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The Best Bridge Line Teleseminar Companies For All Your Hosting Needs

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When producing a teleseminar, not only are there many teleseminar companies to choose from, but there are also auxiliary companies as well that you may want to use for your service, such as transcribing, or web site designing.  So first starting with the bridge line providers will give you a clue as to whether you will need any of the other kinds of service providers.  In this article, the author discusses some of the different services that are out there.  I feel the ones that are listed are ok.  I’m not sure if they are the best, but they will more than likely serve your purposes.

When it comes to bridge line companies, there are several companies to choose from. Black and White is one. Eagle Teleconferencing is another. However, the best and most reliable service on the market is VoiceText.

With Voice Text, you will get great service and the exact number of lines you want, without worrying about disconnecting or a lack of line guarantee. If you want 200 lines, you will get 200 lines; if you want 500 lines, then you will get 500 lines. It’s as simple as that.

Benefits to Voice Text

There are two main benefits to choosing Voice Text over other companies’ services. First and foremost, Voice Text is the least expensive for the service you are getting. You get what you pay for. Although Voice Text is not the least expensive, period, it is the most cost efficient in the grand scheme of things.

Second of all, Voice Text offers you IM (instant messaging) support with Microsoft Messenger. The worst thing to have happen is your bridge lines go down. If this does happen, you can instantly connect to a Voice Text technician who can help you. Technicians are continuously going back and forth to ensure that everything is running smoothly. This is a relief when it comes to hosting large teleseminars.

Your Cheapest Bridge Line Company Option

For those who are not willing to pay for a bridge line company, there is another option. This is You will forgo the start up fee with SellFromYourSeat. However, keep in mind that although the company does claim they can guarantee your lines, they actually cannot. The lines are given to a shared environment and thus you may not receive what you are expecting.

If you are willing to take the chance, and want to skip the start up fee, then is your best bet. However, if you want the most for your money and a guarantee in service, then you cannot go wrong with

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Teleseminar Tips – Needed Equipment for Teleseminars

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If you want to run a successful teleseminar, you will need some equipment that is considered standard.  Then there is equipment that will just enhance your teleseminar experience.  For most teleseminar hosts who are serious about their teleseminars, they usually use enough equipment that will allow them to be able to monetize the teleseminar in a number of different ways.  In this article, you will see the list of required and recommend equipment.  Read on for more!

A list of teleseminar services and equipment:

Teleseminars are an innovative way to get massive amounts of people on the telephone line and give a mini-seminar. The equipment needed for teleseminars are critical to make it successful. The following is a list of basic equipment to get started:

  • Telephone – This sounds simple enough. The best is to have a corded land line telephone to connect to the wall. Uniden and Motorola have great corded telephones that provide quality sound. You can use a cordless phone or cell phone, but the reception may not be the best.
  • Bridge Line – A bridge line is a telephone line that holds different amounts of people. It bridges the speaker and the participants together. There is a wide variety of bridge lines out there. You can use a simple bridge line provided by or rent a bridge line through companies such as or These companies have many qualities lines from small to large groups.

Optional Equipment:

  • Headset – A headset will keep your hands free during the call. You will not have to hold the phone to your ear. Just like the phone, a corded headset such as GN Netcom is better since it does not create the static or poor quality such as a cordless headset.
  • Recording Equipment – A quality microphone is not necessary. You can use a computer microphone and headset for your recording. You will get better quality with a studio microphone though such as Audio Technica microphone.
  • Recording Software – Audacity is a great software that is free for recording your teleseminars. You can upgrade to Sony Soundforge for more features if needed. If you are using a MAC computer, Garage Band is included in most of the MAC models. All the softwares are easy to learn through the help menu.

With simple and easy equipment, you can create quality teleseminars instantly.

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Publish Date: 05/29/2010

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