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GoToWebinar Service Review – Is It Truly All the Software You Need to Run a Webinar

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Even though GOTOwebinar recently changed its pricing packaging, it still offers a great solution to online meetings and a solution as webinar service.  As far as it being the only software that is needed….  I am not sure about that, especially for Mac users.  You see, GOTOwebinar has this annoying habit of not being able to record the webinar if you are a Mac user.  Most everything else works, but one of the most IMPORTANT functions for a webinar service is to be able to record the webinar.  I have been in touch with them over the last year, but they keep saying it is on their ‘to do’ list.  The more requests they get from Mac users, hopefully, the higher up it will be.  Needless to say, If you are a Mac user, I wouldn’t recommend this as a webinar software platform, for that major reason alone.  Anyway, here is the article that talks about this webinar service.

If you are preparing your first webinar you probably have questions about what kind of software that you need. GoToWebinar is stand-alone software technology that allows you to present your live, online presentations for promotional, teaching or other purposes.

It can be helpful to have a few tools to assist you with your presentation. A web browser, PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio are programs that can facilitate your presentation and make it more effective.

Your web browser can be a powerful tool for use in a webinar. You can show your web browser on your screen and use it as an aid to show people how to navigate around a site and use its features. You can show them how to send email or messages, fill out forms, place ads and perform many other tasks. During your presentation you can take people to a URL that you are promoting so that people can learn more about you and the products that you offer. This is a good way to highlight an item or service that you want to bring to their attention.

There are a variety of presentation tools available that can be used in a webinar. Some of the more popular include PowerPoint from Microsoft, Keynote for Mac and the free open source tool at OpenOffice. PowerPoint uses a simple bullet point format that lets you easily keep track of what’s on your screen. This allows you to concentrate on your presentation and not worry about what is showing on the screen.

The recording software at GoToWebinar is functional but not of the highest quality. If you are concerned about getting the best quality sound you might consider using software like Camtasia Studio. This high quality sound recording program is excellent and it also gives you the ability to edit your recording in many ways. You can transfer it to a CD or to your website or blog. It can be edited for use as a podcast or used for transcription.

In conclusion, GoToWebinar is a powerful, stand-alone technology for your presentations on the web. It is enhanced by the use of programs such as your web browser, PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio.

Simple, effective, video webinar training is yours simply by going to:

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Mikogo Webinar Service – A Review

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Webinar applications are gaining greater foothold as a marketing or training tool among home-based businesses. Its low relative cost and the ability to connect people who are in geographic diverse locations make it a more attractive option than traveling to a common location. Webinars can also be used for troubleshooting sessions between an expert and a user.

One of the most useful features of a webinar application is the ability to view another user’s computer screen for troubleshooting or training. Often the communication can get confusing when using only the telephone especially if the customer is a novice computer user. Sometimes the communication can be imprecise and lead to misunderstanding. The confusion can be remedied by the use of a webinar as long as a fast internet is used such as DSL or a cable internet connection.

When working with a few people or a limited budget, free solutions can provide the answer. One of the more useful free webinar applications out there is Mikogo. I have been using Mikogo recently to troubleshoot a user’s installation issue and to perform a one-on-one training session. Mikogo is free to use and offers a simple interface to navigate. Simply sign up, install the application and start scheduling virtual meetings.

There is a limit of ten people who may join a Mikogo session so this is fine for small meetings and limited budgets. If the needs are to connect a larger group of people, then the fee-based applications is the way to go. There are a few big players to choose from such as WebEx, Adobe Connect or Go To Meeting. I have seen as many as 500 people join a WebEx session.

Live face to face meetings have additional advantages such as better audience engagement and deeper learning, but webinars have found their place as a supplement to live meetings to help reduce travel expenditures. They have also earned a valuable place as a troubleshooting tool for long distance assistance.

To see what Vence is up to, visit:

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i would like to be able to have mikogo as a service so i could reboot remotely, log off, etc. that being said, i agree with brett, it’s free and i love it as it is. Jeff on February 18, 2010 at 9:08 pm … letter that reminds the participants of the webinar? Trae on February 18, 2010 at 10:13 pm. To answer the question asked, I would like to see the session id imbedded in the URL in some fashion. I only ever do ad-hoc single user sessions and I usually send an email to …

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14 Little Known Webinar Services That You Can Use

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When creating a webinar, especially for revenue purposes, it is important to be able to do it in such a way that will allow the most bang for the buck and for the least effort.  As a result, the more you know about the kinds of webinar services that are available,  where you can get them and how you can use them, the better you can create a solution that will work for you.  In this article, the author discusses some powerful webinar services that you can use that will support you in creating a positive webinar experience.

Webinar services that are offered by providers can be quite varied, with some of the smaller companies only offering the basic services. This may suit some smaller businesses, but in this current economy you need to find a provider that can also provide extra services for any special requirements you may have or you may need in the future as your company/business grows.

Some of these above and beyond webinar services available include…

– Transcription and translation services. 24 hour turnaround for typed record of your audio conference. Translation available for 150 languages.

– Real-time language interpreting service for 150 languages available during your conference call.

– 24 hour live emergency response. Can be used to contact tens, hundreds or thousands of people in a matter of minutes. Available 365 days a year. Leaving you free to concentrate on other urgent matters.

– Unlimited message updates which your staff can dial into to stay fully informed of any goings on.

– Fully itemised billing.

– Audio and web conference call services specifically tailored for the legal profession.

– Reservation less audio or web conferences. Use any time without needing to book ahead.

– Professional operator assistance available anytime throughout your call.

– Local call rate access for many countries.

– Webinar services that can cater for as little as three to over a thousand participants.

– Freephone access across the globe.

– Flat rate access across Europe.

– No frustrating automated answering systems. Expert live operators on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Voice message replay line allowing you to record detailed information for others to access when convenient for them.

These are just some webinar services that are available for individuals or businesses looking for that little extra. If you would like more information then please feel free to visit my web site to find what is best for you.

Graham is a retired Army Veteran formerly specializing in communications. Currently traveling around Australia in a camper van. With lap top and mobile phone handy, he uses free webinars to keep in touch with friends across the globe and worldwide network marketing team for brainstorming sessions and support.

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Webinar Replay – Create Residual Revenue from Your Webinars

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There is now technology that will allow you to create residual revenue with your webinars.  It follows the “do it once and get paid over and over again” strategy, which is really the only quick way to wealth. (Quick being a relative term).  I was looking online and ran across something called Webinar Replay, which takes a recording of your previous webinars and replays them like they are “live”.

You can set up a schedule to replay the webinar for specific days or every day at a specific time.  There are no replay links to send out to your list.  Instead, you send out a ‘live’ webinar link that they can register for, just like the real thing.  Why is this important?  Your conversions are higher when people think it’s a live webinar, even if the information is exactly the same.

This service allows you to upload unlimited webinars and replay them unlimited number of times, for a low monthly fee.  This service is for those that are serious about it and want to use webinars as another source of income.

Who is this service perfect for?

  • Information marketers
  • Network marketers
  • Coaches
  • Membership site owners

Try it out for 7 days for the cost of a Latte.  If you give webinars even bi-monthly, this could be worth it for you.

Webinar Replay

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