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The Positivity webinar

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Description: Are you feeling down . . . without hope . . . lost in your journey?

Perhaps you wake up each day thinking ?today will be different.? Yet, as the clock ticks away, this nagging feeling stays with you.

You feel like you?re stuck ? in a slump. You worry about work, relationships, money. All kinds of thoughts cross your mind.

You even think, ?be positive.? ?Do something different.? ?Nothing will change unless I do.? But something holds you back. You?ve lost your motivation and your passion. And you don?t know where to turn.

Your mind chatter is loud. Perhaps it says, ?you?re not good enough.?

Let?s face it. We all have bad days, but that?s not what you?re experiencing. It?s not just a bad day, you?re in a rut.

You want to be optimistic, but how do you think positively when you?re not feeling positive? Can you be ?up? when you?re really feeling down?

You feel isolated and alone.

That?s where we come in. We?re Karen Putz and Debra Jason. And when we discovered that we had similar experiences, we decided that it was time to step up and share our vulnerabilities in an effort to help others who feel the same way.

Are you afraid to tell anyone what you?re really feeling?

Afraid that if you say anything to your boss, he/she won?t understand. What if you lose your job?

If you?re self-employed, you fear that sharing your vulnerability will make others think you?re weak and then who will want to work with you?

If you?re in a relationship, you fear your partner won?t understand. You wonder, will that distance you from one another?

You start feeling like an impostor ? worried that what people see on the outside may not be who you are on the inside.

That?s what happened to us. So, knowing that others were in the same boat, we decided to come together to reach out and lend support.

It's Time to Release Your Fear

Join us on for a complimentary webinar and discover how we ? two solopreneurs ? found support by opening up to one another.

It wasn?t a pity party. It was a safe place to let go, be heard and encourage one another to be true to ourselves.

In today?s world ? with all the gadgets & networks designed to connect us ? many of us feel disconnected.

You can connect with like-minded people who understand this path you?re walking AND want to help turn things around for you.

In this 30-minute webinar, we?ll share our stories in an effort to help you discover how to:

Have a positive outlook when you?re not feeling positive.
Be true to your feelings so you don?t bury them.
Avoid ?the grass is always greener? syndrome.

Our goal is not to feel sorry for one another, but to empower one another. Explore how it?s possible to shift you?re thinking, starting where you are now and taking a new direction.
Are you ready?

Ready to shift gears and explore the power of the pivot? Join us on August 23, 2017 and discover that not only are you not alone, but you can make a change. You can be up when you?re feeling down.

Mark your calendar to join us for this complimentary program: August 23, 2017 4:00PM ET, 3:00PM CT, 2:00PM MT and 1:00PM PT

URL: https://writedirection.com/positivitywebinar/
Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Time: 4:00pm-4:30pm UTC
Duration: 30 minutes
Access: Public
Created by: Public Access
Updated: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 9:53pm UTC
Cost ($): 00.00
Call In Number:
Contact Email: debra@writedirection.com
Contact Person: Debra Jason
Contact Phone: 3034431942
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