How Effective Are Webinars For Training?

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According to Wikipedia, a webinar is a term to describe a kind of web conferencing for conducting live meetings, trainings, presentations, etc., via the Internet. The presenter or host communicates with the participants, lets them view the presentations, allows them to ask questions and engage in a discussion.

Webinars can be either one-way where the speaker speaks to the audience with limited interaction from the participant’s end or it can be a collaborative effort with polling, Q&A sessions enabling full participation between the audience and the speaker or presenter. Webinars, held via the Internet, offer the advantage to both the participant and the presenter to attend or hold sessions from the convenience of their personal location, such as their home or office.

If the company does not want its employees to spend a whole day in training, webinars can be held for short durations like an hour or two to focus on urgent training needs. The key feature of a webinar is its range of interactive elements-where one can give, receive and discuss information in contrast to other options where data transmission is one-way and a lack of interaction exists between the presenter and the audience.

The benefits of webinars are too many to be ignored. Chief among them are:

- Incredible savings for a company as its employees will not have to travel from various places to attend training sessions.
- Reduces travel time.
- Increases productivity.
- Helps the company to make decisions faster.
- Reduces unproductive time.
- Improves management communication.
- Allows for greater participation and teamwork by reaching out to a larger audience.
- Avoids administrative hassles associated with Instructor Led training.
- Accessibility to view documents, diagrams and illustrations from the comforts of one’s PC.
- Review prerecorded or archived presentations.
- Easy sign up and login.
- Real time feedback.

A webinar is also a fantastic way to interact with prospective clients, unable to meet face-to-face, that are interested in learning more about the products or services of a service company. Very much like meetings held in a conference room, webinars offer an added benefit of allowing participants to listen to informative audio about the product or service via a telephone, interact with presenter or speaker and ask questions in real-time.

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Publish Date: 04/25/2010

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