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Five Places To Post Webinar Listings

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The tru success of a webinar is not only in how well it is delivered and converts, but also how well it was marketed and how many people attend.  The more attendees, the more potential income and new clients you can create.  So as a result, one needs to be smart about how they market their webinar and teleseminar events.  In this article, you will get 5 good places to let your market know about your webinar.


No one is going to know about your latest webinar unless it is properly promoted. The good news is that there are many different places where you can list your available online classes where millions of people will see it. Where should you place your webinar listings if you want to maximize the number of people who enroll in it?

1) Social Media Platforms

Social media is the fastest way to get a link to the enrollment page for your next webinar to thousands or millions of people. With a single click of your mouse, you can send a message that will be shared and commented on by people as soon as you post it. If you can’t be at your computer, you can automate the process to ensure that your message gets out when it needs to.

2) Auction Sites

You can include free or discounted enrollment in your next webinar when someone buys any product that you offer for sale on major auction sites. Therefore, you can sell two products at the same time and gain exposure for your online classes. It may be a good way to encourage sales of products sold at auction while also providing free advertising for your course.

3) Online Classified Sites

Placing a classified ad on as many online classified sites as possible allows you to spread your message around the country. Additionally, you can customize the message to each individual city or town that you advertise in. This makes each ad more likely to succeed because it is catered to the individual who may want what you have to offer.

4) Advertise On Search Engines

When someone types in key words that are related to your product, that person will see an ad for your webinar. All you have to do is tell the search engines which keywords that you want to have your ad associated with to have your ads shown in search results all around the country.

5) Create A Personal Website Where You Can Post Your Link

The easiest way to get your links shown to a wide audience is to post your links or videos to your own personal site. Additionally, you can use a blog to post your links as well. Having the ability to get the message out quickly while giving your audience the ability to share those posts increases the odds that a large number of people will see your listing. You should also be aware that accumulating a large number of views, shares and likes can make it easier for your posts to rank higher in the search results. That will increase the odds that people can find your postings in an organic fashion.

A lot of work needs to go into promoting the listings associated with your webinars. Unless you create opportunities for people to see the listings, you will struggle to get people to sign up for your course. However, if you put the time in, you will find that you have many outlets available to peddle your wares.

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5 Ways To Effectively Draw Attention To Your Webinar Listings

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Webinars are a great way to generate leads for your business as well as sell higher ticket items.  However they are only effective when you have attendees to your webinars.  The key is getting exposure and marketing your webinar.  So how is that done?  Read on to find 5 ways to get draw more attention to your webinars (and teleseminars as well).



Webinars are perfect for professionals who want to learn new skills or listen to a respected colleague share his or her knowledge. However, it is important that your webinar listings are well promoted if you want people to sign up for them. What are some good ways to gain a larger audience for your program?

1) Promote Heavily On Social Media

There are many social media outlets available for promoting your next event. You should be using as many of them as possible. If you build up a large and reliable following, there is no reason why you can’t get hundreds or thousands of extra people to sign up for your event.

2) Use Good SEO Tactics To Gain More Traffic To Your Listings

It is critical that you use relevant SEO tactics whenever you promote your webinars. When you create posts, use good keywords that people will search for when using a search engine. This is another easy way to get people to participate in your event without having to do any extra marketing work.

3) Tell Friends, Family Or Colleagues About This Event

Word of mouth promotion will never go out of style. Make sure that your friends, family members and colleagues know about your event. Additionally, you should seek out people who could benefit the most from what you have to offer. For example, if you know someone who wants to learn how to work from home, that person would most likely be eager to sign up for your webinar.

4) Update Your Blog When An Event Is Coming Up

Anyone who is looking to gain attention for themselves should have a blog. Each time you have an event coming up, you can post a link to the webinar in your blog. You can also use your blog to gain a readership that will then want to follow your social media accounts. Keep in mind that writing a blog doesn’t have to be labor intensive. Instead, you can write short posts or have someone else write your blog for you. This can save you time while also helping to draw more attention to yourself and your courses.

5) Mention Upcoming Events During Other Webinars

There is no reason why you can’t casually mention your other webinars while conducting a lecture or teaching an online class. If your audience enjoys what you have to say, they are most likely going to want to hear more. Therefore, you can almost guarantee yourself a larger audience for future events just by mentioning where you will be in the future.

There is no magic wand that you can wave to increase the number of people who want to enroll in the webinars that you offer. The good news is that you can increase your audience and your revenues just by putting in a little extra time hard work and promoting the events. Therefore, be sure to tell your friends, promote on social media and maintain a blog that is regularly updated. If you do, you will be rewarded nicely for your efforts.


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How To Make a Prerecorded Webinar Event Look Live

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Webinars have been proven to have a great conversion rate for higher ticket items.  One of the reasons is the live

Videoblogging Webinar 5/20/10: Brightcove and ...

Videoblogging Webinar 5/20/10: Brightcove and Get Seen (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

aspect of the interaction with potential customers.  However, there are strategies that use pre-recorded webinars as a lead generating system.  The question is, how do you take advantage of this powerful marketing method while saving your precious time via a webinar replay solution?  Read on for more!

The question of how to make a prerecorded webinar event look live is one often asked by overworked online marketers. The reason they’re interested in getting the answer is because they’re tired of physically hosting the events themselves. Think about it for a moment. Let’s say that you have 3 webinars running each week for your email list. Assuming each webinar is approximately 2 hours long, and you’re already looking at at least 6 hours down the drain. That’s not even counting the prep time to set the webinars up.

Now imagine that you’ve prerecorded these events at your leisure, weeks prior to airing the events. There are a handful of benefits to this technique if you know how to make a prerecorded webinar event look live. An important element to a live presentation is that they’re often not perfect – since they’re done on the spot. Keep that in mind while you’re producing your prerecorded webinar. Keep it loose, and don’t edit the thing to death. A “perfect” presentation is usually a big give away that things are not happening live.

Another great method to make a prerecorded webinar event look live is by using time sequencing to run a call to action. This is a far more advanced technique to grasp, but well worth the effort once understood. It entails recording a segment in the webinar where you (the host) instruct your viewers to check their emails, because “you have just sent them something”. What is actually happening behind the scene is that an automated sequence has fired of the email on your behalf. You could be fast asleep, and your viewers are guaranteed to receive that email.

If you’re having a hard time with these, and some of these concepts appear to be going over your head, don’t worry about it. As with anything else that you’ve had to learn for your online marketing business, this is no different. A little research goes a long with this stuff, and there’s really no need to rush. The beauty about learning how to make a prerecorded webinar event look live is that you only need to do it once.

Again, while many of these concepts may appear to be well beyond your current comprehension of webinar presentations – they’re not. It’s actually really easy. With the right webinar replay provider, most of it has already been done for you.

Stealth Seminar is my favorite automated webinar tool – and it’s affordable to almost everyone.

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Webinar Marketing – 7 Tips for Success Marketing With Webinars

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Webinars are a great way to market your products and services in a powerful manner.  They provide the participants with a

Inbound Marketing Strategies Supporting a Succ...

Inbound Marketing Strategies Webinar Marketing

taste of what it would be like to work with you, and what your abilities are to help them.  They do require a bit more effort to produce compared to a teleseminar, however they have the ability to convert people much better as well as create a better product with the video recording.  This article gives some great tips on how to use webinars to market your products or services. Read on for more.

Webinars – also called web conferences – are a highly effective content marketing tactic. In fact, a recent B2B Content Marketing study gave them an extremely high effectiveness rating, second only to in-person events.

And while in-person events can be costly, webinars can be conducted inexpensively through services such as WebEx or ReadyTalk and repurposed extensively, making them one of the best marketing values around.

But how do you market successfully with webinars? Here are seven tips for success…

1. Take off your marketing hat

Though webinars have a huge potential to generate leads, you cannot approach them from a “marketing” perspective. Instead, focus on ways to deliver value to your target prospects. Examples of good webinar topics include updates on new industry regulations, primers on new industry trends and strategies for increasing profitability. The more specific the topic and useful the information, the greater your webinar’s chance of success.

2. Make it enticing

A great title is essential for gaining webinar attendance. Consider the value of the webinar from your prospect’s perspective and craft your title around that value statement. For example, a webinar on new regulations for pharmaceutical companies targeted to Chief Financial Officers might be “Calculating the Financial Impacts of New Pharmaceutical Regulations”.

3. Generate plenty of publicity

There’s nothing worse than hosting a party that no one shows up to – that’s why it’s critical to put lots of effort into publicizing your webinar. Enlist a copywriter’s help to craft an enticing email invitation and consider sending a direct mail letter to some carefully selected new prospects as well. Promote your webinar on your home page, through your social media accounts and even enlist the help of your sales team to call potential attendees, if appropriate.

4. Simplify signup

Once interested prospects visit the webinar attendance page, don’t overwhelm them with a complex signup form. Whittle your form down to the bare minimum your sales team will need to follow up with participants once the webinar is complete. Don’t use your signup form to qualify leads; it will only be a turnoff to potential prospects.

5. Send reminders

Sending one email within 24 hours of your event reminding prospects of the webinar’s value proposition is a good idea, but don’t send more than two reminders or you may be seen as annoying.

6. Practice makes perfect

Your webinar is a reflection of your company, so when W-Day rolls around your presentation needs to be polished and professional. Have your presenters rehearse in front of an audience before the event takes place, familiarize yourself with your webinar technology and have a backup plan in place in case something goes wrong. The best way to learn what makes a good webinar is to attend several yourself – organizations such as the American Marketing Association offer a steady stream of webinars for marketing professionals.

7. Reuse and repurpose

While webinars are live events, they can be used for a long time to come. Including an archive of your webinars is a good idea; you might also reserve a few and send out the webinar archive link as a special “treat” for your prospect list on occasion. Additionally, consider enlisting the help of a copywriter to convert the content of your webinar into an informative white paper.

Megan Tsai is a seasoned communicator and award-winning writer. As a full-time freelancer, she provides business writing, copywriting and marketing communications for companies and advertising agencies.

Visit to learn more and sign up for the Red Wagon Writing monthly e-mail newsletter full of writing and marketing tips.

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Webinar Marketing Tips for Business

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Webinars are a great way to generate revenue for your business as well as educate your prospects on the services you have to offer.  However, they

Dear Facebook

are only as good as the attendance.  Poor attendance means poor results.  What can you do to begin to generate high attendance webinars?  Here are some webinar marketing tips that may be useful.

Here are a few elements that should be included in your marketing plan:

Facebook: According to Facebook’s Press Room statistics, Facebook has more than 500 million active users with 50% of these users logging on to Facebook in a day. And, each month, users spend more than 700 billion minutes on Facebook.

With that said, actively promoting your event on Facebook is a sure way to gain exposure and increase participant registration.

When you create a public event on Facebook, anyone can search for your event, even if they’re not connected with you on Facebook. In fact, according to an article recently published by the Telegraph, a 14-year-old girl in the UK sent out a birthday event / invite on Facebook that she accidentally made public.

Twenty one thousand (random) Facebook users clicked the RSVP button to attend the birthday party. Although frightening, this story illustrates the viral power of Facebook to spread awareness of events.

Aside from your event gaining publicly, it will also appear in your friends’ newsfeed and will be easy for them to view and share with others on Facebook.

Blog Widget: Because a blog sidebar is prime real estate for advertising, placing information about an upcoming event will help you gain exposure among your readers.

First, create an event button in a design program such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft PowerPoint. The button should stand out and have a call to action somewhere that entices blog readers to click the button. Then, go to the backend of your blog and place a Text widget into the sidebar. From here, you can link the image with your registration page (NOTE: you need some experience with HTML).

Blog Post: Inform your readership about an upcoming event with a blog post that has the date and time of your event (specify time zone, if applicable), the event title, a brief introduction, and a breakdown of what participants will learn at the event. And, if applicable, don’t forget to specify that participants must register for the event by visiting your registration page.

**NOTE: If you have an event registration page, only hyperlink words in the blog post to that registration page. This ensures that visitors don’t stray from the action you wish for them to take (registering for your event).

Email: Send an email to your list informing them about your upcoming event with a call to action and a link to the event registration or information page.

If you have an ezine, place information about your upcoming events in an obvious location on the newsletter such as above the feature article.

Affiliate Program: Depending on how big your event is, creating an affiliate program that offers cash incentives is the perfect way to increase exposure and reach new markets, since affiliates promote the event to their private lists.

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