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Using BlogEngage to Promote Your Webinars and Teleseminars

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Webinars are a powerful way to promote the products and services in your business.  What makes them so powerful is the number of attendees that participate in the webinar which leads to more interested prospects to follow up with during and after the webinar.

As a result, marketing is a huge aspect in the success of a webinar in getting new clients or customers.  No matter how good your webinar is, if no one attends, then you are hard pressed to get new clients and customers.

There are many ways to generate traffic to your webinar and participating in blog communities like Blog Engage is one of them.  Blog Engage is like a combination social media and blogging platform that focuses on online business development for entrepreneurs.  Business related webinars would be of interest to the community and the webinar creator would do very well in promoting their business related webinars there.

Blog Engage has many ways for a business owner to promote their webinars.

1) Write articles about the the same topic of your webinar and post them to blog engage.  This is something that you would have to do many weeks in advance of the webinar to begin to present yourself as knowledgeable in your topic.  These articles would get posted and then seen by the other blog readers.

2) Grow a big network by connecting with the other members.  It is easy to add friends in Blog Engage.  As you are building up your social network, you can do regular updates about what is going on in your subject matter category and what is going on in your business.  This gives you the opportunity to make connections and build relationships with potential clients/customers and also as well potential joint venture partners.  When you can create good enough relationships with others to the point where they are promoting your webinar to their networks , you can magnify the reach of your webinar greatly.

3) Interact with other blog postings that are related but not similar to your own in content.  When you make comments on others blog posts, you not only show your expertise, but your also

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Webinar and Teleseminar Resources
Create Residual Revenue From Your Webinars

7 Money Making Models For Marketing Your Products With Webinars

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This article is a good start on webinars and how to use webinars to generate revenue for your business.  This model is a start on how to monetize your experience and knowledge.  These 7 models listed are the overview on what you can do to create additional revenue for your business.  Read on for some ideas.

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1. Show and Tell – Show off your product on the Internet
– Use PowerPoint slides and Camtasia
– Show pictures, videos, ‘how to’ videos and software demos
– Use this as a pre-launch for your product (create hype)
– Give people a sneak peak of your product before they buy it

“Overcoming objections is the key to success on the Internet” – Steven Essa (e.g. you don’t have to come out of the house… I’ll come to you)

2. Interview the Experts
– Send them the questions via email
– You don’t even need to talk
– Send an email to your list announcing this week’s expert
– 14 weeks, 14 experts interviewed, 14 videos created, 14 transcriptions = your very own eBook & Video Bundle!
– Sell this product on your own sales page or website and do another webinar to promote it
– Use to broadcast your webinars

3. Paid Webinar Series
– Add your new recorded webinar series to your membership site offering prospects one interviewed expert per week
– This will create residual income and will keep the visitors to your site (they will return)
– Always survey your audience after your webinars (e.g. what did you think?)

4. Build Joint Ventures with other experts
– Create a 50/50 agreement
– Two people promoting a product means more attendees which means more sales

5. Info-product creation device
– As mentioned above you can create your own products with Webinars
– Transcribe videos
– Create articles to promote your product
– Have MP3’s created
– Videos are a great product
– Create an ‘exclusive report’ to build your opt-in list

6. Use a Webinar to up sell
– People prefer not to have to read things
– LONG sales pages can put a lot of people off – a lot of customers are lost this way
– E.g. “as you have brought this product on improving your golf would you like to attend my Webinar interviewing David Leadbetter next week for FREE”
– Then offer your back end product at the end of your Webinar (this could be a $997 set of DVDS)
– They will be more inclined to buy because they have seen you in the flesh

7. Offer Resale Rights
– Offer resale rights to your webinar series
– Creates a viral effect as the videos are still selling your product but someone else is promoting it
– Give them a clear reseller’s agreement with minimal pricing etc.
– Someone will always be more inclined to buy something if you are offering them a ROI or a business model to go with it (e.g. “If you sell just one of my Webinar series you will make your money back”)

I am going to conclude this blog post by giving you Seven Essa’s Big Webinar Tips…

1. Money is in Information
2. Track your list and provide great information and products (take surveys)
3. Keep it regular – weekly, monthly, daily

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This Article was written by Luke Etheridge. Luke Etheridge is a normal guy from Surrey, UK who set out to achieve big things through various types of Internet Marketing. Throughout this period he has gained alot of useful info spending night and day researching the world of Internet Marketing and attending Internet Millionaire Bootcamps. He now shares his experiences and findings while warning others of what to look out for in his blog, Click Here to view Luke’s Blog

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