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Practical TeleSeminar Secrets – The Top 3 Benefits of Adding TeleSeminar Marketing in Your Business

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A great marketing avenue that has been proven to be more effective than sales letters is teleseminars (and webinars).  This additional marketing means can increase your revenue stream into your business and allow your businesses to become more profitable.  There are other benefits as well  to using teleseminars to market your business.  This article will get into some of these benefits to give you more ideas on marketing your business.


TeleSeminar Marketing is a great way to increase your sales and profits, especially during economic slumps. While that is easy to say, now I’m going to prove it to you by identifying and explaining the top 3 benefits of adding TeleSeminar Marketing to your marketing mix.

Top 3 Benefits of TeleSeminar Marketing

While there are many, many advantages of TeleSeminar Marketing, here are the top 3 in my experience:

TeleSeminar Marketing Benefit #1 – One to Many – The traditional model of marketing and sales is the one to one model. One person sits down with or gets on the phone with one other person to try to market to them and make a sale.

It’s truly amazing to me how so many people still follow the one to one model, even online. The one to many model is simple more efficient and reaches for people in the same amount of time.

When you hold a teleseminar, you are the one and your audience is the many. Would you rather reach one person at a time and make one sale or reach many people at one time and make many sales?

TeleSeminar Marketing Benefit #2 – The Spoken Word – Have you ever had writer’s block? You know, that fun frustrated feeling you get when staring at a blank computer screen, all the while knowing that you have to and want to write something, yet you don’t seem to be able to write a word.

We’ve all been there.

Yet have you ever had speaker’s block? Unlikely, isn’t it? So why not write with your mouth instead of your hands? Speak your content live, then have it transcribed and repurposed.

This one distinction can help you shift from a blocked perfectionist into a prolific content creator.

TeleSeminar Marketing Benefit #3 – Marketing Intimacy – This is one of my favorite benefits. Think about it with me for just a moment. When someone visits your web page studies show that they are often there for less than a minute, if that long. When someone is listening to the sound of your voice on a teleseminar, you have their attention for 30, 45, 60 minutes or more.

This is true marketing intimacy, and out distances any other form of online marketing for true marketing intimacy.

Bonus Tip: Ask teleseminar attendees to respond to a question on your Facebook Fan Page, and you have now entered into a dialogue, which further increases your marketing intimacy.

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Make Money on Your Teleseminar – Important Factors to Know

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Teleseminars can be used for a variety of different things, for lead generation, as revenue generation, to educate your clients or customers, amongst most things.  Teleseminars can be great revenue generators as well.  For most online entrepreneurs who use teleseminars to generate revenue, knowing these factors can make the difference between making it and not in their business.  In this article, the author goes over some key things to know and understand and incorporate into your teleseminar strategy if you want to make the most effort out of your online strategy.  Read on for more!

Having a great and profitable teleseminar is the point of hosting one in the first place. Using these strategies will make sure yours is as good as it can be! These are in no particular order, but should be arranged in a logical order to you.

Product selection is pivotal!

Choosing the product you are going to sell on your teleseminar is your first major step. After that it will probably fall in line. Considering you have many spin off products from the ebook, let us just say that your product will be an ebook for this example.

Hosting is a biggie too!

Once you have chosen your product you can move onto the more technical aspects of your teleseminar. Hosting is one major consideration in the process. There are several paid hosting sites, but I would go with a free service like Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and with the paid services you get a really good set of options and things you can change, but we are going to assume you have a small budget. Once you have chosen your hosting service, now you can focus on your auto-responder.

Do not forget your auto-responder!

Using an auto-responder to help manage and market your service is absolutely vital to your success as a teleseminar marketer. Not only will the auto-responder continually build your list of attendees automatically, but it will allow to you communicate tempting offers and incentives prior to it, which continually established communication and builds anticipation for your teleseminar. You can build your list through a web page that will give all the details and convince people to attend, and they register through the embedded form on your page.

Additionally, the auto-responder is the way that they will receive the information that will allow them to log onto the teleseminar and you may want to include a reminder at the bottom of each contact you send them with that information.

A little more about your squeeze and sales pages

You want to make sure that your squeeze page and your sales pages add value to your product. Now, I know that you will basically be using your teleseminar as your sales pages, but do not miss out on ancillary sales that direct traffic may bring you by not having a valid sales page up. Also, you will be driving the people who attend the teleseminar to purchase from your sales page, so you have to have it up anyway for that.

Your sales page needs to briefly cover similar information that will be presented in your teleseminar, the biggest difference should be the bonuses that attendees will get from you. You should always make attending your teleseminar more alluring than just reading the sales page so that people are enticed to buy while attending.

The final detail may be the most important detail

The day of the week that you plan your teleseminar may be as important as any other detail. If you plan your teleseminar for 4 AM Eastern time, you can bet you will have very few attendees, so logically the time of day should be early evening, when most people are not at work. Even after 8 PM works for many people. Planning your teleseminar for the middle part of the week seems to be the most successful timing window. Plan your event for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening and you will have more people attend.

The basic techniques and strategies are the same ones that the most successful Internet marketers use to sell and market their own products, but also any products they are affiliates for.

Gavin J. King is the creator of a free teleseminar ebook and creates e-books designed to assist internet marketers increase their success. With a broad range of experience and knowledge to draw from his products and articles are helpful and enjoyable. Gavin J. King likes writing articles about do a teleseminar and other web-based, worthwhile pursuits.

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Can You Avoid These 10 Common Problems That Occur During Teleseminars?

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When you are giving a teleseminar, a lot of things can go wrong.  It doesn’t mean that you are doing a bad job, many things that go wrong are out of your control, so you just take them as they come.  If you know about these things before hand, you can do something about it when it occurs.  In this article, the author discusses some of the things that can go wrong in a Teleseminar.  Read on for these issues, so you can have some contingency plans to limit any possible losses.

So you’ve decided to host a teleseminar. That’s great!

Before you host your event it’s a good idea to take a deeper look into what can go wrong and how to handle it. There are many issues you can have at a teleseminar that range from technical details to problem attendees to self-imposed problems.

Here are 10 common problems that occur during teleseminars and how to quickly handle them.

1. Your conference call in line isn’t working – Let’s just tackle one of the most difficult issues first. From time to time the conference call lines have down time, glitches or some unknown issue. The first thing to do is find out as much information as you can to see if only one person or multiple people are having a problem. Then work quickly to resolve it. You may need to quickly switch lines, call customer service or host the call at another time.

2. Background noise – A very common problem on teleseminars is that guests call in with background noise. This is very distracting to the speaker and listeners. A good solution to this is to use the conference call lines mute button to mute out the entire line while speaking and then open it up again when you have discussion or questions.

3. Latecomers – Depending on how casual or formal your call is latercomers may or may not disrupt your call. The best thing to do here is again to mute out the line so late guests can’t interrupt and ask to be caught up.

4. Distractions – If you work from home distractions are everywhere. The baby might wake up, the phone might ring, there might be a knock at the door. Make sure to prepare for all possible distractions.

5. Conference recording doesn’t work – I’ve been hosting my own events sometimes when the conference recording doesn’t work. The best way to fix this and avoid having to re-record your entire event is to have a back up recording. If you use a free conference call line to create your teleseminar you will possibly have a free recording available with the service. I would use that as well as a backup program like Audio Acrobat.

6. Speaker doesn’t show – Make sure you confirm with your speakers at least one week before (if you scheduled well in advance) as well as a few hours before the call. Don’t let it slip their mind!

7. Guests don’t show – What if you schedule a teleseminar and you get sign ups but no one actually shows up. If you have promised to get a recording out to your guests do the call anyway as if people were there. No matter what you’ll now have a valuable recording to get out to your target market.

8. Tired voice – If you will be talking for a while you may start to notice your voice getting tired and your through getting dry. Avoid this by having a glass of water on your desk to sip in between talking.

9. Guest interruptions – You may have guests who are overly excited about your topic or genuinely disagree with you and fee they must voice their opinion. If it is time for conversations or questions then by all means allow it but if you are on a schedule and need to move on just reply quickly and tell them you must move on out of respect for all the guests so you can get all the information covered.

10. Forgetting what you’re talking about – Everyone gets nervous from time to time but what you don’t want to do is go completely off track. The best way to have a completely natural flow to your teleseminar is to be prepared. Know what you want to talk about and create point form notes to cover as you go.

There you have 10 common problems with teleseminars. Don’t let these issues scare you away! Now you’ll be even more prepared and ready to tackle any issue that comes up before anyone even notices it’s happened.

Now I’d like to invite you to come learn the ins and outs of setting up your own teleseminar. If you love to connect with people and talk with your potential customers then hosting teleseminars will be a perfect match for you.

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Teleseminar Marketing – What’s the Ideal Time and Date to Host a Paid Teleseminar Training?

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Teleseminars are a great way to market your business, get more exposure to your product or service.  IF you are giving a paid for teleseminar, then you will want to pick a day and time that will give you the largest number of participants.  This short article discusses the best day and time for different types of teleseminars.  Give it a try and see what really begins to work for you and then go for it.

It’s been proven by thousands of marketers that the best time for a paid teleseminar is during the day on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, such as 10:00 am Pacific or at night on a Monday around 5:00 or 6:00 pm.

Why do a training that’s paid on a Monday?

Most marketers don’t promote on that day and your students have already paid for the call, so they’re going to make that call if they paid for it.

That uses up your Monday, which is a great day to give up for a teleseminar. Another great reason is because it gives the most amount of time between Monday and Friday. Friday is the best day to have the FAQ calls if it’s a teleseminar series.

If you do your teleseminar on Monday night, then by Wednesday you can have the replay available where people can listen to it. Then on Friday do the Q&A because they’ve had time to listen to the audio. We suggest Fridays at 10:00 am, because it gives people more time to sleep in.

Generally for teleseminars you can teach during the day, but save promotional calls for evening. Tuesday and Wednesday is good for paid teleseminars, because if you have a Thursday free promotional call you’ll have a very busy Thursday.

Q&A calls on Friday

Offering a separate Q&A call on Fridays is ideal because people can listen to the teaching call once or twice and gather their questions. You can even have them submit questions ahead of time and you can cover the most common questions that are coming up. Be sure to save time for spontaneous questions from your callers too.

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Why Teleseminars Are an Excellent Way to Market Your Business

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Teleseminars (and webinars for that matter), are a great way to market your business, and educate your target market on your product or service.  They allow another level of interaction that isn’t available to you through your web site.  In the article below, the author discusses his experience with how a teleseminar helped him determine if he wanted to purchase a product, as well as lists several other reasons why teleseminars are a way to go for businesses.  This is a good beginner article on why a business owner would want to market with teleseminars.  Read on for the rest of the article.

If you’re considering using free teleseminars to promote your business, product or service you might be wondering why and how they work.

Fair question.

Before we get into it let me tell you a little story. A few years ago I was looking for a coach for my business. I looked around and saw lots of websites with information on what the coaches who interested me had to offer. I even knew of some coaches that I had either worked with before or bought product from but I was carefully looking for the perfect coach who I thought would be a great match from me.

So I happened upon the website of a coach I thought would be a great fit. I signed up for her email list and immediately received an audio download that gave me a good idea of her skills, personality and ability to understand what I needed. But still I wasn’t quite sold yet. I stayed on her list for a while longer and signed up for a free teleseminar she was offering.

As I got on the call I found out she was a real person with the knowledge, skills and abilities to help me achieve what I was looking for. That teleseminar completely sold me on her services. I believe that just making herself available to ‘prove’ she was a real person made a huge difference. I didn’t have to buy from her before I got a chance to see what she was about and how she worked. It was all made available to me through that free call.

That’s why teleseminars are an excellent way to market your business.

Teleseminars let you get to know the person behind the words. Great copywriting is important but there are many types of services and sales that need that extra personal touch that you can only get through the medium of audio or video.

When you host your own teleseminars people get a chance to get more personal with you. While your call may be scripted a teleseminar usually gives your customers or potential customers to interact with you and allow for ‘unscripted’ and authentic conversation to happen.

This is where the internet and real human connection intersect.

So why do teleseminars work? Here’s my list:

* They connect you with highly interested prospects (they picked up the phone to be there and took the time!).
* They allow potential customers to ask you questions in real time thus moving them,more quickly along the sales process.
* They create trust.
* They indicate your dedication because of the extra effort they require to set up and pull off.

Now you might be wondering how you go about setting one up. Don’t make this so big in your head that you think you can’t do it OK?!

Setting up your own free teleseminar is a LOT easier than you think and you can actually do it for low cost or for free.

Now I’d like to invite you to come learn the ins and outs of setting up your own teleseminar. If you love to connect with people and talk with your potential customers then hosting teleseminars will be a perfect match for you.

All you need to do is enter your name and email in the following form to get signed up for your free weekly email tips:

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