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How Webcasts Can Increase Your Marketing Reach and Reduce Your Costs

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This article gives you good insight into how to use the power of the internet through webcasts and webinars, to gain valuable market research, reach your market in different ways, and also give you the ability to expand your market.  It is also a great do it once and repeat it over and over again strategy that will allow you to market your expertise in various ways.

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The globalised internet economy has effectively reduced barriers to markets in all parts of the world. It is now possible to converse with partners, suppliers and customers seven days a week, 24 hours a day with practically no time and distance barriers.

As a result conventional methods are no longer sufficient to reach potential customers. Companies must adapt their marketing methods to include communication tools, such as VOIP, opened up by the Internet.
One very powerfull method of reaching customers and prospects is organising regular Web Events in the form of live online presentations and seminars, also called Webcasts or Webinars.

With the technologies that are now available on the Internet, you are now able to present content in a compelling way by using audio, video, animation and graphics. This cannot be matched in any way by printed materials or a phone call.

The advantages are obvious. In comparison to Trade Shows, locally held Training Workshops and Seminars, a Webcast is set up in a shorter time span, with much less reliance on resources and manpower, resulting in a improved cost effectiveness.

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By repeating the Webcast at various dates and times you also allow your prospects and customers to choose a presentation which can better fit their schedules. It will also allow you to reach more potential customers.

A positive side effect, is the use of audio and video recordings to enable you to reach other prospects once the Webcast has been held. By posting the recording on your website, you can further profit from the Webcast. For example, you can use it as an on-demand product to build an opt-in list, improve your customer service or even to generate an additional profit stream.

Now consider the choice you offer your customers and propects. By just comparing having to travel to an event location and waste precious time in traveling, as opposed to attending a Webcast at your own PC, at a time they can choose, the latter choice wins everytime.

This means you are able to reach a targeted audience and interact with a maximum number of people regardless of time zone, location or other restrictions you would have, by traveling or meeting the person face to face. You are able to do this at a fraction of the cost that a normal event would incur.

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At Conferentia, uses VOIP Conference System to host regular Webcasts to show their prospects just how they can use Conferentia to do the same with their own products and services.

They have found that once the Webcast concept is set up, with a little practice, people easily slip into the role of moderator and presenter. Someone who is used to doing live presentations has no problem with the change to using Conferentia.

You can practically take your PowerPoint presentation, generate HTML-files out of it. Put it online and you can use it in your Conferentia VOIP conference room within minutes. You send an e-mail to customers and prospects and can have them attending your Webcast within the first 24 hours.

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Improve Your Offline Sales Efforts With Webinar Training

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This is an interesting article because it looks at looking at how webinars can be use to get valuable market research.  When doing webinar training, don’t think of the webinar as the end result.  Look at it as the middle.  You can set your webinars up to ask questions, see what kinds of questions the participants have, and take advantage of that new information.  Read on for more about how to use the results of your webinar training to even further increase your business.

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In a previous article I talked about the multiple benefits of using webinars in your online business. Now, I want to discuss a model of how marketing webinars can work in your offline business as well. Used correctly, webinar training allows you to identify interested people and concentrate your marketing efforts and dollars on them.

Think about this: if somebody registers for my webinar, well there is a big indicator right there that that person is interested in what I have to say. If they attend my webinar they are even more interested. If they stay on my webinar for sixty minutes, they are really, really interested. The person who stays until the end of the webinar and fills out my exit survey is even more interested.

Anytime I conduct a webinar, there are a number of people who fall into this category. Clearly they are interested in my product but for some reason decided not to buy. Well, once someone has reached all these criteria, these are the people I want to follow up with and really target in my sales efforts.

These are the folks that I want to call personally. These are the people that are worth spending my marketing dollars on and my time pursuing. Is it worth sending direct mail to my entire list? Of course not! I would be in the poor house. I would be sending postcards and bulky mail and making phone calls to people who are really not that interested. What a gross waste of effort it would be to take such a course of action.

However, if I let the webinar do the selection process for me, I hope you can see the potential benefits. With very little effort on my part I have a list of gold, people who I know beyond a shadow of a doubt already have some interest in what I am selling.

Webinar training is a great way to identify interested people, who are interested in your products and services. You know before spending a dime that they are a much better investment than the general public.

Stephen Beck explains how to use marketing webinars to explode your sales. For a free mini-course & webinar presentation on how webinars can make you 10 times more productive, go to right now.

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