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Webinar Hosting – How to Get Set Up

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When you want to give a webinar, if you want it to turn out well, you will need to have a strategy and foundation in place that will allow you to conver

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English: The Wikipedia logo for the purpose of a webinar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

t and create a greater source of revenue for your business.  This article discusses the services and products that will help you create a residual revenue generating webinar.  This article has most of the pieces, however it is missing out on the important things like having a webinar platform to do the whole webinar, and a webinar replay service to continue to create residual revenue.


Ready to host your own webinar? A webinar can be a great business tool to connect with your market, share ideas, show off your expertise, build your brand, grow your leads and make more sales.

Deciding to host a webinar is a smart move. The easy part is deciding to do the webinar, then comes the challenge of figuring out what to do next and how to get set up.

Before we get into how to set up a webinar, let’s touch on just what is a webinar:

A webinar is a live, interactive seminar or conference that is hosted online. A webinar can be hosting in a number of ways and there are various programs available both paid and free.

Now, let’s discuss some of the tools that you might need to host your own webinar:

– Telephone
– Three Way Calling
– Conference Call Line
– Audio Recording Software
– Audio Editing Software (if needed)
– Camtasia
– Webinar Software

How do you choose what setup is best for you?

When planning your webinar you’ll want to consider the following points:

– What tools are you comfortable with using right now – microphone? telephone? audio recording software?
– What webinar programs are you familiar with and like?
– What budget can you work with for hosting webinars?
– How often would you like to host your webinars?

Once you find the answers to these questions you’ll want to use them to research webinar programs for your online event.

Here’s how I do it when hosting a webinar:

1. I have what I want to say laid out in point form notes in front of me on the desk.
2. I use my laptop to log in to the webinar software so I can see what my students are seeing just in case there are any technical glitches.
3. I have my conference call in number ready as well as my audio acrobat call in number.
4. My Camtasia is set to record the screen.
5. My powerpoint (or open office) presentation is open and ready to go.

During Webinar:

1. Dial into conference line.
2. Dial into audio acrobat and start recording.
3. When I am ready to get started with the Camtastia recording I leave a silence and then say “OK, Let’s Get Started” so I can see where to match up the audio with the video when doing the editing.
4. Download the audio file and combine it with the video in the Camtasia editing software.
5. Notify list that download is ready to go.

The process above would need to be modified depending on which software you are using to host your webinar. Some programs host your event completely online which would eliminate the need for a telephone line, audio acrobat and camtasia recordings.

Want to learn more about hosting your own virtual events? I’d like to invite you to download a free Virtual Event Checklist to help you get the most out of your next webinar, teleseminar or online conference.

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Good luck hosting your next webinar!

Author: Angela Wills, Marketers Mojo

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How to Do a Webinar – Tips For Your First Webinar

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Webinars are a great way to educate your target market, train your customers, generate revenue, presell products and services as well as create information products.  So if you decide to go down this road, it is important to know how to do a webinar so that you can get as much success from it as you can.  This article discusses the basics on how to do your first webinar, the products and services you would need in order to produce a successful webinar.  Read on for more!

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Webinars are excellent tools for marketing and for building your credibility as an expert in your field. They even make great tools if all you are doing is training! But they can be frightening to the new information marketer or learning creator.

But they don’t need to be. There is no reason for being afraid of creating webinars.

Webinars come in many flavors, but they are all easy to create and relatively quick to design and develop. And as you become more capable and comfortable they only become easier!

Here are seven tips on how to do your first webinar:

1. Always know your target audience. Everything — and I do mean everything — will flow from this knowledge. Your target audience will define the problem, and much of the solution. It will define how you market your webinar. It will define what type of webinar you are going to produce. It will define how long your webinar can be or needs to be. You cannot overestimate the value of knowing your target audience.

2. Always know why you are doing your webinar. I know it sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how many people can’t get this straight. There are three major types of webinars. There is the sales webinar. There is the learning content or training webinar. And there is the hybrid. Each of these types is different and imposes its own style and limitations. Mix them up and your webinar will fail to achieve its goals.

3. Spend enough time on planning, designing and preparing your webinar. This cannot be emphasized enough. Many people want to rush through and just sit down to write a seminar. Some gurus try to minimize this in a foolish bid to make webinars seem easy. But the truth is for every hour you spend in planning, designing and preparing your webinar you’ll increase both response and the chances of success.

4. Practice, practice, practice. Then practice some more. This applies on many levels. Practice in general will help you to become comfortable speaking to an audience that isn’t able to give you feedback. Practicing your webinar will help you to identify any weaknesses. It will also help you to ensure your timing is reasonable and that you have the material down pat.

5. One of the biggest mistakes — other than mixing up learning and sales webinars — is to overdo your slides. Slides (such as those produced by Microsoft’s PowerPoint) are meant to be speaking hints and to anchor your audience’s understanding. They are not meant to be notes. Turning them into notes is a quick way to make your audience go to sleep. Remember that you are the star of the webinar — not your slides.

6. Webinars aren’t usually done with webcams turned on. But your audience can see you none-the-less. They see you through your voice, and through your passion. So let your passion come through. In fact, step it up fifty percent. Always stand when you are talking. Smile and walk around. Use your body to communicate — your voice will follow along.

7. If you’re going to walk around though you need to have the right microphone for the job. In fact, you always need the right microphone. There are two types of microphones you can use. The first is the headphone or headset. The second is the unidirectional clip microphone. If you are going to walk around consider a wireless version. Either will work. But a desktop or omnidirectional microphone won’t.

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Glen Ford is an accomplished consultant, trainer and writer. He has far too many years experience as a trainer and facilitator to willingly admit.

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Webinar Hosting – Is it Really that Difficult?

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Webinars are growing in popularity for sure thes days and more and more small business owners and entrepreneurs are using them to either create a new revenue stream, use them as a lead generator, or educate the business’ clients and customers.  There is a perceived hurdle however, in that webinars are highly technical,Generisk CIALIS very expensive, and/or difficult to produce.  However, webinar hosting is not as difficult as one might think

Here are some videos on webinar hosting:

My Webinar Hosting Prospect Thankyou

Prospect Thankyou

Webinar Hosting for Business Kate McGurk from Vision Global Media explains a webinar in a video clip

How to host a webinar (and make money online with it) with James Schramko

Visit for a free training video!! Internet Marketer James Schramko teaches you all you need to know about setting up and hosting a webinar, and how to make money online through webinars.

Here is an Article titled “Hosting a Webinar – Is it Really That Difficult?

You are probably asking what a webinar is and how you could benefit from hosting one. Basically, a webinar which is also known as video conferencing is where you can interact with people through phone or voice chat programs only. This is used by companies to promote their products and services to their customers without having in contact with them face to face.

When you are hosting a webinar, it is vital to think of good strategy on how you are going to do it. Being the host, you have to be always prepared for anything. You need to understand that you must deliver to your participants a clear and concise subject matter and ensure that everyone participates in the discussion. To help you with the things that you need to do with regards to hosting a webinar, here are some guidelines for you to follow.

1. Select a reliable webinar company. If you want to have a good presentation, you need to have a partner which will help you in delivering any information to your participants efficiently. There are a lot of webinar companies that you can choose from and make sure that before you pick one, read what they can offer. In addition, check on the prices but never fail to check on the value.

2. Ask the help of a consultant. There are a lot of webinar companies that provide the assistance of their consultant. They will help you set up your webinar to prevent any unnecessary destruction and make sure that everything will turn our right. They will also explain to you in detail on how the system works and how to operate it. Also, they are present during the entire process of your webinar hosting for them to assist you whenever you will encounter any unexpected problem with the system.

3. Keep a well-detailed content. When holding a conference, keep in mind that your participants must clearly and directly understand your point. So, it is important that you have prepared for this conference very carefully.

4. Ensure that everything is in the right place. To be able to start your webinar hosting well, make sure that everything is put in their proper position. You must add on a welcome slide so that your participants will know that they are in the proper place. It is also good if you provide them some tips which could be helpful for them. You can include how the system works and how are they going to make use of the webinar features. Also, explaining the various parts of webinar could be beneficial for you so as to guide your participants on what they are going to expect.

Truly, it is rewarding if you have made your webinar hosting a success. Hosting a webinar can be worrying, especially if it is your first time to do it. But with these simple tips, at least you have now an idea on how you are going to host a webinar which at the end, very successful.

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