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Benefits Of Recording Webinar Listings

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A webinar is a very helpful tool that allows people to share their information in a unique way. The ability to interact with the audience while hosting a webinar is one of the primary attractions for people producing a webinar. However, sometimes people let this fact overshadow their common sense. Even though the interactivity of the webinar is one of its primary benefits, it does not mean that it cannot be beneficial to those who experience it later via a recording. Here are some of the major benefits of recording webinar listings.

Training Many People at Once

One of the primary reasons to record a webinar is that it can be very helpful for training people. When a particularly effective webinar has been created, it often can be lost forever because so many people fail to record their webinars. However, those who always record their webinars will never have to face this frustrating scenario. Whenever they create a particularly informative webinar, they will have a recording that they can use anytime in the future. They can use this webinar recording to train others months or even years down the road. This is reason enough for everyone to take advantage of the ability to record their webinars.

Understanding Difficult Concepts

This may be the most important reason to record webinars for many webinar producers. When someone is creating a webinar about a difficult topic that involves several concepts that are hard to grasp, it can be very difficult for the audience to soak up all the information in one setting. If these intellectually challenging webinars are not recorded, then the audience will have no way to further their understanding down the road.

However, if the challenging webinar is recorded, the audience can watch it as many times as they like until they start to grasp the concepts. This makes it much easier for the audience to grasp the gist of an intellectually challenging webinar. Anyone who is creating a webinar about a difficult topic needs to be sure to record it to ensure that it can be digested repeatedly for comprehension.

Courtesy for Late Arrivals

Most webinars do not have audiences who are particular punctual. In fact, many times half the audience will show up late for a webinar. For those who attend webinars that are not recorded, they will forever miss the content that they show up too late to see. However, if they are attending a webinar that is being recorded, they can go back at their leisure to watch any material that they miss by showing up late.

Marketing Tool

Recorded webinars make for a very effective marketing tool. One of the best ways to use recorded webinars is as a promotional device on social media. Webinar creators can tweet or share on Facebook past webinars to create interest in new webinars. When people get to see how effective a past webinar was, they will be much more likely to show up for upcoming webinars. Smart webinar creators will always drum up interest in their new webinars by promoting the effectiveness of their past webinars. They need to be sure to share these webinars frequently in the lead up to their events. In this manner, they will capture a larger audience and ensure the success of their webinars.

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7 Money Making Models For Marketing Your Products With Webinars

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This article is a good start on webinars and how to use webinars to generate revenue for your business.  This model is a start on how to monetize your experience and knowledge.  These 7 models listed are the overview on what you can do to create additional revenue for your business.  Read on for some ideas.

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1. Show and Tell – Show off your product on the Internet
– Use PowerPoint slides and Camtasia
– Show pictures, videos, ‘how to’ videos and software demos
– Use this as a pre-launch for your product (create hype)
– Give people a sneak peak of your product before they buy it

“Overcoming objections is the key to success on the Internet” – Steven Essa (e.g. you don’t have to come out of the house… I’ll come to you)

2. Interview the Experts
– Send them the questions via email
– You don’t even need to talk
– Send an email to your list announcing this week’s expert
– 14 weeks, 14 experts interviewed, 14 videos created, 14 transcriptions = your very own eBook & Video Bundle!
– Sell this product on your own sales page or website and do another webinar to promote it
– Use to broadcast your webinars

3. Paid Webinar Series
– Add your new recorded webinar series to your membership site offering prospects one interviewed expert per week
– This will create residual income and will keep the visitors to your site (they will return)
– Always survey your audience after your webinars (e.g. what did you think?)

4. Build Joint Ventures with other experts
– Create a 50/50 agreement
– Two people promoting a product means more attendees which means more sales

5. Info-product creation device
– As mentioned above you can create your own products with Webinars
– Transcribe videos
– Create articles to promote your product
– Have MP3’s created
– Videos are a great product
– Create an ‘exclusive report’ to build your opt-in list

6. Use a Webinar to up sell
– People prefer not to have to read things
– LONG sales pages can put a lot of people off – a lot of customers are lost this way
– E.g. “as you have brought this product on improving your golf would you like to attend my Webinar interviewing David Leadbetter next week for FREE”
– Then offer your back end product at the end of your Webinar (this could be a $997 set of DVDS)
– They will be more inclined to buy because they have seen you in the flesh

7. Offer Resale Rights
– Offer resale rights to your webinar series
– Creates a viral effect as the videos are still selling your product but someone else is promoting it
– Give them a clear reseller’s agreement with minimal pricing etc.
– Someone will always be more inclined to buy something if you are offering them a ROI or a business model to go with it (e.g. “If you sell just one of my Webinar series you will make your money back”)

I am going to conclude this blog post by giving you Seven Essa’s Big Webinar Tips…

1. Money is in Information
2. Track your list and provide great information and products (take surveys)
3. Keep it regular – weekly, monthly, daily

If you would like to learn more about Steven Esa and how he could dramatically help your Online Business please Click Here!

This Article was written by Luke Etheridge. Luke Etheridge is a normal guy from Surrey, UK who set out to achieve big things through various types of Internet Marketing. Throughout this period he has gained alot of useful info spending night and day researching the world of Internet Marketing and attending Internet Millionaire Bootcamps. He now shares his experiences and findings while warning others of what to look out for in his blog, Click Here to view Luke’s Blog

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Why Teleseminars Are an Excellent Way to Market Your Business

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Teleseminars (and webinars for that matter), are a great way to market your business, and educate your target market on your product or service.  They allow another level of interaction that isn’t available to you through your web site.  In the article below, the author discusses his experience with how a teleseminar helped him determine if he wanted to purchase a product, as well as lists several other reasons why teleseminars are a way to go for businesses.  This is a good beginner article on why a business owner would want to market with teleseminars.  Read on for the rest of the article.

If you’re considering using free teleseminars to promote your business, product or service you might be wondering why and how they work.

Fair question.

Before we get into it let me tell you a little story. A few years ago I was looking for a coach for my business. I looked around and saw lots of websites with information on what the coaches who interested me had to offer. I even knew of some coaches that I had either worked with before or bought product from but I was carefully looking for the perfect coach who I thought would be a great match from me.

So I happened upon the website of a coach I thought would be a great fit. I signed up for her email list and immediately received an audio download that gave me a good idea of her skills, personality and ability to understand what I needed. But still I wasn’t quite sold yet. I stayed on her list for a while longer and signed up for a free teleseminar she was offering.

As I got on the call I found out she was a real person with the knowledge, skills and abilities to help me achieve what I was looking for. That teleseminar completely sold me on her services. I believe that just making herself available to ‘prove’ she was a real person made a huge difference. I didn’t have to buy from her before I got a chance to see what she was about and how she worked. It was all made available to me through that free call.

That’s why teleseminars are an excellent way to market your business.

Teleseminars let you get to know the person behind the words. Great copywriting is important but there are many types of services and sales that need that extra personal touch that you can only get through the medium of audio or video.

When you host your own teleseminars people get a chance to get more personal with you. While your call may be scripted a teleseminar usually gives your customers or potential customers to interact with you and allow for ‘unscripted’ and authentic conversation to happen.

This is where the internet and real human connection intersect.

So why do teleseminars work? Here’s my list:

* They connect you with highly interested prospects (they picked up the phone to be there and took the time!).
* They allow potential customers to ask you questions in real time thus moving them,more quickly along the sales process.
* They create trust.
* They indicate your dedication because of the extra effort they require to set up and pull off.

Now you might be wondering how you go about setting one up. Don’t make this so big in your head that you think you can’t do it OK?!

Setting up your own free teleseminar is a LOT easier than you think and you can actually do it for low cost or for free.

Now I’d like to invite you to come learn the ins and outs of setting up your own teleseminar. If you love to connect with people and talk with your potential customers then hosting teleseminars will be a perfect match for you.

All you need to do is enter your name and email in the following form to get signed up for your free weekly email tips:

More on Teleseminar Marketing:

Teleseminar Marketing With Conference Calls

Fact is, right now I’m listening to a teleseminar. Marketing related people simply understand the power of this technique. That’s why conference calls especially over the Web today can be a critical part of your success on the Web.

Publish Date: 04/11/2010

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The Difference Between Webinars and Webcasts

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This article discusses the difference between a webinar and a webcast for those that may not know the difference.  Each one does have it’s pluses and minuses, and what I like about this article is that the author does discuss this topic so the reader can get a better idea of what their next step should be in using this kind of technology for marketing their business.  While the author does seem to promote webcasts over webinars as far as marketing goes, I think that there is a place for webinars in terms of marketing your business.  Read on for more on this topic.

Use Webinar Replay for earning continuous revenue from your webinars

The main difference between webinars and webcasts is that webinars are usually intended for a specific audience and number of people while a webcast is visible to everyone who chooses to watch it. Webcasts are often used in business to try and attract new clients and get them to buy your business or service.

Although webinars can also be used to promote a business to outsiders this is not their primary function. Webinars are mainly used by companies who need to bring training and development to their workforce and also for business meetings that includes people from many different places. While some businesses may make use of a webcast to advertise their services when it comes to business meetings and staff seminars, webinars can be used to inform only those people who are part of the company.

Webcasts are often used in viral marketing because it gives the business person access to a much bigger audience of prospective customers. Webcasts are more useful for promoting a business to a wider audience that is not necessarily business minded. Webinars on the other hand are generally available only to invited participants who may all use the same password to access the seminar as this makes the webinar more secure.

Webcasts are meant to be shared online and can be accessed by the general public. You might recommend someone to watch a webcast to learn something about your business but a webinar is not meant for the general public as the person running the webinar may be lecturing on sensitive information that is not meant to be accessed by anyone who is not a company member.

You can set up a webcast yourself with just a few clicks of the mouse whereas a webinar is often hosted by a vendor and companies pay either a monthly fee or a fee for individual lectures and participants. You can access a webcast when you are surfing, just a few clicks and you can see whatever the seller is trying to get across to the public. Most webinars are pre-booked with an invited audience only, if you have not been invited to attend a webinar then you will not be able to see the lectures or attend the business meetings. Most of the content of webinars is meant only for the members of a company, who may be privy to sensitive company information that, in the wrong hands, could harm a company.

If you are a small business or a sole trader then webcasts give your business greater visibility. Most people access a webcast because they have already landed on a site that makes use of this technology – they are on your site and one more click for the webcast doesn’t make much difference. Although webinars and webcasts use similar technology they are meant for entirely different audiences and purposes.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable webinar provider we recommend Go To Webinar. For a detailed review as well as more information on the cost of webinars, visit

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