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Use Web Conferencing Services to Compliment Your Work From Home Business

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Your work from home business can expand in any direction, especially online.  Even thought you work from home, it is still important to be able to get leads for your business, especially if you depend on the Internet to spread the word about your business.  One way to do this is to use web conferencing services to get more leads and promote your product or service.  This article discusses why web conferencing services can compliment your home business.

Web Conferencing is one of the most powerful and practical uses of Internet technology ever created to optimize communications between employees, customers, prospects, suppliers and huge corporations. Web conferences are a daily occurrence online as there are hundreds of not thousands of live meetings being conducted on a daily basis; from prayer group meetings to the meeting of great minds that are adamant not to allow the distances between them to curtail their networking capabilities.

This vast technology is already being used by many organizations to get more work done and at the same time save thousands of dollars yearly on transportation and lodging per employee who has to traverse the globe to facilitate meetings on behalf of their employers. Web conferences allows decision makers the possibility to make decisions on the fly instead of having to board an airplane lets say at JFK Airport to heathrow by (executive) A to convene a meeting; when maybe within 1 hours in flight a competitor would have convened a web based meeting, discussed the issue and decisions made before executive A in flight was offered his first snack.

Web conferencing is more often than not sold as a service, hosted on a web servers controlled by the vendor, either on a usage basis (cost per user per minute) or for a fixed fee (cost per “seat”). There are many reputable web conferencing solutions online but if you have been reading my article for a while you will know I only introduce the best. The attractiveness of these rooms have evolved over time to include streaming video, white board technology and web casting technology.

The add ons that have been engineered in the last few years have made the web conferencing rooms more attractive for purposes such as live online classes, so I can be in my home here in Jamaica and attending a class streaming live via the internet in Sidney Australia. I have interacted with friends in over 5 continents in real time right here from my living room in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

What will web conferencing do for me in my work from home business you may ask? Well if you are an advocate of relationship marketing (and you should) and truly believe in effective customer care (if you are into direct sales) and or effective team building – (if your business is MLM oriented) then a web conference room is a must have. What better way to effectively communicate with 1 to 1000 clients than from your virtual office using your web based conference room. The Technology I use is top of the line and we even offer free rooms so one can test drive the Ferrari in VOIP technology before buying.

Melford Woolery is a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Ghost Writer, Lead Generation Expert and Work From Home Mentor living on the small caribbean Island of Jamaica. He enjoy reading and writing articles on topics including MLM and Network marketing Industry. He Also has a website where you will find Web Conferencing Services at its best.

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Publish Date: 05/15/2010

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Web Conferencing – What You Must Know Before Having Online Meetings and Conference Calls

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Web conferencing is a rapidly growing service as businesses look for more ways to save costs and increase productivity.  In order for these conferencing meetings to run smoothly, they must be especially planned out because there is more technology that is involved.  As a result, the web conference holder must be clear on the purpose and needs of the conferencing event.  This article discusses what some of these needs are that the conference holder must be aware of.

In the immensely competitive business of Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Video Email and Online Meeting Services, there are important differences that will save you and your company thousands of dollars.

With advanced hardware and software being offered by the more aggressive web meeting service providers, you can now get unique features, which offer numerous conveniences and advantages for globally dispersed people to meet and talk. One web-meeting provider, Live Conference PRO(TM), has developed a unique system allowing crystal-clear conversations through the Internet – no more long distance telephone bills.

The most important factor to consider before holding an online meeting or audio conference call, is how easy it is to use. Look for a service that has streamlined tools and features for non-technical people to hold one-on-one to large interactive live meetings.

Next, compare the options for inviting people to your online meeting and how easy will it be for someone to login to the meeting room.

Some of the new features you can now use to give your business a competitive advantage include animated PowerPoint presentations, face-to-face live video, application sharing, synchronized scrolling, and file sharing.

Another feature to look for is “synchronization” which ensures everyone, and those who login late, will see and hear everything without any special attention from the room Operator.

Next consider the connection speed. If one of your guests has a 56k Internet connection, will they be able to participate in the online meeting?

If live web meetings is not your interest, the web conference software should have built-in recording features that allow you to create valuable full screen and audio presentations that people can watch at their convenience.

Do not forget to look at the cost. Some web-meeting services charge you per meeting, per minute, per participant, and charge you extra for video and recording options. Other services charge a flat monthly fee. Ask if you can hold unlimited meetings with no scheduling requirements.

Holding a web meeting requires more than an account and web meeting software. Unfortunately, that’s all most companies give you. Look for a company that provides unlimited live, step-by-step training that will teach you how to deliver dynamic and interactive presentations and create intellectual properties for a lifetime of revenue.

Recent developments in technology now make it easier to master the secret of creating powerful web conference meetings that motivate, influence, and persuade people.

Take time to compare the features and training being offered. Make sure you have what you need to compel prospects to buy whatever you’re selling.

To learn more about the exciting new features and tools for holding online, meetings and conference calls, visit:

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5 Ways Interactive Web Conferencing Services Can Cut 68% Off Your Business Costs

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Web conferencing services can really make a difference in the ability for people to meet across multiple locations.  There are also other benefits like saving costs as well that can allow a business to put their resources in other areas, like marketing.  This article discusses how using web conferencing services can save a huge chunk of change for a business especially if they are used on a regular basis.  Read on for more.

Interactive web conferencing is making it easier and more convenient for businesses to cut costs. Without sacrificing service or customer support. And what business isn’t looking for ways to slash costs and stay competitive?

-If you drive across town for meetings…
-Travel at least once a year…
-Or meet with clients or co-workers in different locations…

Here are 5 Ways You Can Cut 68% Or More Off Your Business Costs each and every year:

1) Travel Less for Business

Slash thousands off your business travel by holding more company-wide interactive web conferences online. You’ll save time and more staff will be able to attend – from Texas to Tokyo. Without less time away from the office. And you can skip the expense and headache of cramped, crowded flights. Not to mention delays and cancellations. Plus, no expense reports to fill out or file.

2) Save on Gas

If you provide your sales force with a company car or reimburse for gas mileage, you can easily trim $1,000 a month. And less wear and tear on your vehicle Plus, reduce your insurance costs

3) Minimize Costly Teleconferences

Replace costly charges per minute per attendee for a teleconference with interactive web conferencing instead. And you won’t experience delays or the frustration of dropped calls either. Plus, you’ll be able to review documents together, in real time, just like you do in person.

4) Dump Long Distance & International Calls

Chop your long distance with the audio feature of VoIP. With Video interactive web conferencing your guest can see and hear you. Talk as long as you want, as often as you want, without using up your cell phone minutes or being charged exorbitant international calling fees.

5) Eliminate Courier Charges

If you incur over-night charges or have employees deliver confidential documents, you could save hundreds of dollars. Simply review these documents securely in an interactive web conference. Cutting costs doesn’t have to be painful.

Check out the cost savings of meeting online HERE. Here is the best web conferencing solution to get your business done…including 2 FREE web cameras… at an affordable $79 per month for 50 guests VideoLive Conferences.

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Publish Date: 04/26/2010

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Are You Ready For Web Conferencing?

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An exciting new development in Internet technology is making sales and business meetings through the Web as easy as turning on a computer.

Web based conferencing can now be used by organizations large and small. It is a very cost effective way to overcome geographical obstacles and meet with individuals or groups no matter where they are located.

Sales demonstrations and presentations can reach a large group of buyers quickly, easily and for little cost. No more traveling from location to location to repeat the same presentations. You can generate excitement and sales using audio or video in a way only the Internet can provide.

Web conferencing is poised to create a revolution in fund raising. Low cost, yet dramatic presentations can motivate contributors as no other method has been able to do.

Business and sales meetings can invite input from those in attendance. You can get valuable feedback from those using or selling your product or service. You can do PowerPoint presentations with live video conferencing just as you would if you were renting a hotel ballroom.

People in remote locations can discuss building or sales plans while simultaneously viewing the related blueprints or documents. That can save time, money and misunderstandings. Web based conferencing allows you to do this and much more through the Internet, from the convenience of your own office or location.

Web conferencing is much like participating in a telephone conference. With Web conferencing participants can use their computer’s Web browser to log into a third party conferencing company’s site. Once there they use a provided code to join the conference. If you are the presenter, the Web conferencing company makes all the arrangements and you are left with the just the responsibility of preparing and presenting the program.

The various Web conferencing providers offer basically the same service with some variation of features. The cost for Web conferencing is much the same as that of a teleconference and is usually negotiable. Companies that contract to do a schedule of regular Web conferencing will be offered discounted rates.

The quality of both Web audio and video technology is rapidly improving and it will soon approach that of television. There are very few limitations on the manner in which you wish to present your message.

The advantages of Web conferencing are so vast that no company can afford not to explore the many ways it can be effectively used to save time and money, and to increase sales.
Mark Walters covers develpments in Web and video conferencing at

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Web Conferencing – What is it?

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Web Conferencing is, very simply, a meeting, conference or seminar that is held
over the World Wide Web. Web conferencing can refer to audio, video or text-based
conversations and are conducted in real-time.

Web conferencing is an incredibly useful resource for anyone who trades within
a global market place. It literally allows you to be in two places at once –
sitting at home or in your office whilst conducting a meeting with someone one
the other side of the world.

In its simplest form web conferencing can take the form of free downloads such
as Microsoft NetMeeting or Yahoo Messenger. Subscribers can participate in text-based
‘chats’, inviting others into their conversations and being able to communication
in real-time. Add a simple digital camera to this equation and you have the beginnings
of an elementary web conferencing application.

At the other end of the scale, the most sophisticated applications allow seminars
and presentations to be made to hundreds of delegates at the same time. Meetings
can be fully interactive, allowing question and answer sessions, the sharing
of files and documents and slide show presentations to be broadcast.

What Can I Do With Web Conferencing?

How you choose to use web conferencing will very much depend upon your line of
work. A webinar (an online seminar) is less interactive than a web meeting, but
is a very effective means of presenting sales pitches, performance reviews and
delivering staff training.

A web meeting on the other hand, can be fully interactive not only in terms of
audio and video but also by allowing the sharing of documents and files and viewing
them online.

What is Online Collaboration?

Online collaboration is an excellent resource for project management, especially
when team members are located in different geographical locations. Online collaboration
provides an advanced level of document management and file sharing. Documents
and files can be viewed, modified and updated online and in real time.

What Are The Benefits Of Web Conferencing?

The main benefits of web conferencing are to be found in terms of time and money
savings. The need for travel is greatly reduced, and therefore so are the associated
costs of travel – tickets, accommodation, subsistence, to name but a few. Employees
spend less time waiting for flights, travel or just generally being away from
their desk and therefore have more time to spend productively.

Enhanced communication is another benefit of web conferencing. Where colleagues
could perhaps only meet face to face a few times a year, for example, web conferencing
allows them to meet on a daily basis, if required. With people talking more,
work gets done more efficiently and more accurately.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of web conferencing depends on how sophisticated an application you
need. Low-level, one-to-one systems can be set up these days for virtually nothing.
The most advanced systems, unsurprisingly, can run into thousands of dollars.
Careful research, however, and thoughtful analysis of what you need from a web
conferencing system can allow you to budget accordingly and match a system to
your needs. The chances are, if you are spending money on travel then you will
recoup the cost of your web conferencing software over time.

Diane Parker is a web content writer who specializes in internet related topics. Her conferencing articles include:, and

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