Nov 23 13

Accused hit


Pamela FrostPam has been at the Daily Mercury since March 2013 and has also worked as a journalist in Batemans Bay and Wellington both in NSW. And yes, that does make her a Blues supporter. Growing up she moved around different places including Sydney, Moree, Wollongong and lived for about two years as a high school student on a small island in Micronesia called Pohnpei. pandora charms uk Pam loves water sports, including SCUBA diving, snorkelling and kayaking but her awful balance means she’ll never touch a surf board. Ever.

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THE daughter of a woman who police believe ran over a cyclist on the Warrego Hwy near Gatton has given teary evidence about how her mother admitted to her that had she killed an innocent man.

The Toowoomba woman also said her mother was a “bitch to get along with” but that she would not have hurt anybody.

A coronial inquiry is being held in Brisbane to investigate the death of Chinese national Shui Ki Chan whose body was found in a ditch by the Warrego Hwy in August 2012.

Police believe Gatton woman Joanne Marie McCauley who has also previously lived in Toowoomba and Rockhampton ran over Mr Chan while he was riding his bike home from work.

Skye Maas, who lives in Toowoomba, gave evidence at the inquest on Thursday and said her mother was a mess and was rambling on and not making any sense.

“And then she was like killed an innocent man Ms Maas said while in tears.

Ms Maas, who at first did not want to answer questions but was directed to by the Coroner, said she remembered not knowing whether it was another one of her mother stories or if it was true.

She also told the court she remembered trying to calm her mother down.

Ms Maas said her mum was angry and was trying to intimidate someone. The day after telling her, Ms McCauley went into her daughter room and said she had made the story up.

“She was normal again it was just the total opposite, just as convincing that she did do it as she was that she didn do it,” Ms Maas said. “I don know.”

Ms Maas told the court she was addicted to drugs around the time her mother confessed to her.

“I really am not credible on much, I was a drug fked junkie piece of sht like I don know how else to put it,” she admitted.

During her evidence, Ms Maas broke down in tears saying evidence had scared her.

“I can see her being able to do something like that. She up and down, she hot and cold, she a bitch to get along with she wouldn have hurt anybody.”

The inquest will continue on Friday and is likely to be adjourned to continue next month. ARM NEWSDESK

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Nov 23 13

as Norfolk police repeat warning to ignore Northampton Clown copycats


A Norfolk Constabulary spokesman said: “We have received one further report from two school boys of a person being dressed as a clown in St Edmunds Church Yard at about 8.15am.

Are pranksters in King’s Lynn copying the Northampton Clown?

Creepy Northampton clown set to scare park visitors at Pleasurewood Hills

“It was described as a blue and red ‘onesie’ clown suit, wearing a red wig and a white faced horror clown full face mask. lifting sin cirugia It was reported he left in a white Transit style van with metal roof rails fitted.

“We would re iterate what was said yesterday that it is important to keep a sensible perspective on these incidents as nobody has been assaulted or hurt.

“The most effective way to behave if you are to see someone dressed up is to give no reaction.”

Yesterday, police said copycat pranksters were behind two clown incidents in King’s Lynn. They said pranksters were copying the so called Northampton Clown, who became an internet sensation before he was unmasked.

Articles about Wilbert Montgomery

Montgomery Left With Memories

by COULT AUBREY, The Morning Call August 23, 1985

How do you say goodbye to a legend? Not with words, certainly; they wouldn’t do justice. Let’s try memories, of which there are many. Wilbert Montgomery running for 194 yards in the greatest game of his life, the Philadelphia Eagles’ 20 7 victory over Dallas for the 1980 National Conference championship in bitter cold Veterans Stadium. Wilbert Montgomery sweeping right end for a record 90 yard touchdown on the first play of the second half against Houston. Wilbert Montgomery scoring four touchdowns against the Washington Redskins . . . twice.

ARTICLES BY DATEMcCoy caps record season with NFL rushing crown

By Nick Fierro, Of The Morning Call December 30, 2013

On his way to securing the NFL rushing title on Sunday night, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy also revised another franchise record. He finished the first half against the Dallas Cowboys with 10 carries for 51 rushing yards, raising his season total to 1,527 and catapulting him past Wilbert Montgomery (1,513) for best in team history. The rushing title essentially was decided before kickoff, as McCoy entered the final weekend with 1,476 yards, nearly 200 better than Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles, who was scratched Sunday by former Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Concrete Memories: A Replay of 32 Seasons at the Vet

The Morning Call December 15, 2002

VISITING PLAYERS/ TEAM RECORDS Most TDs: 4, Ron Johnson of the New York Giants on Oct. 2, 1972. Most field goals: 5, Al Del Greco, Tennessee, Dec. 3, 2000 in 15 13 Titans win. Longest FG: 56 yards, Morten Andersen of the Saints on 12 26 93. Most carries: 43, Butch Woolfolk of the Giants on Nov. 20, 1983. Most yards rushing: 237, Emmitt Smith of the Cowboys on Oct. 31, 1993. Longest run: 85 TD, Reggie Brooks of Washington on Sept. 19, 1993. Most passes completed: Steve Pelluer, 32, Cowboys, Oct. No other Philadelphia Eagle hit the hole faster. Brian Westbrook had pure instinct. No other Eagle had a better grasp of the complex modern game of football. Steve Van Buren was the most accomplished of his era. Nobody in the NFL did it better until Jim Brown came along. So where does the active LeSean McCoy rank among the greatest Eagles running backs of all time? “I think he’s first, I think he’s first,” said Duce Staley, another former Eagles back who wasn’t too shabby himself.

John Grier may be remembered for helping 55,942 Veterans Stadium fans enjoy a Philadelphia Eagles’ victory Sunday afternoon, but it was Ted Marchibroda who gave them a share in history. Grier was the field judge who called the “phantom” face mask penalty on a Minnesota defender with seven seconds to play, giving the Eagles a bonus opportunity that they converted into a 19 17 victory on Ron Jaworski’s 18 inch pass to Bethlehem tight end John Spagnola. A sideways slip through a small opening created by Ron Baker and Leonard Mitchell, a sharp cut to the right behind tight end John Spagnola’s inside block on a linebacker and Wilbert was deep into the secondary. In a game, he’d have had a sizable gain if not a touchdown. No other Philadelphia Eagle hit the hole faster. Brian Westbrook had pure instinct. No other Eagle had a better grasp of the complex modern game of football. Steve Van Buren was the most accomplished of his era. Nobody in the NFL did it better until Jim Brown came along.

Oct 27 13

Webinar Listings Are Paths To Exceptional Educational Tools

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Sharing Innovation - Web conferencing across C...

Sharing Innovation – Web conferencing across Campuses (Photo credit: Steven Parker)

There are many modalities of learning these days thanks to the advancements in technology.  Many online learning management systems, webinars, teleseminars, videos, forums, chants and social media make it possible for anyone to learn just about anything from anywhere around the world.  The biggest key is knowing where to find these sites that are focused on education are found.   Directories that list these online classes are one easy way.  Read on to find out more about how these type of resource sites are very helpful.


Webinars have become an outstanding and affordable means for learning, developing skills and networking through the convenience of the Internet. If you were to peruse webinar listings, you’d find there is a vast array of subjects for giving, receiving and discussing information. From real estate to technology, webinars offer everyone the opportunity to explore new territory or to expand their knowledge of an existing skill.

Good webinars create the classroom experience in virtual settings. The delivery and structure can go in any direction or take any form, but there needs to be a reasonable exchange of information and objective for your audience. There also needs to be a clear understanding that the Internet is global. Your webinar could be seen essentially anywhere in the world. There should be particular attention paid to avoid mystifying the subject. The lessons should be clear and concise so that a general audience can engage and potentially interact and collaborate.

Outside of tailoring a webinar to a specific subject and ensuring that you develop an entertaining and informative syllabus, there are other things to keep in mind. One of the first is a familiarization of your audience. Conducting a successful webinar will depend on this. If you know your audience and why they’d want to be part of your webinar, you increase your chances of doing it right. There have been more instances than one might imagine where the lecturer was simply sending his work out there, either clueless to the subject or unable to keep the material interesting.

Be sure to determine what information you plan to deal with and how. A history of Russia doesn’t necessarily have to include every single moment. You will lose your audience if it gets too wordy or involved. Determine what about Russia’s history this webinar will focus on and go from there. Outline this at the beginning with a few talking points and expand. Use the time length to determine how much information you’ll likely need. Don’t try to cram it in. While a webinar can be as fun, exciting and fast paced as you want to make it, there still needs to be a sense of relaxation and thoughtfulness. Moving too fast or throwing out too much information in short spaces can confuse, distract and annoy your audience.

Remember, it’s the Internet. We’ve gotten used to multimedia formats designed to grab our interests through graphics, video, special effects, music, text, links and much more. If at all possible, utilize as many of these as you can. The webinar more than anything has to be engaging. Watching someone drone on and on about SEO on the web is as boring as watching them do it in person, if not worse. Webinars should be online presentations and, whenever possible, should put your audience in the room. There should be Q&A, polls, surveys, chats, hand up indicators and whatever feature that lets the audience become part of the process.

These are only a few tips to engineering a well produced webinar. As a matter of fact, you could go through webinar listings and find any number of webinars about organizing an exceptional webinar. Webinars have become extraordinary tools, but the material, the presenter and everything in between needs to stand out.

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Webinar and Teleseminar Resources
Create Residual Revenue From Your Webinars
Oct 23 13

Lower Mainland um popular terreno de invernada


é uma importante área de invernada para as aves, e não é só da província, mas nacional e importância mundial.

Em Outubro, a última das nossas espécies tropicais neo veraneio como vireos, toutinegras, tanagers e orioles deixar o North Shore, ou passar a migração.

De vez em quando alguns caíram para visitar com a gente no Ambleside Park ou Maplewood Consagração da área. Outro invernada gansos para observar incluem whitefronted e cacarejar.Compra Canada Goose Trillium Parka O ganso cackling foi criado por cientistas dividindo o ganso do Canadá em duas espécies, com o menor raças mais escuras do Canadá chamado o cackler.

Patos dividem-se perfeitamente nos ‘mergulhadores’ e ‘curiosos’. Dabblers incluem o pato familiares, juntamente com o verde da cerceta com asas, arrabio do norte, e wigeon americano.

Birders estão sempre à procura de raridades como o Piadeira ea corrida europeus da cerceta greenwinged (cerc comum na Europa).

Excelentes locais do North Shore para ver patos dabbling são Ambleside Park (incluindo a lagoa) e Maplewood Área de Conservação ‘s planícies de maré e da lagoa oeste.

Confira aqui também para o arco-íris coloriu pato de madeira residente.

Divers, outro grande grupo de patos, são geralmente encontrados em águas mais profundas, incluindo scoters, (três espécies), goldeneyes (duas espécies), e mergansers (três espécies). Lagos tranquilos como Maplewood ‘s são lugares para procurar as capuz lindo merganser, bem como o menor scaup e pato ringnecked.

As maravilhosas raças pato arlequim em córregos da montanha de fluxo rápida e invernos em habitats marinhos como off Maplewood ‘s sapal onde se alimentam de invertebrados como caranguejos pequenos.

Novembro é um bom mês para observar aves de rapina, como Cooper ‘s gavião, açor, falcão vermelho atado, falcão roughlegged e falcão peregrino (boa aparições recentes em Maplewood).

Pequenas aves para observar incluem grosbeak de noite, passarinho roxo, e pardal goldencrowned.

Um pássaro invernada North Shore rara mas aparentemente regular é o pardal whitethroated.

Ele geralmente é visto com pardais coroado, especialmente em alimentadores de pássaros. E havia um relatório maravilhosa de meadowlarks ocidentais em Ambleside Parque um pássaro geralmente associada com prados verdejantes.

Oct 10 13

Snow geese arrive in Fraser estuary


No medals for sexism in Olympic sports commentaryReflecting on the Rio Summer Olympics that just wrapped up, we discovered a satirical spectator sport for those of us frustrated by the nightly highlight reels belittling female athletes: media sexism bingo. Steph Leclair mind races as she holds the knife mid air, eyeing the sugar cane that jams up her grinder. ”

Daphne Bramham: Discovering Hudson’s Bay Company’s last trading postSOMERSET ISLAND, Nunavut In 1937, canada goose jacket the Hudson Bay Company built its last trading post Fort.

The accidental historian who helped to finally find Franklin’s shipAmateur historian David Woodman defied experts and ‘heroic myth’ about Sir John Franklin’s Arctic expedition.

Stephen Hume: Modern era, minority women more deserving of spots on federal honour listOur federal government has compiled a list of 29 women it thinks deserve buildings named in their honour.