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Save Time And Money With Teleseminar Services

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Teleseminar Services are an electronic alternative to attending a physical seminar. This approach to education, career development and information dissemination has numerous advantages. Some of these are listed below.

Advantages for Attendees:

– Transportation costs are eliminated. This is especially important when current gasoline prices are taken into consideration.

– Attendees do not need to pay as large a fee to attend. This is because they are only reserving a slot in a digital communications channel. Ordinarily, the attendee would be paying for his share of the conference room, catering and potentially a hotel room.

– Attendees can receive information and interact while working on other tasks. This is, to many people, more relaxing. It helps to save valuable work time, which could improve profits.

Advantages for Seminar Hosts:

– The cost of hosting a seminar is drastically reduced. It is not necessary to book a large venue such as a hotel conference room, catering is not needed and transportation costs for seminar staff are eliminated.

– Feedback can be more easily collected and reviewed at a later date. This is in contrast to attendees raising their hand to speak. Afterwards, this information would have to be manually recorded and reviewed. This is not only less efficient, it also introduces a great deal of potential for transcription and interpretation error.

Hardware and Software Required for Teleseminar Use

– A computer, tablet or high-end smart phone is typically required.

– Most teleseminar services are hosted on a service such as Skype, GoToMeeting or Google Plus. In the case of Google Plus and some specialized teleseminar software, support for the Adobe Flash format is vital. This is a feature only available on newer smart phones, such as those using ARM A8 and A9 Cortex processors. Most desktop and laptop computers are capable of running Flash content efficiently with just a simple software installation.

– An Internet connection such as Cable, DSL, Fiber or a T-Carrier line. Dial-up is not recommended. The best connection for teleseminar use provides at least 8 megabits of downlink bandwidth and at least 2 megabits of upstream bandwidth. Ideally, clients will be able to “ping” to the server and back with a latency under 100 milliseconds.

Getting the Best Teleseminar Performance

An inadequately optimized computer or network connection can result in poor performance during a teleseminar. The following tips will help you to achieve higher frame rates, less compression artifacts and higher-quality audio sampling.

– End all unnecessary processes. These can put a detrimental burden on the CPU and system memory.

– Check network traffic in your operating system’s “Resource Monitor”. The Network tab will allow you to view uplink and downlink traffic on a per-process basis. Custom software also exists to throttle back other applications’ utilization of the Internet connection. By doing this, you will be able to maximize bandwidth available to the teleseminar software. Note that in some browsers, flash-based teleseminar interfaces will not show their CPU, memory and network utilization in the browser’s process itself. Instead, look for a daughter process with a name like “Plugin-Container”. In the case of Java-based teleseminar software, look for a process with a name like “JRE”, which stands for “Java Runtime Environment”.

– Configure your teleseminar software to match your available Internet connection speed. You can approximate this by using an online speed test.

Article by B.  Hopkins

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The Best Bridge Line Teleseminar Companies For All Your Hosting Needs

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When producing a teleseminar, not only are there many teleseminar companies to choose from, but there are also auxiliary companies as well that you may want to use for your service, such as transcribing, or web site designing.  So first starting with the bridge line providers will give you a clue as to whether you will need any of the other kinds of service providers.  In this article, the author discusses some of the different services that are out there.  I feel the ones that are listed are ok.  I’m not sure if they are the best, but they will more than likely serve your purposes.

When it comes to bridge line companies, there are several companies to choose from. Black and White is one. Eagle Teleconferencing is another. However, the best and most reliable service on the market is VoiceText.

With Voice Text, you will get great service and the exact number of lines you want, without worrying about disconnecting or a lack of line guarantee. If you want 200 lines, you will get 200 lines; if you want 500 lines, then you will get 500 lines. It’s as simple as that.

Benefits to Voice Text

There are two main benefits to choosing Voice Text over other companies’ services. First and foremost, Voice Text is the least expensive for the service you are getting. You get what you pay for. Although Voice Text is not the least expensive, period, it is the most cost efficient in the grand scheme of things.

Second of all, Voice Text offers you IM (instant messaging) support with Microsoft Messenger. The worst thing to have happen is your bridge lines go down. If this does happen, you can instantly connect to a Voice Text technician who can help you. Technicians are continuously going back and forth to ensure that everything is running smoothly. This is a relief when it comes to hosting large teleseminars.

Your Cheapest Bridge Line Company Option

For those who are not willing to pay for a bridge line company, there is another option. This is You will forgo the start up fee with SellFromYourSeat. However, keep in mind that although the company does claim they can guarantee your lines, they actually cannot. The lines are given to a shared environment and thus you may not receive what you are expecting.

If you are willing to take the chance, and want to skip the start up fee, then is your best bet. However, if you want the most for your money and a guarantee in service, then you cannot go wrong with

And we’d like to invite you watch and listen to FREE additional online marketing tips and powerful strategies by going to

To find out more about Pat and Lorna Shanks (The Coolest Couple) please visit our blog at

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Teleseminar Tips – Needed Equipment for Teleseminars

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If you want to run a successful teleseminar, you will need some equipment that is considered standard.  Then there is equipment that will just enhance your teleseminar experience.  For most teleseminar hosts who are serious about their teleseminars, they usually use enough equipment that will allow them to be able to monetize the teleseminar in a number of different ways.  In this article, you will see the list of required and recommend equipment.  Read on for more!

A list of teleseminar services and equipment:

Teleseminars are an innovative way to get massive amounts of people on the telephone line and give a mini-seminar. The equipment needed for teleseminars are critical to make it successful. The following is a list of basic equipment to get started:

  • Telephone – This sounds simple enough. The best is to have a corded land line telephone to connect to the wall. Uniden and Motorola have great corded telephones that provide quality sound. You can use a cordless phone or cell phone, but the reception may not be the best.
  • Bridge Line – A bridge line is a telephone line that holds different amounts of people. It bridges the speaker and the participants together. There is a wide variety of bridge lines out there. You can use a simple bridge line provided by or rent a bridge line through companies such as or These companies have many qualities lines from small to large groups.

Optional Equipment:

  • Headset – A headset will keep your hands free during the call. You will not have to hold the phone to your ear. Just like the phone, a corded headset such as GN Netcom is better since it does not create the static or poor quality such as a cordless headset.
  • Recording Equipment – A quality microphone is not necessary. You can use a computer microphone and headset for your recording. You will get better quality with a studio microphone though such as Audio Technica microphone.
  • Recording Software – Audacity is a great software that is free for recording your teleseminars. You can upgrade to Sony Soundforge for more features if needed. If you are using a MAC computer, Garage Band is included in most of the MAC models. All the softwares are easy to learn through the help menu.

With simple and easy equipment, you can create quality teleseminars instantly.

I invite you to visit to learn how teleseminars can accelerate your business by increasing your sales and creating expert status.

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Publish Date: 05/29/2010

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Record Your Teleseminar For Free

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In the list of free teleseminar services, now there is a teleseminar service that allows you to record your teleseminar for free.  If you use, and want to record your teleseminar, you will have to pay for that extra.  If you want to create information products from your teleseminars, then you will need to record them.  Read on to find out more about which services you can use to give you access to free teleseminar recording capabilities.

Every Internet marketer knows that you should record all of your teleseminar, but few know the best way to do it for free. Saving money is crucial in times like these so using your resources carefully can really help your bottom line. Here are a few details about recording your teleseminar that will help you, including how you can do it for nothing.

Using fee services!

There are a number of fee services out there and they range in price and value just like every other consumable good on the market. The typical cost pattern exists in that you do get more when you pay more typically, and you can spend upwards of $100 per teleseminar if you want to get all the bells and whistles.

Usually you pay on a per caller fee or something like that. This helps because if your teleseminar turns out to be a bust, it does not break you bank in the process of crushing you pride. Usually if you have a huge number of listeners on your teleseminars you will be able to sell a lot of products so the added cost for the extra listeners really does not come out as a negative thing.

The best free service!

My personal favorite free teleseminar recording service is called and will allow you to record your teleseminar, as well as embed it in your blog or site. This free service is my favorite because it is easy to use and works within any Internet marketers budget because who can not afford “Free”? Check it out and use it for your next teleseminar.

I hope this little bit of advice helps and remember, providing good service with your business simply means your clients will keep coming back.

Gavin J. King is the creator of free teleseminar recording and creates e-books designed to assist internet marketers increase their success. With a broad range of experience and knowledge to draw from his products and articles are helpful and enjoyable.

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What You Can Do With Instant Teleseminar – Nonprofit Outreach Opportunities

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There are many different teleseminar services out there.  The services that you use will make a difference in the results you will receive from your teleseminar.  One service that is used by many small businesses and organizations is Instant Teleseminar.  This teleseminar service allows users to create an experience that will be a pleasant experience by the attendees.  Read on for more in this article to see one persons experience of Instant Teleseminar.

Instant Teleseminar Service

Teleseminars and webinars open the doors to expanding your network, providing education and training to clients and prospects, creating information products that you can distribute, meet and interact with people around the globe, and at the same time save money. This article will use Instant Teleseminar as an example of one of the systems that is available for starting your own teleseminars.

A teleseminar use the telephone and the internet. You and one or more co-hosts can present your topic using the phone and your attendees listen by phone. It is similar to a conference call but there are more facilities and control on the interaction.

A webinar has a visual component – and you may be using a powerpoint or other documents that the audience can view and you can control.

There are several different ways you can use a teleseminar. You may be educating your audience on a topic, introducing them to one of your products or services, or you may find it works for you as a way of meeting with colleagues and work groups that may be scattered geographically. You can consider using it for board meetings for your organization if the board members have to come from a distance. A teleseminar is also an excellent way to interview and present experts and resources as a benefit to your target groups.

I have been trying out Instant Teleseminar and have found that it has so many features that are useful. It is easy to learn to setup an event. You can even have the event recorded and have it available as a replay – or use it as a method for taking notes or creating information products. People are able to dial in by the phone – or they can use their browser and click on the audio button on the web page and listen online. This is really useful to broaden the reach to international audiences without the cost of a phone call.

There are so many benefits of offering teleseminars and webinars. You don’t have to setup a location, organize registration, chairs, lunch, tea and coffee. There is no travel time and no expense of gas, no lost time sitting in the car getting to the event. You can do the presentation or seminar from anywhere that you have a phone and an internet connection. There are no geographical restrictions so if you happen to live in a rural area or if someone in China is interested in your product or service there is no limit to access.

With Instant Teleseminar there is a great one dollar trial period where you can try everything out. Contact me for more details and I can suggest how to get started with one of my free teleseminars.

About the Author:
Denise Davies – Internet and Media Strategies for Nonprofits.

Are you a nonprofit that needs someone to work with who understands how organizations work? Do you need a strategy to use the Internet effectively to build your organization, raise awareness for your cause, find more volunteers, raise donations, and improve workflow?

Denise directs an international team of talented analysts, designers and programmers to build Internet solutions for nonprofits, startups and established businesses. Denise speaks to groups on Internet Strategies for success. She is author of the ebook “Internet Strategies for Nonprofits”.

CONTACT ME: Send your questions to
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