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Using Teleseminar Services As Training Tools

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Both companies and instructional facilities have turned to teleseminar services for training purposes. While most people think of a teleseminar as just a meeting or conference that takes place over the telephone, it is probably for delivering a lecture, class or workshop and also ensures students have access to all the necessary training materials that are not likely available in their local communities.

How Teleseminars Work

Unlike other types of training that require students to be in a classroom or training/conference room, the teleseminar training session takes place over a teleconference line. In order to avoid the chaos that is likely to infiltrate a class involving so many people, there are guidelines of etiquette that have been created in order to allow things to move along smoothly.

The teleseminar training session can be something that occurs just one time or it can be an ongoing event that may continue for weeks or months. It may even comprise a series of short courses that take place over time. There may also be homework involved when students participate in a series of teleseminars; this work will be assigned for completion in between the teleseminar classes.

Important Aspects of Teleseminars

Teleseminars are usually in audio format and as a result don’t provide students with visual aids that make the learning process easier. This means the leaders of the teleseminars must provide students with those visual representations either as attachments to the students’ email or downloads from the teacher’s website. The visual handouts are usually in PDF format so the majority of students can open the materials, but some leaders use other formats such as Excel, Power Point, Flash and other types of materials that will enhance the learning experience.

Types and Benefits

There are two basic types of teleseminars: lecture and interactive. During the lecture type of teleseminar, the leader of the class provides students with a set agenda during a period when students simply listen to the information the leader provides. If the leader provides an interactive teleseminar, the lecture is part of the class, but there is also a period of time during which students can ask questions and participate in exercises related to the material the leader presented during the lecture period.

The teleseminar learning environment is beneficial to students in many ways. Many adult students are very busy trying to work and attend school at the same time, so it allows them to obtain training in various areas in short, one-hour increments where they don’t need to leave their homes or offices. This type of learning even allows students to obtain training while they are away on business trips. The fact students do not need to travel the company has no costs associated with hotel or travel expenses as a direct result of the training.


Companies that offer teleseminar services are very popular in today’s busy learning environment. Teleseminar training sessions are beneficial not just for companies but also as a means for adults to learn things on their own that may help them advance in their careers. The interactive teleseminar environment is probably the best way for students to learn although the lecture is able to pack more information into a short period of time. Both has advantages and disadvantages that only the student can assess on an individual basis.

Automated Webinar Replays – The 5 Biggest Mistakes Presenters Make

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Webinar Replays can be a good source of residual income for those service providers that want to monetize their knowledge.  One of the best things about automated webinar replays is that the automation makes the webinar income almost residual in nature.  However, to make the most benefit from it, there are some things that you would have to consider so you don’t fall into the trap that webinar automation gives you.  Read this article to discover some of the most common mistakes that are made.

Webinar Replay Service

If you’re going to add automated webinar replays to your marketing plan, good choice. The increase in sales most see after adding a “rolling launch” to their sales funnel is phenomenal. That said, webinar presenters make some common mistakes, and if you can avoid them from the start you’ll be one step ahead.

1. The automated webinar replays are obviously not live. The whole point of automated webinar replays is to give your customer the feel of a live presentation – but without you having to be there. Using anything date-related, or using words like “this morning” or “this evening” and then playing the webinar at another date or time of day is one common mistake.

2. They don’t play up the scarcity factor. Your customers need to be warned that there will only be a limited number of seats open at the webinar, and that if they don’t get in, there may not be a replay. They also need to be urged to stay (via a pop-up window) if they try to leave once on the webinar, and warned that they may not be able to get back in.

3. They don’t use obvious calls to action. There need to be many visual calls to action – a buy now button, the sales page web address, etc. If you don’t tell your customer to buy… he won’t buy.

4. Not making the presentation feel interactive enough. Put a Question/Answer box on your webinar. You won’t need to be there to answer the questions – you can have them go directly to you or your customer service person’s inbox, and answer them shortly after. It still adds to the feeling of a live webinar, and a personal connection between you and the customer.

5. Using an unreliable host for automated webinar replays. Obviously, your automation needs to rely on a third party – not your personal home internet connection. And that third party needs to be reliable. A tried and true service used by professional online marketers is an absolute must. The last thing you need is for your webinar host service to crash and kick all your customers off the webinar!

Use these tips to create great automated webinar replays, and remember to pick a good hosting company to ensure your webinar plays when it should and stays online the whole way through. There’s no better time to add this technique to your marketing strategy – it’s easy and profitable.

Stealth Seminar is my favorite automated webinar tool – and it’s affordable to almost everyone.

Visit now for free resources, including the 9 Easy Ways You Can Skyrocket Your Income Using Automated Webinars, and the Little Black Book of Automated Webinars – both free.

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Live Webinar Replay Software – Using a Service For Best Results

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Webinar replay software is a great means to getting more exposure to your webinars as well as being able to generate residual revenue with your webinars.  Theer are many ways to create this ability, one way is through using software and the other way is through using a service.  This article discusses how using a service is a better way to go with hosting your webinars to replay at scheduled times.

Webinar Replay Service

Here are some Videos an Webinar Replay Service and Software

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Here is an article on webinar replay called: “Live Webinar Replay Software – Why You Really Need a Service, Not Software, For Best Results”

Setting up an automated replay system for your “canned webinars” might be one of the best moves you make as far as your business is concerned. But when it comes to choosing how exactly to do that, you’ll find – sooner, hopefully, rather than later – that live webinar replay software isn’t going to cut it, and that it’s best to use a service to set everything up. Here’s why.

Running live webinar replay software from your home office is possible, but it’s too risky. You’re dependent on your system and internet connection continuing to work properly throughout your entire presentation, whenever you have it set up to automatically play. Any number of factors can disrupt this process – a curious child, a wind or thunder storm, an outage with your internet service provider, a power surge. A computer crash. You could potentially lose hundreds of clients and/or product sales from one unforeseen mishap.

Live webinar replay services, on the other hand, dedicate their business to handling these problems. Your presentation is fully backed up and most use dedicated servers to make sure there aren’t any glitches, and that your presentation goes off without a hitch every time. Plus, unlike with most live webinar replay software programs, the setup is often on the service’s end of things. This means a much more user-friendly experience for you.

Since most people’s reservations about setting up a live webinar replay is on the technical side of things, this also solves that problem. It’s generally as easy as uploading your webinar, tweaking the settings and setting up play times, and then you’re good to go. Since live webinar replay services are also generally very cheap and depend on how many people you expect to be viewing your webinars, they’re also affordable for just about everyone.

If you haven’t set up a live webinar replay sequence for your customers and new leads, you’re really missing out. They can literally double your income while freeing up a lot of time for you to create new products or just do whatever you like. Remember – there’s no time like the present, so take action to improve your business now.

Stealth Seminar is my favorite automated webinar service – and it’s affordable to almost everyone.

Visit now for free resources, including the 9 Easy Ways You Can Skyrocket Your Income Using Automated Webinars, and the Little Black Book of Automated Webinars – both free.

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Teleseminar Services are a Great and Inexpensive, Money-Making Internet Business Tool

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Teleseminars are a great way to promote your business.  Having the right tools and the right teleseminar service are the way to go when you want to make the most out of your efforts.  Some tools you want to make sure you have are a recording service, an email manager, a landing page, and a way to take payments.  These would be the basic tools you should have if you want to really take advantage of your creation.  In the article below, the author discusses how teleseminars can be a great money making tool for your business.  This article does give some decent insights, but of course it is the 1000 foot view of what you would need to do.  Enjoy!

When it comes to Internet marketing, one of the most effective strategies will always be to offer the best services to customers and potential customers. Teleseminars provide an inexpensive way to provide a quality service, reach customers, pull in new ones and give your business image the boost it needs to stay competitive in a tight Internet market.

One of the primary objectives of a good business will always be to build loyalty with customers, and that’s why offering quality services and products is so necessary. With a teleseminar you are going above and beyond the “here’s the product and buy it” mentality. Rather, a teleseminar gives you an opportunity to connect with customers and associates through training, education, product information and customer service messages. What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about getting in front of a video camera or traveling to some event location. You can do it all from the comfort of your office, home, or really anywhere that has a telephone connect.

You may be wondering, exactly what is a teleseminar? Also known as a teleconference, these seminars take place over a phone line called bridgeline, which carries multiple callers at one time. A teleseminar may have 5 participants or 1000, depending on the purposes and audience for the call. Using a teleseminar service makes the set-up and event production much easier than an actual seminar. Furthermore, the cost of travel and expensive material costs are eliminated.

The host of a teleseminar schedules a date and time for the conference and then allows people to sign up for the conference. A teleseminar can be free of charge or cost a participation fee. Prior to the scheduled call, the host will make sure the participants have the phone number and pass code they need to join the teleseminar from their home, office, or anywhere else they have a phone connection.

If you conduct trainings, advertise products or have need to communicate the same message to a large group of people, teleseminars can get the job done cheaply and with little effort. While it may seem overwhelming get started setting up these calls for your business, teleseminar services like can take off the pressure and help you every step of the way.

Plus a teleseminar service can help you to ensure your phone conferences are organized, professional and come off without a hitch. Making sure you do it well can payoff big time down the road, as you can begin to sell the recorded teleseminars to customers seeking information.

While it may be tempting to jump on the latest Internet marketing bandwagon, in this case simple is better. A teleseminar allows you to improve your service to customers in a real way that is comfortable and family to both them and you, yet it is still a way to make your business more profitable and professional.

To learn more about how to use teleseminars and check out

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Teleseminar Training – How to Develop Content Rich Teleseminars

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Teleseminars and Webinars are one of the most effective ways of getting new customers or clients.  This article goes over important topics such as being able to answer the 5 ‘W’ questions.  Being able to answer the Who, What, When, Where and Why, will give you a means of being able to get specific information to your target market that will help you connect with your target market, and as well as giving you a means of creating quality content.

Partial map of the Internet based on the Janua...
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Here’s the deal. You are interested in trying your hand at teleseminars. You have heard the plethora of positive testimonials that demonstrate the endless financial possibilities of teleseminars. The technology and business process behind teleseminars sounds like a match for you, but you have one stumbling block. You aren’t sure how to create content rich teleseminars that will impress your teleseminar participants.

Let’s look at the creation of teleseminar content through the five ‘W” you learned in grammar school which include: who, what, when, where, and why. We will switch up the order to produce a content development plan that will be the foundation to your first content rich teleseminar.

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Content Development Plan:

1. WHAT: ‘What’ refers to the content you will discuss and teach in your teleseminar. A savvy business person understands that your teleseminar topics should meet the demands of your clients. You need to figure out what a majority of people are curious about.

2. WHERE: How can you figure out this information? Boot up your computer and jump on the Internet. The Internet has become the research tool of choice for a large chunk of the population. You need to figure out ‘what’ these Internet surfers are researching for on the web.

Compile a list of keywords that you think a typical Internet user will type into such search engines as Google and Yahoo. There are websites dedicated to providing statistics on the popularity of keywords. For example, the website allows you to type in a keyword, such as ‘computer’, and see how many times the keyword was searched for or ranked in the past month. This is an efficient way to determine hot topics of interest.

3. WHO: Let’s say you have investigated the popularity of keywords and have concluded that a popular keyword phrase is ‘home based business’. However, you are not well versed in home based businesses. How are you going to create content about a home based business? The answer is to consult home based business experts.

There are a flurry of home based business websites on the Internet. Seek out at least 12 qualified, reputable home based business experts. Call these experts directly and explain the partnership you could establish for a teleseminar.

Often times these experts will have their own client email lists. Solicit these clients to attend the teleseminar. Allow teleseminar participants to ask the expert several questions. The beauty of the client email lists is that these prospects are already interested in home based business information.

4. WHEN: Send an email to your new client lists after you have partnered with the home based business experts. The email should ask participants to answer the following two questions:

‘What is most important to you about a ‘home based business”
‘What is your single biggest problem with a ‘home based business’?’

Review the email responses and select 7-12 of the most frequently asked questions to focus on during the teleseminar.

5. WHY: Providing a content rich teleseminar is critical to your reputation, client satisfaction, and future projects. Invest time in creating the best teleseminar you possibly can.

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