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Successful Webinar Hosting Tips

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When hosting a webinar you will need to have certain things in place in order to make it successful.  One of these things is to have it running smoothly.  There is a lot of technology involved, especially back end programming, to make it successful.  If you are charging for the webinar, then that adds another dimension to the complexity.  So what kinds of things are needed to have a successful webinar experience?  This post will share some structural necessities as well as systematic and technological as well.  Read on for more!

Here is a webinar tips video:

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Here is an article titled: “Tips to Host a Successful Webinar”

Do you have tips and advice you’d love to share with potential clients? Do you wish to share these tips with your prospects in a step-by-step, visual process? If so, then you’re the perfect candidate to host a webinar.

A webinar is beneficial for all parties involved. Participants benefit from your valuable tips and advice, while you benefit from interaction with potential clients and position yourself as an expert. Hosting a monthly web conference doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money, cause you stress, or take a lot of your time.

See below for what you’ll need to host a successful webinar:

A Webinar Hosting Platform:There are many great web conference hosting platforms to choose from, including GoToWebinar, Glance, Yugma, AccuConference, WebEx, and even Skype, which works for small meetings.

Many business owners prefer GoToWebinar since it offers a variety of easy-to-use features including full-service registration, automated email templates, prewebinar practice sessions, audio conferencing via phone and computer, recording, drawing tools, chat, and much more.

A Topic: If you don’t already have a topic in mind for your web conference, do some market research on social media platforms, blogs, discussion forums, and news hubs to see what your target audience is in need of / interested in. Ask questions on these platforms, and observe what your market is talking about. Your conference topic should help your audience solve a problem they are currently facing.

For example, if you own a travel company that specializes in planning African safari vacations, you might consider hosting a webinar on “Where to Go on Safari,” “What to Pack on Safari,” or “Inaccurate Myths about Safaris.”

An Outline: Once you have your topic, it’s time to create a detailed outline. Break your topic discussion down into sections, and add discussion points below each section. I recommend writing notes for yourself in the outline and staying away from scripting your webinar. When you read from a script, it sounds very unnatural and rigid. An unscripted-yet directed-web conference allows you more freedom to expand on a topic and perform comfortably without constraints.

Webinar Slides: When creating your slides for your web conference, try not to overcrowd them with words. The goal is to show your audience what you are referring to, not repeat what you’re saying in words. Images, screen grabs, and graphics enable participants to visualize what you are referring to during your talk and have an attention-grabbing quality.

For example, if you want to break down a process to your viewers, using graphics with arrows and charts is a great way to orient viewers and help them to visualize the process.

Thank-You Page / Email: After people have signed up for your event, they should see a thank-you message appear after they have submitted their registration form. Your webinar hosting platform most likely has features that automatically pull up a thank-you page after participants register.

In addition to a thank-you page, thank participants via an automated thank-you email that also includes webinar access information, which your webinar hosting platform should also generate.

Reminder Email: 24-hours before your webinar goes live, send out an automated reminder email to participants. This automated email will be generated from your webinar hosting platform, providing participants with their webinar access information.

A Phone: Your phone is the communication device you use to do your talk. Webinar participants usually don’t have to dial into the talk. Most webinar platforms enable participants to listen and view the webinar at the same time, all from their computer.

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How To Develop Webinar Training – Effective Presentation Tips

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If you want to know how to develop  webinar training that is super effective, you should have a system that produces the results you are looking for, whether it be sales, or leads, or educational purposes.  One of the best ways to have your webinar be effective is to make sure your presentation is really solid and supports the results you want to achieve from your webinar.  This article gives you some good tips on how to make your webinar presentations solid and the things you need to focus on to make them purposeful.  Read on for more of these powerful tips.

The webinar is an excellent tool for reaching people a large group of people, cost-effectively, which is why more and more people are using them to pre-sell potential customers and educate people. Indeed, you undoubtedly receive lots of invitations from companies using services provided Citrix and WebEx etc. (including some by our CEO). Increasingly, we get requests from people on presentation tips for delivering webinars, so here goes:

  • Goal: To get the audience to pay attention to your “pitch” and then the desired action
  • Context: People who are somewhat interested in your topic will register (depending on eh quality of your invitation-presentation). How long they stay listening to your presentation depends on (1) how engaging you are throughout the presentation and (2) the extent to which there are distractions. Your webinar presentation has to be even better than it would be if face-to-face, because the normal supportive elements are missing. You can’t use eye contact, body language to engage people, and there is no “common courtesy” element: people’s willingness not to walk out of a boring presentation and disturb others in the audience.
  • Audience Readiness: Attendees are prepared to give you most of the time you’ve planned for the presentation, so it’s YOURS TO LOSE! In the theater, the performers exaggerate their features, and make-up and dress to enable the audience to pick up on nuances; you need to make similarly compensating decisions.
  • Presentation: The webinar presentation has to be even more succinct, engaging and compelling – in terms of structure and style – than it would be if it were a face-to-face presentation. Use the Webinar provider’s tools to help you. Use polls at the beginning of the presentation to develop “personalized” rapport. Use a conversational tone with the presentation, to encourage people to feel comfortable hearing you through and asking questions. Answer questions directly, so the relationship is maintained. In an hour-long presentation, plan to present for 20-25 minutes and use the rest of the time for polls and other interactions.
  • Speaker: The key is your vocal communications – since there are no other cues. Speaking conversationally “to” the audience, not “at” them; keep the tempo quick to give it energy. Keep language simple – don’t get lost in jargon and acronyms. Modulate pitch and volume. If you’re enthusiastic about your topic and transmit it, then you will succeed.

Sales tip: Focus on the numbers and make sure to follow-through! The largest audience I signed up for a webinar was over 2400 people; over 950 actually showed up. An hour later over 80% were still there (this is the key metric). Follow-up with both attendees and those who didn’t; people not attending may simply have had an important schedule conflict.

Jerry Cahn is the CEO of Presentation Excellence a resource center helping executives achieve excellence in all their endeavors. He is an expert at helping companies develop and deliver top-notch presentations.

He can be reached at or at 646-827-0009.

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