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Webinars – What, When and How Long?

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With today’s multitasking work styles and short attention spans, it’s essential to plan meetings and presentations so you grab and hold your audience’s attention. You need to allow enough time for each section, as well as for the entire event. This is especially important to avoid those “drop outs” who become bored quickly. It’s your job to make your event interesting and interactive, with enough breaks to keep the energy high. Before we give you some proven ClickMeeting tips and tricks, let’s check out… What the Experts Say.

We asked Marta Eichstaedt, webinar expert, business coach/consultant, and certified online trainer, how she determined the proper length. This is what she advised us: “The length of a webinar depends on the goal we want to achieve. There are, however, some rules and techniques that apply. In general, when used as marketing tools, webinars should last between 30 and 60 minutes. This length should take into account time for interaction with your audience. Training events can last longer. For example, I organize online workshops for trainers who want to run their own online training series. These workshops take 90 minutes and the whole course includes 7 meetings. The attendee group is really small (maximum 6 people) and there is a lot of interaction and activities performed by the attendees themselves. However, even with highly interactive workshops, I wouldn’t recommend exceeding two hours per session.

Another example is an extended conference like the Social Media Success Summit which comprises 4 weeks of training in weekly or biweekly webinars, each lasting about 45 minutes. They hold three webinars a day, with 20-minute breaks. The whole event is about 20 different webinars altogether and this format turns out to work best for this topic and audience.” After hearing from the experts and, based on our own experience, we can conclude that webinars typically last around 60 minutes – about the length of an installment of your favorite TV series. This also makes it easy to fit in most of your attendees’ calendars. What should a webinar include The crucial thing is to plan your content so that it’s interesting and allows enough time to cover the essential topics and activities. And practice!

Here are some tips to consider: Polling. This tool provides both feedback and interaction. And the best thing is you can continue speaking while your attendees answer the questions, then quickly sum up and present the results with an animated chart. Alternate tabs. Use tabs to quickly switch between content (just make sure to upload the documents etc. before the webinar). This will keep your audience entertained without wasting your time (and there’s nothing worse than making your attendees wait until your PowerPoint uploads). Pace yourself. Don’t rush, making it difficult for the attendees to follow you. Try to find that perfect balance whereby you cover all the material, capture feedback, and make some decisions. Now this may take some practice. But it’ll be worth it. Hold a Q&A session at the end. Wrap up at least 15 minutes early to let people ask questions. Don’t forget to put this in the meeting agenda as this is a popular item with attendees. Then they’ll be sure to stick around till the end.

When to schedule a webinar?

There are as many date/time preferences as there are people, so it’s best to use your own judgment and follow a few common-sense rules. And always think about your audience first. Think of when you like to attend webinars – Monday is usually when people are busiest after the weekend and a lot of unexpected projects pop up. The same can be said about Fridays, plus you have the “TGIF” factor. So sometime around the middle of the week is probably best but, as I said, this is not a strict rule. As for time of day, one factor to keep in mind is that if your audience is international, you obviously need to pick a time when the greatest number will be able to attend, regardless of time zone. Of course this, again, depends on your audience so the best thing to do is place yourself in their shoes. If you run a series of webinars, you can always poll your attendees or prepare an online survey and ask your audience what days and times they prefer. This is likely to be true for other people who might join your webinar, too.

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Webinar Software – An Introduction

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In this article on webinar software, the author discusses what kind of features you should look for when you are deciding upon a webinar solution.  This article is good in giving you a basic overview of what web conferencing software can do for you.

Webinar is the short form for Web Seminar. Businesses are becoming more dynamic with the kind of latest technologies and software applications helping them to spread their wings across the globe. Webinars and web conferencing are today’s most effective multimedia business tools for global businesses for conducting business presentations, demonstrations or offering training to a worldwide audience.

Webinar software plays a vital role in the success of business meetings with the power of global reach. These systems work efficiently with unmodified the web browsers and servers as they are easily accessible to the millions of web and the intranet users. Created as a groupware in the initial stages the forum software focused mainly on group discussion, scheduling and for sharing documents.

Till recently online meetings and collaborations used to be expensive due to the expensive webinar tools and the bandwidth limitations and its complexities. Now the webinar software system has become versatile being able to integrate all the communication technologies and software that combine audio, video, text and other forms of live interaction.

What to look for in webinar software

1. The software must be able to support operating systems like Windows or Unix. Macintosh servers offer limited choices. The software should be compatible with other environments.

2. Browser support is also an essential aspect of webinar software as they rely on Java script and HTML frames and sometimes some more special browser add-ons enabling all the users to access the web conferencing system.

3. Integration of applications is essential for web conferencing and the webinar software should be able to integrate seamlessly with the related applications for communication.

4. The administration capability is also of much importance when designated users are to be given limited administrative capabilities.

5. The system should allow the host of the webinar to have control over who can access the webinar and the level of access that each participant is allowed.

6. The important factor in selecting the webinar software that suits the requirements of the business. They are available for free to thousands of dollars. You can decide according to your specific needs as freeware product is sometimes more powerful than the paid product and the one that costs the most may not fulfill the specific needs of the host.

7. The webinar software products should be customizable and flexible. This is for enhancing the functionality of the system.

The webinar software field is vast and the wide range of products has their own strengths and weaknesses. A careful analysis of the business needs and the features of the webinar software are necessary for making the right choice.

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The Best Webinar Software – What Are the Key Ingredients?

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Webinars are a great way to promote a business or market your services.  Link any system or strategy, the success depends upon the tools that you use as well.  Using the right webinar software will allow you to receive the most out of your efforts.  When you are looking for the right webinar software, you will need to understand what some of the features will give you.  In the article below, it discusses the kind of things that the entrepreneur will need to know in order to determine the best webinar software to use, such as the type of hardware, and the kind of features they will need to make their presentation.  Read on for more.

Webinar Replay Service

Webinar software comes in all shapes and sizes. And as with everything selecting the right webinar software that can handle all your requirements can be overwhelming. Whether you need to conduct an online business meeting, marketing presentation or new product roll out it is important that you consider your organizations needs.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best “Webinar Software” for you

  1. Account: A good service should allow you to host an unlimited number of online meetings with anyone. Your meeting attendees should not have to be registered and users should be able to attend your meetings for free…providing you are not requiring a payment.
  2. Set Up on Your Computer: A reputable webinar service provider should include easy set up with minimal configuration. With just a few click users should be able to download to your PC or Mac® and enable you to host and join online meetings with a few clicks. Additionally, your webinar software should have the option of scheduling meetings through the Web site, via Microsoft® Outlook®* and through instant-messaging applications*.
  3. Organizing a Marketing Presentation or Online Businesses Meeting: The webinar software should be intuitive and enable novices to begin organizing on-the-fly or scheduled meetings with absolutely no training. You should be able to start a meeting immediately or schedule it for later.

Security.Here is what I would recommend as some of the things to consider with reference to your webinar software.

It should comply with Industry-standard SSL and U.S. government- standard 128-bit AES encryption protect your online meetings from eavesdroppers. The webinar software should include a top notch User Authentication process where strong passwords and unique meeting IDs protect your account and your meetings from unauthorized visitors.

A nice feature would be One-Time Meeting Passwords -Single-use meeting passwords are available to protect your most sensitive online meetings. Secure Control over Desktop Sharing the presenter should always has complete control when sharing keyboard and mouse with attendees, creating a secure environment for collaboration.

To Your success

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