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Improve Your Offline Sales Efforts With Webinar Training

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This is an interesting article because it looks at looking at how webinars can be use to get valuable market research.  When doing webinar training, don’t think of the webinar as the end result.  Look at it as the middle.  You can set your webinars up to ask questions, see what kinds of questions the participants have, and take advantage of that new information.  Read on for more about how to use the results of your webinar training to even further increase your business.

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In a previous article I talked about the multiple benefits of using webinars in your online business. Now, I want to discuss a model of how marketing webinars can work in your offline business as well. Used correctly, webinar training allows you to identify interested people and concentrate your marketing efforts and dollars on them.

Think about this: if somebody registers for my webinar, well there is a big indicator right there that that person is interested in what I have to say. If they attend my webinar they are even more interested. If they stay on my webinar for sixty minutes, they are really, really interested. The person who stays until the end of the webinar and fills out my exit survey is even more interested.

Anytime I conduct a webinar, there are a number of people who fall into this category. Clearly they are interested in my product but for some reason decided not to buy. Well, once someone has reached all these criteria, these are the people I want to follow up with and really target in my sales efforts.

These are the folks that I want to call personally. These are the people that are worth spending my marketing dollars on and my time pursuing. Is it worth sending direct mail to my entire list? Of course not! I would be in the poor house. I would be sending postcards and bulky mail and making phone calls to people who are really not that interested. What a gross waste of effort it would be to take such a course of action.

However, if I let the webinar do the selection process for me, I hope you can see the potential benefits. With very little effort on my part I have a list of gold, people who I know beyond a shadow of a doubt already have some interest in what I am selling.

Webinar training is a great way to identify interested people, who are interested in your products and services. You know before spending a dime that they are a much better investment than the general public.

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