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Can You Record Your Teleseminar For Free

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If you are going to take the time to do a teleseminar, it is a good idea to record the teleseminar while you are doing it.  The reason for this is that you can create a digital product to either sell or use as an incentive, or bonus for another offer you may have.  One thing that the hosting provider will certainly need to do is to find some way to record the teleseminar.  In this article, that author talks about some free teleseminar recording services that you can use.  I haven’t tried these personally myself because I have now found webinars…  Read on for more.

Deciding to host your own teleseminar to sell your products is one thing, and finding the resources to do so is quite another. Teleseminar hosting services vary far and wide, but as with most things the bottom line is frequently the bottom line. Here are a few hosting solutions that will help you get your products out there and make money doing it.

My first recommended resource is a website called Basement Ventures. It is very simple to get signed up as a user and once you’re a member you can start setting up and recording your teleseminars. The process is very simple. Once you choose the time and date you will be issued an access code with a phone number and a bridge number. Once you have those you can conduct your teleseminar whenever you are ready.

The website will allow you up to 250 callers at one time and there is absolutely no charge for recording it. The recordings comes in MP3 format and usually takes about an hour and a half to process and make available to you.

The only downside to using this service is that the call in phone number is long distance, as opposed to being a toll free number. If this is a problem for you then you can always pay for a different service which offers the toll free numbers for your use.

By using this service to produce and record your teleseminars you will automatically have a leg up on the competition and be able to make money time and time again with the same basic strategy.

Gavin J. King is the creator of make money teleseminar and creates e-books designed to assist internet marketers increase their success. With a broad range of experience and knowledge to draw from his products and articles are helpful and enjoyable. Gavin J. King likes writing articles about work from home and other web-based, worthwhile pursuits.

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Free Teleseminar Hosting Service For the Online Newbie

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When hosting a teleseminar, there are many services that are available to fit your needs.  Some teleseminar hosting services are free and some of them cost money.  There are plusses and minuses for each of them.  In order to determine which one is best for your purposes (and no, free isn’t always the best way to go). you will need to understand your needs and what the different services offer.  This article discusses a free conference calling service called Free Conference Pro.  Read on for more:

So your thinking of setting up an online business. There are so many things you must do to get ready to have your business on the internet and I’ll talk about some of those in the other blog posts. (Search the Categories Section) But when I first started online, like many others, I searched for low-cost or free resources that could help me get started without having to take on a second mortgage!

One of those resources is conference calling. Many online entrepreneurs use teleclasses and webinars to promote their business or to just stay in touch with members of their community and sometimes even with their virtual team. I have tried several conference calling services, and have found Free ConferencePro to be the best free service for me.

Free ConferencePro has many of the same features of the paid conference calling services, so you don’t have to give up quality. Here are some of the great features I enjoy each time I hold a teleseminar:

  • Personal Dashboard – you can schedule meetings, access recordings, access reports of past meetings, and set your call preferences, like whether your callers will hear music while they wait or if the callers are muted or unmuted.
  • Host Keypad Controls – lets you manage callers, security, and settings right from your phone keypad. You can see in real-time who is on the call and you can manually mute and un-mute the participants.
  • Customize Welcome Recording -Unlike some of the more expensive services, Free ConferencePro offers the host the opportunity to record a welcome greeting for your company or organization so your callers hear “Welcome to the MyCompany conference center, when they access the call.” (this is very cool!)
  • Call Recording – you can easily record each call and within less than 30 minutes after the call have an MP3 or WAV file ready to send to your participants. Or you can even use the recording feature for Podcasting.

This is one of those great services that you just can’t believe it’s free…but it is. So check out Free ConferencePro next time you need a conference call service.

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Teleseminar Services – Automated Teleseminars For More Money

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Teleseminars are a great way to create more revenue for your business.  When they really fit with a targeted niche, they can truly create additional revenue for your business.  There is one thing however that can cause a business owner to be hesitant about putting on a teleseminar, and that is the ability to create the support system required to make a teleseminar work without a lot of extra effort.  This article discusses how to use some services out there that will automate some of the processes for you so it is easier to put on additional teleseminars and make more income.

Inside this article you’re going to learn about 3 simple ways to automate your teleseminars to make you more money, give you more free time, and build you a bigger list for your business.

The problem with most teleseminar services is that you can’t do a replay or choose when you want your call to be available to your listeners. If you want such a service, you’re going to pay through the nose to have the ability to automate your teleseminars.

Here’s 3 ways to use automated teleseminars in your business.

A Marketing Tool Inside Your Autoresponder

As new people come into your newsletter email autoresponder on the first Wednesday you can drive them directly to an automated teleseminar which you recorded one time and now it can help sell the course to your listeners.

The old way is that you would have to SHOW UP and do the call again… starting all over. You can setup this call for each Wednesday and another teleseminar to play live at 8pm EST every Thursday night to further drive more sales.

All on autopilot.

Delivering Your Content

Imagine having a teleseminar series to deliver your content for your info product or course. The people feel as if it’s actually live and can attend the calls as they move along with the course.

As a new buyer comes in you can setup Module 1 to deliver on the first Tuesday when they become a customer, Module 2 the next week, Module 3 the following, and so on.

Automate a Teleseminar Series

If you’ve ever done a teleseminar series with 8, 10, 15, or 20 speakers you know the pain of scheduling the speakers to appear live on the call, the problems that go along with live calls, and the many more challenges that appear when doing a huge series like that.

Ideally, with a teleseminar series you should “pre-record” the interview or call and have it automatically replay live at the appropriate time that you schedule in your series. So you can have it replay at 8pm EST and people can attend without you or your speaker having to be there.

You can learn more about automating your teleseminars right here.

AutoTeleseminar is a service that allows you to automatically replay your recorded mp3’s and play them whenever you like and gives you up to 1,000 attendee’s. Sign up for a free account at

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Teleseminar Services are a Great and Inexpensive, Money-Making Internet Business Tool

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Teleseminars are a great way to promote your business.  Having the right tools and the right teleseminar service are the way to go when you want to make the most out of your efforts.  Some tools you want to make sure you have are a recording service, an email manager, a landing page, and a way to take payments.  These would be the basic tools you should have if you want to really take advantage of your creation.  In the article below, the author discusses how teleseminars can be a great money making tool for your business.  This article does give some decent insights, but of course it is the 1000 foot view of what you would need to do.  Enjoy!

When it comes to Internet marketing, one of the most effective strategies will always be to offer the best services to customers and potential customers. Teleseminars provide an inexpensive way to provide a quality service, reach customers, pull in new ones and give your business image the boost it needs to stay competitive in a tight Internet market.

One of the primary objectives of a good business will always be to build loyalty with customers, and that’s why offering quality services and products is so necessary. With a teleseminar you are going above and beyond the “here’s the product and buy it” mentality. Rather, a teleseminar gives you an opportunity to connect with customers and associates through training, education, product information and customer service messages. What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about getting in front of a video camera or traveling to some event location. You can do it all from the comfort of your office, home, or really anywhere that has a telephone connect.

You may be wondering, exactly what is a teleseminar? Also known as a teleconference, these seminars take place over a phone line called bridgeline, which carries multiple callers at one time. A teleseminar may have 5 participants or 1000, depending on the purposes and audience for the call. Using a teleseminar service makes the set-up and event production much easier than an actual seminar. Furthermore, the cost of travel and expensive material costs are eliminated.

The host of a teleseminar schedules a date and time for the conference and then allows people to sign up for the conference. A teleseminar can be free of charge or cost a participation fee. Prior to the scheduled call, the host will make sure the participants have the phone number and pass code they need to join the teleseminar from their home, office, or anywhere else they have a phone connection.

If you conduct trainings, advertise products or have need to communicate the same message to a large group of people, teleseminars can get the job done cheaply and with little effort. While it may seem overwhelming get started setting up these calls for your business, teleseminar services like can take off the pressure and help you every step of the way.

Plus a teleseminar service can help you to ensure your phone conferences are organized, professional and come off without a hitch. Making sure you do it well can payoff big time down the road, as you can begin to sell the recorded teleseminars to customers seeking information.

While it may be tempting to jump on the latest Internet marketing bandwagon, in this case simple is better. A teleseminar allows you to improve your service to customers in a real way that is comfortable and family to both them and you, yet it is still a way to make your business more profitable and professional.

To learn more about how to use teleseminars and check out

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Free Teleseminar Hosting Services You Can Use

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There are several free teleseminar hosting services that you can use to create a successful teleseminar.  However, if you want additional features, then you will need to pay for the benefit of these services. One of the extra benefits that you will want to use that will cost extra is conference recording.  This service usually costs a few bucks to record the call.  It is worth it to use this feature because with a recorded call, you will be able to use the recording in a host of different ways.  There are few free teleseminar services but one of the more popular ones that has decent service is:

Most other services out there are not free and can run from reasonable to very expensive.  You will want to choose a service that will fit into your needs.  Sometimes, you will need to bite the bullet and choose a paid service because that is the one that will serve your needs.  For more info on how to choose a teleseminar hosting service, check this resource:

How to choose a teleseminar hosting service

To make the most out of your efforts, you should also know how to run a teleseminar in a way that will bring more exposure to your business, brand your business, and produce an income.

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