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Video Web Conferencing – 4 Myths Debunked

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Video web conferencing is becoming more and more popular as businesses are looking into ways to reduce their travel costs.  There are a number of technologies and services that can provide an affordable solution to their problem.  Read on for more on how video web conferencing can help a business connect more easily with their employees, vendors, clients and business partners.

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Here is an article on Video Web Conferencing called: 4 Video and Web Conferencing Myths Debunked

Once upon a time, in a land far away, but not so long ago, the business world was introduced to a new cutting edge technology – video and web conferencing. Looking to expand their global presence and improve worldwide communication, large corporations adapted video and web conferencing technologies into their daily business practices…oh how the times have changed!

There are many myths revolving around video and web conferencing and it is these myths which keep most organizations from embracing and experiencing the power of this technology. Video conferencing was first introduced to the commercial market in the 1980’s, but many things have changed since then and it is time to debunk those myths which are holding organizations back from benefitting from the technology.

Myth #1 – Video and web conferencing requires expensive equipment When video conferencing first entered the scene, companies were required to purchase expensive and bulky hardware, making it extremely difficult for smaller companies to afford and use the technology. This is no longer the issue. Integrating video conferencing into a web-based platform has made this technology available and affordable to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Today you can use standard PCs and inexpensive web cameras to conduct meetings. In fact, most web-based video conference equipment can now be found in office supply stores, such as Office Depot, OfficeMax and Staples.

Myth #2 – In order to participate in a video or web conference users must download software, which can be cumbersome and an IT nightmare When video conference attendees are required to download software in order to attend an online meeting, they are taking the risk of something going wrong. There are ways around this. Many video and web conferencing providers are turning to a 100% browser-based solution. Users access the web conference by directing their browser to a specific meeting URL and are instantly connected. Not only does this provide instant access to meetings, it prevents computer errors and frees up the time of IT teams.

Myth #3 – Companies must have a boardroom dedicated specifically for video and web conferencing needs The beauty of web-based video conferencing is presenters and attendees can conduct and participate in meetings from anywhere in the world and at anytime. Having the ability to connect with others through live video and chat on a desktop computer or laptop removes the need for businesses to have a dedicated meeting room. Employees can log into a meeting from their office desk, the comfort of their home, the neighborhood Starbucks or even an airport lobby. All they need is an active internet connection and a web camera. This gives businesses the opportunity to maintain a global presence without actually setting foot outside their office doors.

Myth #4 – Video and web conferencing is impersonal and removes the face-to-face value of doing business Video and web conferencing actually allows organizations to maintain a face-to-face presence, while eliminating costly travel. Business, educational and social organizations are now working in increasingly wider networks which are spread throughout the world.

If you are selling a product or service that must be supported, then think of the improvement in customer relations and reduction in costs that you could achieve if you can effectively meet online with your client.

With technological advancements made in video and web conferencing, businesses of all shapes and sizes now have the tools needed to stay competitive, without breaking the bank. No longer is video and web conferencing limited to large, well funded companies. Non-profit organizations, educational and religious institutions, small start-ups and government entities – all businesses in fact – now have the power of conducting instant, face-to-face meetings at their fingertips.

Dan Richmond is Co-founder of MegaMeeting provides web & video conferencing services for individuals & businesses. For more information, please call 818.783.4311 or Visit

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Video Web Conferencing – The Growing Communication Trend

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Video web conferencing is a growing trend as the costs come down and the technology increases as well as the compatibility.  This growing trend allows everyone to become more and more connected remotely.  Teams from all over the world can meet and collaborate on projects.  There are also a number of other things that can be accomplished for entrepreneurs, such as lead generation and sales.  The use of video web conferencing services is almost endless.  This article discusses how this trend is growing and what it is being used for.  Read on for more.

It’s important for businesses to keep up with communication trends in order to grow and stay competitive in this tight economy.

One of the fastest-growing technology trends in communication is live video conferences. According to top industry analysts at Wainhouse Research, it’s growing at a rate of 24% per year.

Interactive video conferences allows you to meet with someone in Germany, Japan, and New York (or any other location you need) all at the same time – right from the comfort of your office or home. And the best part is no one has to spend thousands of dollars in travel costs or fly in a cramped flight for 18 hours.

Web conferencing makes it easier for businesses to get your work done and to close more deals quickly. Isn’t every business looking for ways to boost your bottom line, stay ahead of their competitors, and be more efficient?

Plus, video conferencing is now affordable for the smallest of budgets. Because many services are now web-based, the cost is much lower than just a few years ago and the video quality has vastly improved. All you need to hold an online video meeting is a computer or laptop, a reliable internet connection, and a web cam if you want to be seen.

Also, it doesn’t take an IT person to host a meeting or download or configure complicated software. Most services take under 3 minutes to install and are extremely user-friendly and simple to use – even for a beginner.

Not only can you see, hear, and communicate with more than one person at a time online, you can also review documents, power point presentations, anything on your desktop, just like you would in person.

Face to face communication is important for any type of negotiation and is more effective than impersonal teleconferencing or emails. Being able to see the person you are talking to builds trust and loyalty.

Imagine being able to meet with someone from Taiwan in the morning, someone from France in the afternoon, and someone from Washington in the late afternoon – all in the same day! Without either participant having to leave their office.

Businesses are quickly adopting video web conferencing as an essential tool to save time and increase productivity. In addition to helping to save the environment. One online meeting between 5 people saves 20 tons in carbon emissions. Not to mention the convenience and less paper wastage.

Video web conferencing is no longer a luxury service, but an essential and vital tool for organizations planning on expanding their business worldwide. Top Industry Analysts at Wainhouse Research predict that “Desk-top computer video conferencing software will be as essential to your business as your phone, fax, and email.”

Because online web meetings save both time and money, it’s becoming more popular and accepted as a replacement for meeting in-person. More and more businesses are meeting online every day. So if you want to keep up with the latest trend in business communication, and not be left behind your competition, why not consider implementing video web conferencing today?

Check out the cost savings of meeting online HERE. Plus, here is the best video web conferencing solution to get your business done…including 2 FREE web cameras… at an affordable $49 per month for 50 guests Video Live Conferences.

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10 Things to Hate About Video Web Conferencing

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Here is an interesting take on video web conferencing and why it may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread (is sliced bread really all that great?  I mean wraps are getting to be pretty popular now…)  Anyway, there is a lot of advantages and disadvantages to using web conferencing and this author actually discusses the advantages from the point of view of it having disadvantages.

It’s difficult for business to survive during these tough economic times. So if you’re looking for ways to keep your competitive edge…

Watch out for these 10 things I Hate About Video Web Conferencing:

1) I live in Wisconsin and winters here are brutal. I like going on business trips to sunny California to get out of the frozen tundra! So meeting online makes my winter, warm business trip less likely.

2) Sometimes I would rather skip being “seen” on camera…especially when I’m working from home taking care of my sick child. Video web conferences makes face time easy – anywhere – any time.

3) Less business expenses to write off for taxes. Web conferencing slashes 68% or more off of business costs such as teleconference fees, long distance & international calling fees, courier fees, gas & insurance costs every year.

4) I’ll have to deal with more customers, suppliers, and remote co-workers on a daily basis because it’s easier to communicate better and more often online.

5) Possibility of being bumped up into a higher tax bracket because online sales presentations makes it easier and less expensive for you to double or even triple your revenue.

6) More time to sit in marketing plan meetings to grow your business since more routine business will be efficiently handled online.

7) More training sessions since it costs less to provide your sales reps timely, state-of-the-art, online training on demand. Web conferencing significantly lowers your training costs.

8) More meetings in general. Because online meetings are so economical, you can include key decision makers or employees – even if they’re located across the globe – to get your business done.

9) Less exercise! Because you won’t have to walk (or drive) to another building for a meeting, you’ll have better use of your time during the day.

10) It costs money! There’s no doubt that video conferencing reduces carbon emissions, is good for the environment, and is good for your bottom line…but it’s not free forever!

Check out VideoLive Conferences risk free for 30 days to cut 68% of more off your business costs. Plus, get 2 FREE web cameras…yours to keep…even if you decide to cancel.

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Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Profits Using Video Web Conferencing

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Web conferencing can increase your profits by reducing your costs.  Ease of implementation, time savings and travel costs are amongst the biggest areas where costs can be saved.  In the article below, the author talks about these and other areas where web conferencing can save costs.  Read on for more.

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the pressure to be more environmentally friendly.

So why not use online video web conferencing to green up your business and pocket more profits at the same time? Minor changes in the way you do business can add up to real benefits for the planet. Not to mention your bottom line. And using web conferencing is simple, quick, and affordable.

Here are 5 easy ways to green up your business for bigger profits starting tomorrow:

1) Business travel is a huge contributor to carbon dioxide pollution. Not to mention costing thousands of dollars for airfare, hotel, car rental, etc.

Nearly 6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are emitted by the U.S. alone in car and air travel. If every business canceled one business trip alone and used video conferencing instead, carbon dioxide pollution would be hugely decreased! A single trip from New York to London creates 1.2 tons of carbon emissions.

Simply meet face-to-face online and watch your bank account grow greener.

2) Have your employees telecommute a couple days a week if possible.

With web conferencing, employees working from home will still be able to meet face-to-face and collaborate in real time just like they would if they were in the office. Did you know that Americans waste an average of 47 hours every week during rush hour traffic? On average, a five-day commuting work week releases 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, per employee.

That’s about 50% of the annual electricity consumption of an average household! By reducing weekly travel time, not only will it be beneficial to the environment, but the added time to their day will improve work/life balance and job satisfaction.

3) Instead of having meeting attendees each take their own notes…

Use a web conferencing whiteboard slide where everyone can contribute. Every ton of paper you don’t use saves 38 gallons of oil and 17 trees. Plus, you pocket hundreds of dollars in reduced office supplies.

4) Close more sales online

Your top sales representatives can close double the number of sales by giving more online presentations per day. This is much more efficient than traveling off-site. That really puts the green in your bottom line.

5) Build relationships economically with Remote Clients or Customers

You can meet and talk face-to-face regularly with geographically dispersed employees and customers. As you help them solve their concerns, they’ll become better, more loyal customers. And happy customers are willing to spend more money with your business again and again!

These are just 5 top ways your business can use video web conferencing to help save the earth…and green up your profits as well.

Try Video Web Conferencing FREE for 30 Days HERE, Plus, Get 2 FREE Web Cameras…Yours to Keep…Even If You Decide to Cancel.

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