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Make Own Webcast – Recording and Audio File Editing Programs

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Webcast are another way to get in front of your audience and connect with them at a level that is deeper than regular content on a web site or blog post.  Webcasts add another dimension, but what do they fully bring to the table?  This blog posts shares some of the recording and editing programs that enhance the webcast experience for the listener, which will increase conversion.

Here are some videos to make your own Webcast

How to make a webcast

This Will Show You How To Make A Webcast webcast:

How To Make A Webcast!!!

So this is a remake of an older video that i made that no one could hear me in. lol. so this time i typed it in notepad. corny song? i know. lol. cool intro? i know. 🙂 helpful info? you tell me!! 🙂 comment below to tell me what you think! and, if y…

Make A Live Web Show Like iCarly In this tutorial I will show you how to make a web cast LIVE like iCarly! LINKS

Here is a article about using recording an audio file editing programs to make your own webcast:

Webcast recording is a necessary skill to learn if you want to pick up repeat clients or land a solid contract with a larger transcription company so you need to know how to digitally record a webcast like online seminars, podcasts and conferences from company websites.

When you do webcast recording, it helps to have a good software recording program to clean up the audio or take out bits that you don’t need. For instance, during a presentation there may some technical difficulty that could cause the audio to stop, so it helps to be able to remove a lot of blank air before you start transcribing.

Or at the beginning of a teleconference, the speakers may all be speaking at once off the record so you can eliminate the first part of the audio before transcribing. Sometimes the audio file is fine, but you just want to tweak it for extra clarity or to boost the volume.

The most popular and most widely used software program that general transcriptionists use for webcast recording is Audacity. This is a small but fast program that’s very easy to use to both record and to do some minor editing of your audio files.

If you need the capability to some extra editing of your audio files before you transcribe them, check out PolderbitS. PolderbitS makes it easy to “chunk” longer audio files into smaller files that are faster to load into ExpressScribe than say a 90 or 120 minute audio file.

While the Audacity program is free to download and free to use, PolderbitS has a free trial then it’s 24.95 euro or approximately $34.25 US to purchase. It’s well worth the investment, however, because sometimes you need to do a little more work on an audio file than Audacity can handle.

But whichever program you choose or even if you decide to use both, Audacity and PolderbitS are two of the best and most popular programs to use for both webcast recording and audio file editing. With easy-to-use interfaces and conversion capabilities, either of these two programs will get the job done just right.

About the Author: Karen Musselman owns Musselman’s Online Publishing, operating her transcription business and her custom laminated bookmarks business from her home office.

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This article, 2 Methods of Webcasting Explained to Ensure the Best Business Decision, goes into good detail on the 2 main ways you can make your own webcast. Using your own computer and using an online service. …

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How to make a webcast

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Make Own Webcast – 2 Methods of Webcasting Explained

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This article, 2 Methods of Webcasting Explained to Ensure the Best Business Decision, goes into good detail on the 2 main ways you can make your own webcast.  Using your own computer and using an online service.  Both methods have their plusses and minuses to them.  In any case, once you have decided what you want to do, your solutions are set for you.  For instance, if you have a Mac, then most of the time an online option is more appropriate because much of the webcast software that runs on computers is made for PC’s only.  Read on for more about how you can create your own webcast.

Webcasting is affordable even for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The beauty is that even with a free service your reach is unlimited. (Although the number of viewers in your audience will have limits).

Now there are 2 types of live webcasting methods:

  • Using a software on your computer that allows you to webcast live.
  • Using an online service that requires really no need to install a webcasting software on your computer. (I am not referring to a player plugin like Flash)

Software on your computer — For most entrepreneurs and small businesses installing another piece of software on your computer is like gambling… will it work or not? In all fairness, the experience I have had with installing these types of software, requires an IT person or you must have a good knowledge of setting firewall proxies and not opening a port to allow the webcast software broadcast out.The advantage to using a computer based software is:

  • You decide who will stream (broadcast) your webcast. ex: Akami, Rogers, etc…
  • It can be a top end quality in that you can even get TV broadcast quality, stand alone hardware that makes this a real pro-HD production

The Cons:

  • Cost (can be very costly for the equipment and staff)
  • Need IT expertise
  • You will also need to know the ins and outs of the industry for suppliers and contacts to get it right.

Using online services — For the individual and SMB, this is the easiest. You just need:

  • to setup your webcam and microphone.
  • get an account with a webcasting service. (The one I use is JustIn.TV)
  • plan the webcast
  • and invite your audience.

Now one of the nice features that you want to make sure you get in a service is a login as a viewer option. With this option you can make your webcast private or public viewing.For example, I have set up an account for a promotional items company that needs to have a sales meeting once a week with their sales team in 4 different locations.

The main office holds the meeting at 9 AM on Mondays. The sales offices login at 9 AM and they see and can interact with the meeting by chat, email or phone. (They use skype for the calls) Attendees from the sales office really benefit because they can brainstorm with there counterparts and save the time and expense of travel.

The advantage to using an online service are:

  • You do not need to install any extra software on your computer
  • Other than accepting the flash player to connect to the online service (a pop up that asks if you accept), there is nothing else to do to get started
  • It’s quite simple to use.

The Cons:

  • You will be limited in the number of viewers at any given time. (Although I noticed that Dvorak, a well known IT guru, has several hundred at one time. So unless you have thousands of viewers, this won’t be a real issue
  • If you don’t pay to upgrade, the your channel page, where your audience goes to view the webcast, will have some ads.

Webcasting is now truly affordable and it is an excellent tool for both promoting and training. Certainly, getting started with a free service is a great learning tool and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Bernie Landry is a website MacGyver. He has 27 years of audio communications experience, played on BBS’s and has been doing new media websites and marketing since the net started. The term website MacGyver was given to him by his clients because he fixes web site problems and marketing situations with what ever is available on hand at the time to get the problems resolved quickly.

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