teleseminars and Webinars.  This ebook discusses the following:

  • Different teleseminar and webinar tools
  • How to get people to join your event
  • How to prepare for the event
  • Profiting from the different methods.
  • some other related topics.

What I’ll do here is go through some of the information on this ebook and discuss it at length on this blog.

These are some of the different teleseminar ebooks that are out there.  I hope this helps

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