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Why Do People Like Teleseminars?

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Teleseminars can be a great marketing tool for a business to get new clients as well as a great way to educate the clients you currently have.  Teleseminars are very cost effective and can be used to create information products as well.  They have many purposes within a marketing strategy, and are appreciated by clients and customers as well.  Read on for more about why your clients and customers may like teleseminars.

It’s easy to determine why information marketers and learning content producers like teleseminars. After all, they are a great selling tool. They help establish you as an expert in your field. They can help you to build traffic. And you can sell the packaged teleseminar as a mid-priced product afterwards. You can even use them as the base for a high-priced coaching product. It’s easy to see why the creators and marketers like teleseminars.

But why does the audience like teleseminars just as much?

Why do need to know? Well, if you know why your audience likes them then you can cater to that reason. By identifying and then focusing on your audience’s likes you can create products that people love to become fans of.

In this article I’m going to give you seven possible reasons your audience might like teleseminars. In order to understand their reasons, you need to ask them. These example reasons will help you to formulate a survey to identify your own audience’s reasons.

1. Teleseminars are personal.

Video gives you a chance to see the person who is doing the teaching. It is the most personal. But audio (such as a teleseminar) is a close second. You can hear the individual’s passion. You can hear when they are angry or excited or feel deeply about a subject. And that insight into their emotions allows the audience to connect with them on a personal basis.

2. Teleseminars are an easy source of education.

Teleseminars are easy to use. Download them; put them on your desired media player and you’re on your way. And they provide the information in an easy to use format as well. All you are doing is listening to a conversation. You don’t have to read. You don’t have to concentrate.

3. Teleseminars are inexpensive.

While this won’t help you sell product, one of the reasons that people like teleseminars is that many teleseminars are free. Typically these are selling teleseminars however, they provide enough information to justify the time spent.

4. When done well, they are effective as an education media.

There is an old saying in training circles that a person retains 10% of what they see, 40% of what they hear, 70% of what they hear and see and 90% of what they do. While teleseminars don’t have the highest retention rate they do have a high retention rate.

5. Teleseminars are flexible. They can be listened to while doing other things.

One of the problems with books and DVDs is that they need to have dedicated time. An audio product however, can be listened to while doing other things. They do not require you to lug along a screen or a book.

6. Teleseminars are a reasonable length of time.

We’re all busy. Time is at a premium in today’s breakneck world. A one to one and a half hour teleseminar is long enough to teach details but short enough to not intrude into the audience’s day.

7. Teleseminars educate quickly.

Teleseminars tend to get into the meat of the education quickly. A well written teleseminar will provide a lot of information in a very short period of time.

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Teleseminar Ebooks – a good place to get started in your teleseminar education

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If you are a newbie in the world teleseminars, or even webinars, you will want to get some education on what they are and what you need to have a chance of having your first teleseminar be successful.  One way to do this is to get some of the various ebooks that are out there that give you the basics for teleseminar and webinar strategies.

There aren’t very many ebooks out there that really focus on Teleseminars and Webinars.  I have found a couple and if anyone knows of any others, please post them here as well.

The first one that I have known about for a while now is Teleseminar Basics.  It is an ebook written by Dr. Jeanette Cates and is written for the total newbie.  If you have done teleseminars and are looking for some advanced strategies then this ebook is probably not for you… as the title states.  However, for the newbie, this is a good place to start.

You can check out the Teleseminar ebook here.

Another ebook I’ve found is called Teleseminar Profits by Gavin King that is currently free.  I haven’t had much experience with this ebook as I just got it today, but some of the topics it covers includes the following:

  • Do’s and /dont’s of teleseminars
  • Simple ways to generate an audience
  • Generating money through teleseminars
  • Recording the teleseminar
  • Selling other people’s products

A few other topics as well.  Like I said, it is currently free so check it out if you want to.

There is another ebook that I have the resell rights to called Teleseminars and Webinars.  This ebook discusses the following:

  • Different teleseminar and webinar tools
  • How to get people to join your event
  • How to prepare for the event
  • Profiting from the different methods.
  • some other related topics.

What I’ll do here is go through some of the information on this ebook and discuss it at length on this blog.

These are some of the different teleseminar ebooks that are out there.  I hope this helps

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What You Can Do With Instant Teleseminar – Nonprofit Outreach Opportunities

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There are many different teleseminar services out there.  The services that you use will make a difference in the results you will receive from your teleseminar.  One service that is used by many small businesses and organizations is Instant Teleseminar.  This teleseminar service allows users to create an experience that will be a pleasant experience by the attendees.  Read on for more in this article to see one persons experience of Instant Teleseminar.

Instant Teleseminar Service

Teleseminars and webinars open the doors to expanding your network, providing education and training to clients and prospects, creating information products that you can distribute, meet and interact with people around the globe, and at the same time save money. This article will use Instant Teleseminar as an example of one of the systems that is available for starting your own teleseminars.

A teleseminar use the telephone and the internet. You and one or more co-hosts can present your topic using the phone and your attendees listen by phone. It is similar to a conference call but there are more facilities and control on the interaction.

A webinar has a visual component – and you may be using a powerpoint or other documents that the audience can view and you can control.

There are several different ways you can use a teleseminar. You may be educating your audience on a topic, introducing them to one of your products or services, or you may find it works for you as a way of meeting with colleagues and work groups that may be scattered geographically. You can consider using it for board meetings for your organization if the board members have to come from a distance. A teleseminar is also an excellent way to interview and present experts and resources as a benefit to your target groups.

I have been trying out Instant Teleseminar and have found that it has so many features that are useful. It is easy to learn to setup an event. You can even have the event recorded and have it available as a replay – or use it as a method for taking notes or creating information products. People are able to dial in by the phone – or they can use their browser and click on the audio button on the web page and listen online. This is really useful to broaden the reach to international audiences without the cost of a phone call.

There are so many benefits of offering teleseminars and webinars. You don’t have to setup a location, organize registration, chairs, lunch, tea and coffee. There is no travel time and no expense of gas, no lost time sitting in the car getting to the event. You can do the presentation or seminar from anywhere that you have a phone and an internet connection. There are no geographical restrictions so if you happen to live in a rural area or if someone in China is interested in your product or service there is no limit to access.

With Instant Teleseminar there is a great one dollar trial period where you can try everything out. Contact me for more details and I can suggest how to get started with one of my free teleseminars.

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