Teleseminar Training Tip – Profit from Low Attendance

There is a lot of information out there about using teleseminars to generate a profit from.  That is a good thing to do, however if you do not have a huge attendance to your teleseminars, or you don’t even have anyone attending your teleseminars, then how do you generate revenue from an unattended teleseminar.  This article discusses how you can still do some things that will allow you to generate more income in ways you may not directly see or know.  Read on for more.

Teleseminars can be a crucial marketing tool for service professionals. One advantage: If nobody shows up, all is not lost…if you have the right set-up. Teleseminars are part of your online marketing presence, which means you get to be in several places at once and if everything goes wrong, you still haven’t lost everything.

When you promote yourself at a live event, you absolutely positively need an audience. wholesale nfl jerseys from china You’re publicly on display. When your audience doesn’t appear, it’s pretty obvious.

And you just get one shot at your audience. One year I was invited to speak at an event in Tucson, Arizona, while l was living in New Mexico. On the day of my talk, an internationally known speaker was scheduled at the same time I was due to speak. Members of the group that invited me were divided. Many of them wanted to hear the other speaker and who could blame them? I did too.

To make matters worse, Tucson experienced a rare day of rain on my scheduled speech day. In Seattle, my audience might say, “Rain? Big deal.” In Arizona, rain can be disastrous, because roads wash out and create hazardous driving conditions. Anyway, a lot of people just stay home and never learn to drive in the rain. Frankly, that’s what I wanted to do, too.

My day was almost completely lost. I did make friends among the few who showed up. The host took me out to dinner at a nice place. But once the day was over in many ways…and I couldn’t be rescheduled for a long, long time.

Flash forward to teleseminars.

Rain? Snow? Who cares? If you want to be there, you don’t have to leave your home office.

Best of all, if nobody shows up, it’s not a big deal. You can still come away with a profitable experience. Here’s how.

(1) You control your audience’s perceptions.

These days most hosts do not open the lines. It’s dangerous: even if lots of people are listening, often they won’t want to talk. And if they do talk, you never know what they will. Therefore, nobody will know if you’ve got one person or a hundred.

(2) Your audience gets to be in two (or three or four) places at once.

So your closest competitor offers a big talk the same night you want to make your big pitch? No problem. Offer the call as a replay to your list. These days, most people listen via replay.

While some experts claim you get most sales from live events, my experience is different. I get most sales after the event and from the replay.

(3) You get to leverage your creativity. Write up what you said as an ebook. Often the energy of the call pulls out ideas you didn’t know you had.

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